You’ve got every detail of your wedding celebration planned, but how will you get there? From a vintage trolley to a classic limo, the grand entrance to the romantic getaway, these tips will help you arrive in style, on time, and under budget.


How to Plan and Schedule Wedding Transportation

It's so important to book your wedding transportation well in advance of your big day to ensure your guests arrive safely and on time. Here's how to plan wedding transportation for your big day.

By Jenn Sinrich, December 12, 2019


6 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Transportation

Wedding transportation is an important expense that couples often forget to factor into their budget. Here are six creative ways to save money on wedding transportation.

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Why Renting a Shuttle Might Be the Best Money You Spend on Your Wedding

Booking a shuttle for your wedding guests might not seem like a huge deal, but it's one of the most important things you'll do for your big day.

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Who Will Need Transportation to My Wedding Ceremony?

You and your spouse will need to arrive at your ceremony and reception somehow, and there might be other important people who will require transportation.

By Nora Shepard, February 18, 2017


9 Questions to Ask a Transportation Vendor

Whether you’re booking a classic limousine, a shuttle bus, or even an old-fashioned trolley, you’ll need to ask these questions before booking your transportation pro!

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12 Wedding Transportation Tips You Need to Know

Make sure you and your guests travel seamlessly on the big day with this expert advice for managing your wedding transportation.

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