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Nora Shepard

Nora Shepard

Wedding Planning Contributor

Nora Shepard is a storyteller. Regardless of the medium, she enjoys finding and sharing others’ stories. Nora’s background in women’s studies developed her curiosity and creativity, which has advanced her writing immensely. Nora currently serves as the Director of Client Relations for SimplyBe., a personal branding agency.


Nora is the Director of Client Relations for SimplyBe., a Chicago branding agency. She started with the company as a Growth Manager but is now responsible for managing all client relationships to ensure a seamless and effective experience. Prior to joining SimplyBe., Nora worked as a Content Manager for political coalition and technology company NewFoundersHQ. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Nora spent eight months as a Contributing Writer for WeddingWire, where she focused on content aimed at millennial couples.  


Nora graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Women’s Studies and a background in science.

Articles published by Nora Shepard

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