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Hair or makeup first?
Allie, Yesterday at 9:19 PM

Hey everyone. Just wondering what you all are planning on doing as far as hair and makeup order. I always thought I’d want makeup done first but I really have no clue. I’m not opposed to either order...

MrsD, 26 minutes ago 9 1 121
Jocelyn, Today at 10:26 AM

So I have found my dress and my wedding is going to be on the beach... i couldn’t decide if i should wear lipstick or not. I don’t know if it would look great but i’ve always been a lipstick person. ...

MrsD, 33 minutes ago 7 88
Thick & Pin Straight Hairstyle Help!!!
Rebecca, Yesterday at 2:21 PM

I am getting married 11-12-2021 and I've been planning like crazy, I love getting things done right away. So I began thinking about what I want to do with my hair. Thing is.... My hair is extremely...

Rebecca, 41 minutes ago 6 63
80 days out! Hair down help!
Elizabeth, Yesterday at 9:34 PM

I am getting married out of state so I can't do a wedding hair/makeup trial. I think I want to wear my hair down with a barrette or hairpiece. Any other brides doing this? Show me pics! My hair is a...

April, 4 minutes ago 4 59
Make-up Trial!
Sarah, on February 22, 2020 at 3:25 PM

I had my make up trial today. I was nervous because I never wear make-up but am super happy with how well the make-up artists listened to what I wanted! Show me your wedding up looks!

Emily, 19 minutes ago 13 1 233
Did your wedding hair match exactly like your inspiration photo?
Michelle, on February 18, 2020 at 10:47 AM

Can you show me photos? How anal were you to have it match exactly? YES, another hair question, sorry but I've been obsessing about this. I didn't realize I was SO picky. My first stylist didn't do a...

Michelle, 38 minutes ago 24 228
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