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Let’s get the party started! It’s time to celebrate with the people you love most, and we’re here to help you choose the best venue, pick a perfect menu, and fine-tune the timeline so your wedding reception is totally seamless – and totally unforgettable. Raise a glass to the newlyweds!

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Which Las Vegas Wedding Venue Would You Pick? See This Bride’s Choices

Follow along as Instagrammer Joycelyn Linh visits three different locations, from a modern city rooftop to a lakefront oasis.

By Kate Traverson, January 10, 2020

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These 11 Santa Fe Wedding Venues Are Full of Southwestern Style

Love the warmth and vibrancy of Southwestern style? Host your big day at one of these beautiful Santa Fe wedding venues for colorful gardens, clifftop views, and historical cathedrals.

By Samantha Iacia, January 9, 2020

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The 8 Best Wedding Venues in Cleveland, Ohio for Every Style

Barns? Check. Ballrooms? Check. Museums? Check. Here are the top wedding venues in Cleveland for every style, from rustic to classic.

By Samantha Iacia, January 9, 2020


32 Wedding Bathroom Basket Ideas & Essentials to Include

Give your guests a helping hand by providing these easy-to-find essentials in your wedding bathroom basket.

By Lindsay Tigar, January 9, 2020

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9 Barn Wedding Venues in Nebraska for Your Rustic-Chic Event

If your idea of a dream wedding is a country-style celebration, then these barn wedding venues in Nebraska (and nearby) are definitely worth a look.

By Kim Forrest, January 7, 2020

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9 Industrial and Unique Charleston Wedding Venues

We've found the best unique Charleston wedding venues in town, whether you're looking for an industrial loft space, a trendy downtown distillery, or even the aquarium!

By Jacqueline Tynes, January 3, 2020

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8 Downtown Charleston Wedding Venues to Obsess Over

If you're getting hitched in the Holy City, these downtown Charleston wedding venues are some of the area's most buzz-worthy (and best) places to wed.

By Samantha Iacia, January 2, 2020

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The 12 Best Places to Elope in the U.S.

If an elopement is more your style, check out the best places to elope in the U.S., from beaches to mountains and more.

By Lindsay Tigar, January 2, 2020

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8 Scenic Waterfront Wedding Venues in Charleston, SC

From magnificent yachts to oceanfront resorts, these waterfront wedding venues in Charleston provide unforgettable views for your special day.

By Jacqueline Tynes, December 30, 2019

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10 Charleston Hotel Wedding Venues Your Guests Will Love

If you are looking for a Charleston venue that offers on-site staff and other wedding perks, then we definitely suggest you check out these Charleston hotel wedding venues!

By Jacqueline Tynes, December 30, 2019

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9 Myrtle Beach Wedding Venues for Every Style and Budget

Whether you’re a local or are planning a destination wedding, these Myrtle Beach wedding venues have our vote—and some unbeatable waterfront views.

By Samantha Iacia, December 30, 2019

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The 7 Best Wedding Venues in South Louisiana

Couples in Baton Rouge and Lafayette are super-close to some of the best wedding venues in South Louisiana.

By Whitney Teal, December 18, 2019

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8 Picturesque North Louisiana Wedding Venues in Shreveport and Beyond

Our favorite North Louisiana wedding venues run the gamut from luxe historic estates to stylish industrial spaces and trendy barns.

By Whitney Teal, December 17, 2019

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These 6 Small Wedding Venues in Omaha are Ideal for Intimate Events

If your planning a more intimate celebration, these small wedding venues in the Omaha, NE area are definitely worth a look.

By Kim Forrest, December 17, 2019

Speeches & Traditions

How to Write the Perfect Father of the Bride Speech, in 7 Easy Steps

Here are some tips for how to floor your daughter (and the wedding guests!) with your father of the bride speech.

By Nora Shepard, December 16, 2019

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11 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues near Omaha, Nebraska

In both the city and the country, the Cornhusker State is full of outdoor wedding venues in and around Omaha. Check out a few of our favorites!

By Kim Forrest, December 10, 2019