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Buying Used - No Brand?
Jessica, Today at 10:48 PM

Okay basically I want to know if there are red flags here before I even ask my parents to go meet this lady. I’m also asking about alterations. My parents are several states away and I found this deal...

Jessica, A minute ago 9 Comments 69
Tanning bed vs spray tan?, Today at 11:13 PM

I dont get fake tans but I will not have enough time in the sun before my wedding (seeing weather where I live tends to snow or be very cold until May). I dont know which would be better tanning bed...

Cuoghi, 3 minutes ago 1 Comment 9
Brenda, on Mar 17, 2017 at 12:07 AM

How do you decide what length veil you need? I have looked at shoulder length and elbow length. My hair is short (Bob style) and strapless dress. All input will be greatly appreciated

Angela, 5 minutes ago 12 Comments 4
Please show your wedding dress, ladies
Victoria , Yesterday at 11:30 PM

How was your wedding dress? I tried BHLDN last week, but didn't find the desirable one. I need the advice from married couple.

Cuoghi, 6 minutes ago 74 Comments 1,620
Ansley, on Feb 3, 2018 at 11:02 PM

Show me your non-diamond rings! Does anyone else have gorgeous rings that are sterling silver or white sapphire??

Jessica, 9 minutes ago 52 Comments 1,439
Put a Ring On it💍
Priscila, Today at 5:26 PM

Ok ladies, congrats to all! Idk about you, but I’m in line with my custom made princess cut diamond ring! Show me the rings that your special someone gave you! Thanks

Lucia, 11 minutes ago 13 Comments 255