Wedding Ceremony

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From the processional to the recessional - and everything in between - this is your space to get answers to everything you’ve ever wondered about vows, unity ceremonies, officiants, traditions, and more. After all, the wedding ceremony is what this whole shebang is about, right?!

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11am Wedding Ceremony
Lisa, Today at 1:30 AM

Hi everyone. My fiancé and I booked our wedding venue with the ceremony start time of 11AM and the reception to follow. Does an early wedding start time make it feel like less of wedding? Any...

Lisa, A minute ago 4 Comments 55
Flower Girl Alternatives??
Brooklyn, Yesterday at 2:27 PM

Um, so, the vendor we have chosen apparently would prefer for us to not have our flower girls (we have 3!) toss flowers...Any Alternative Ideas, so they can continue to walk down the aisle?? Thank...

Sexypoodle, 2 hours ago 14 Comments 177
Let’s Talk Stretch Marks
Halle, Yesterday at 8:52 AM

Goodmorning WW buds !So my wedding is in December which to me is far enough (hopefully ) where I can do something about my stretch marks . I have them everywhere but I’m mostly concerned about the...

Ingrid, 5 hours ago 12 Comments 210
Unity Ceremony & Dad giving you away
Arkilia, Today at 2:05 AM

1. I spoke to our officiant and he asked if we were going to do the unity ceremony? I did not even think about that. When did this come about? Has this always been apart of weddings?2. Then he asked...

M, An hour ago 1 Comment 17
Parental roles during ceremony
Jane, Yesterday at 11:29 PM

Hi everyone. We are having a small backyard wedding and my Future in-laws want to know what they will be doing during the ceremony (they come from a different culture). We don’t have a flower girl or...

Sexypoodle, 3 hours ago 2 Comments 30
Would you rather... have your maid of honor or best man officiate?
Lynnie, on April 9, 2019 at 11:05 AM

If you had to choose between your maid or honor and best man for officiating duties - who would you choose??Next Question: Would you rather hit fast forward or rewind? Back to the Beginning: Would You...

Dana, Yesterday at 10:10 PM 88 Comments 292