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Share your wedding hair and wedding makeup inspiration, get recommendations on the best hair and makeup artists, and get help choosing the right wedding day look for you.

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Make Up? Is It Worth the $$$?
Bree, Today at 11:21 AM

Hi Everyone,I just wanted to get some takes on hiring someone to do make up for your wedding. It's pretty pricy here in Kansas. About $60 per person. And I worry that having someone else do my make up...

Lauren, An hour ago 26 Comments 181
Hair and makeup trial!
Kelsey, Yesterday at 10:39 AM

Hi guys, yesterday I had my hair and makeup trial at the salon my whole bridal party is going to. I absolutely LOVE my hair and I think she did an amazing job with it, it also held up great throughout...

Robert, 37 minutes ago 18 Comments 366
Is it too soon to do a hair trial??
Emily, Today at 1:44 PM

Alright ladies I am close to my 365 day mark for my wedding!! I've been thinking about doing a hair trial soon, preferably around June 6th to see how my hair will hold up around those temps....

Afterallthistime...A, 7 minutes ago 6 Comments 36
Hair & Make up Trials, and Bridal Portraits Sneak Peak
Danielle, Today at 10:06 AM

WARNING: PIC HEAVY So, I decided to schedule my hair & make up trials AND my bridal portraits on the same day...that way I could get it all taken care of at once. Well, I am very pleased with...

FutureMrsD, 2 hours ago 18 Comments 231
Real Hair Inspiration
Courtney, Today at 10:48 AM

Hey ladies! I am trying to find REAL brides and heir updos. Pinterest has lovely ideas but I want to see how they look on a real bride versus a model. I am thinking an updo with braids or twists in...

Courtney, An hour ago 2 Comments 53
Trial went 1000% times better than the last
Angelena, Today at 1:52 PM

So I had my trial this weekend with my instagram girl and she did WAY better than the first one I have booked. She even said that we can do another run through free of charge to tweak some things/if I...

Angelena, 51 minutes ago 20