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Marriage Proposals

This is how the story begins. When you’re ready to get down on one knee, we’re here for you with advice on where to pop the question, how to personalize your proposal, and the best ways to let the world know you’re engaged after your perfect proposal leads to an ecstatic “Yes!”.

Marriage Proposals

8 Details That Will Make Your Proposal Pictures Even Better

If you're planning to secretly hire a photographer to capture your proposal pictures, here's what else you can do to make the moment go off without a hitch.

By Samantha Iacia, December 22, 2020

Marriage Proposals

9 Proposal Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Engagement in Style

A proposal party is a celebratory event occurring immediately after the question is popped. Here's your stress-free guide to planning your own.

By Kim Forrest, December 17, 2020

Marriage Proposals

How to Drop the Hint That You Want to Get Engaged Without Being Too Obvious

So, you're ready to get hitched. But is your partner? Here are some ways to show your beloved that you're ready to take the next step.

By Jenn Sinrich, December 15, 2020

Marriage Proposals

23 Instagram Engagement Captions That Aren’t Boring & How to Craft Your Own

There are plenty of engagement captions to use for your Instagram announcement that won't make your single friends roll their eyes.

By Lauren Rodrigue, December 14, 2020

Marriage Proposals

37 Romantic Ways to Propose, According to Real Couples

Thinking about asking someone to marry you? Use these real-life proposal ideas to help you decide exactly how to pop the question.

By Samantha Iacia, December 2, 2020

Marriage Proposals

22 Cute Engagement Announcement Ideas You'll Want to Copy

Trust us—you won't want to spill the beans until you’ve seen these cute and creative engagement announcement ideas.

By Hillary Hoffower, December 2, 2020

Marriage Proposals

This "Black Love Matters" Proposal Is Serving Major Inspo, Here’s How to Recreate Your Own

This surprise proposal, featuring a gorgeous couple and talented wedding pros, is giving us the joy we need to close out 2020.

By Kim Forrest, October 20, 2020

Marriage Proposals

25 Gifts for Your First Christmas Together—and They're All Under $50

Celebrating your first holiday as a couple? These first Christmas together gifts are thoughtful and creative but not too over-the-top—perfect for a new relationship.

By Kim Forrest, October 16, 2020

Marriage Proposals

5 Marriage Proposal Speech Ideas to Help Pop the Question

Not quite sure how to pop the question? Check out these amazing engagement proposal speech ideas to help you find the best one that fits your story.

By Kim Forrest, October 2, 2020

Marriage Proposals

Here’s What Marriage Proposals Will Look Like in 2021

From road trips to movie nights, popping the question in 2021 may be more intimate, but no less creative and elaborate.

By Kim Forrest, September 29, 2020

Marriage Proposals

26 Signs You Should Propose ASAP

Figuring out the right time to pop the question isn't always straightforward. We've put together 26 signs to help you determine when you should propose.

By Sarah Title, September 1, 2020

Marriage Proposals

23 Proposal Songs That Will Pretty Much Guarantee a “Yes!”

Adding music to your proposal can make the moment even more memorable. To help you find that perfect "marry me" tune, we've rounded up some of the best proposal songs.

By Kim Forrest, July 24, 2020

Marriage Proposals

10 Places to Propose in Nashville

Prepare to pop the question in Music City. From gardens to museums, music venues, and much more, there are so many romantic places to propose in Nashville!

By Kim Forrest, July 24, 2020

Marriage Proposals

Should I Propose Before or After Dinner? And More Proposal Night Rules to Follow

Wondering to yourself, "Should I propose before or after dinner?" We have the answer for you—plus other information to help you plan the perfect restaurant proposal.

By Madeline Sims, July 10, 2020

Marriage Proposals

18 Amazing Quarantine Marriage Proposals That Will Totally Warm Your Heart

Staying at home doesn't mean proposal plans have to be put on hold. These couples prove that quarantine marriage proposals can be even more romantic than their pre-pandemic plans.

By Lindsay Tigar, June 18, 2020

Marriage Proposals

The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

If you’re staying at home more than usual these days, it might be time for some serious conversations. From kids to finances, these are the most important questions to ask before marriage.

By Lindsay Tigar, June 15, 2020