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Marriage Proposals

This is how the story begins. When you’re ready to get down on one knee, we’re here for you with advice on where to pop the question, how to personalize your proposal, and the best ways to let the world know you’re engaged after your perfect proposal leads to an ecstatic “Yes!”.

Marriage Proposals

23 Proposal Songs That Will Pretty Much Guarantee a “Yes!”

Adding music to your proposal can make the moment even more memorable. To help you find that perfect "marry me" tune, we've rounded up some of the best proposal songs.

By Kim Forrest, July 24, 2020

Marriage Proposals

10 Places to Propose in Nashville

Prepare to pop the question in Music City. From gardens to museums, music venues, and much more, there are so many romantic places to propose in Nashville!

By Kim Forrest, July 24, 2020

Marriage Proposals

Should I Propose Before or After Dinner? And More Proposal Night Rules to Follow

Wondering to yourself, "Should I propose before or after dinner?" We have the answer for you—plus other information to help you plan the perfect restaurant proposal.

By Madeline Sims, July 10, 2020

Marriage Proposals

18 Amazing Quarantine Marriage Proposals That Will Totally Warm Your Heart

Staying at home doesn't mean proposal plans have to be put on hold. These couples prove that quarantine marriage proposals can be even more romantic than their pre-pandemic plans.

By Lindsay Tigar, June 18, 2020

Marriage Proposals

The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

If you’re staying at home more than usual these days, it might be time for some serious conversations. From kids to finances, these are the most important questions to ask before marriage.

By Lindsay Tigar, June 15, 2020

Marriage Proposals

Are You Ready For Marriage? A Baby? How to Tell You're Both on the Same Timeline

Having an honest discussion with your partner about your relationship timeline may seem daunting—but it’s totally necessary. Here’s how to determine if you and your partner are ready for marriage, starting a family, or whatever the future might hold....

By Lindsay Tigar, June 12, 2020

Marriage Proposals

Engaged During COVID? 5 Fun Ways to Announce Online

If your quarantine included a proposal, there are plenty of ways to share the big news without leaving home.

By Jenn Sinrich, April 16, 2020

Marriage Proposals

How to Make a Marriage Proposal at Home Even More Special

Planning to pop the question at home? Here are some sweet ways to upgrade a marriage proposal at home.

By Kim Forrest, April 8, 2020

Marriage Proposals

6 Unexpected Benefits of Virtual Dating

When meeting in-person isn't possible, virtual dating is a great option. Here's why virtual dating can actually be ideal.

By Jenn Sinrich, April 7, 2020

Marriage Proposals

The Most Popular Day to Get Engaged (and the Runners Up)

Learn more about the most popular days to get engaged, and start prepping for your memorable proposal!

By Kim Forrest, March 15, 2020

Marriage Proposals

Where to Propose, Based on Your Partner’s Zodiac Sign

Trying to figure out where exactly to propose? Look to your partner's zodiac sign to find the perfect spot to pop the question.

By Jenn Sinrich, March 10, 2020

Marriage Proposals

You're Ready to Get Married. Your Partner Isn’t. Here’s Exactly What to Do.

Hint: The silent treatment won't work. If you and your partner aren't on the same page about being ready to get married, here's how to deal.

By Jenn Sinrich, February 12, 2020

Marriage Proposals

How to Deal if You're the Last Single Friend in Your Group

If you're the last single friend in your group, take heart: Here’s how to cope while maintaining your friendships.

By Jenn Sinrich, February 5, 2020

Marriage Proposals

5 Marriage Proposal Traditions, Explained

From getting down on one knee to the whole three months' salary thing, there are so many marriage proposal traditions to consider. Here's some background on five of the most common ones.

By Stephanie Weers, January 21, 2020

Marriage Proposals

38 Romantic Ways to Propose, According to Real Couples

Thinking about asking someone to marry you? Use these real-life romantic ways to propose to inspire your own special moment.

By Samantha Iacia, January 17, 2020

Marriage Proposals

How to Make the Most of Your First Valentine's Day Together

Whether you're the romantic types or, well, not, check out these ideas to make your first Valentine's Day together a memorable one.

By Jenn Sinrich, January 8, 2020