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Alteration cost
Danielle, Today at 9:49 AM

Hi everyone. I just picked up my dress yesterday and scheduled my alterations with the dress shop. They are quoting me $550-$750. Is this a good price for this dress? I will say that...

Jenni, 16 minutes ago 11 182
Wedding dress
Mya, Today at 9:25 AM

I found a dress I absolutely love on me, but I feel like I need to keep looking as it’s not super expensive! Will probably be $500 with alterations and adding a few things...I plan on getting a...

Gabby, 32 minutes ago 10 98
Bridesmaid color
Victoria, Today at 10:45 AM

I’m trying to figure out what color to put my bridesmaids in. My wedding dress color is grey it’s called Esmee by Modeca. Our wedding colors are currently Dusty blue and white. We’re also using a...

Victoria, 2 hours ago 7 95
My dress
Jasmine, Yesterday at 8:20 PM

I absolutely love my dress! But every time I look at the photo I feel like it’s not as breathtaking as it was when I was in it. Does anyone else have this feeling? I’m hoping the sparks will be there...

Biaani, 3 hours ago 9 208
Grandma wants to match the bridesmaids
Danielle, Yesterday at 6:21 PM

I have a question, my grandma informed me that her dress needs to match the color of my moms and the bridesmaids dresses? I have never heard of this, is this a very old tradition? I also have 4...

Jasmine Edwards, 6 hours ago 12 156
Need help to find places for plus size wedding dresses
Dani, Today at 10:46 AM

I need help with places to try on wedding dresses near me but it has to have plus sizes dresses for me... so any places near land o lakes Florida....

Sharonda, 2 hours ago 3 41
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