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Does David's Bridal really take 6 months to mail out my wedding dress?
Euphemia, Today at 4:23 PM

Ordered my dress in mid March. Estimated delivery is end of Sept. Can I really expect it to take that long to get my dress? Thank you!

PermaGrin, 14 minutes ago 8 80
Changing your mind 😅👍
Jmz, Yesterday at 9:05 AM

I had been saying for nearly 3 years that I'd wear a DIY bird cage veil, but I've changed my mind! Just got my shoulder length veil in the mail today. Ordered it off Etsy for $44 and supported...

Sarah, An hour ago 20 170
Adding lace overlay to plain skirt cost
Jessica, Today at 2:31 PM

Hi all! I'm in the midst of finding a dress and found one I love but thought I could jazz it up by having a lace overlay on the skirt (only the skirt) and if anyone had done it, and what it had cost?...

Michael, 4 minutes ago 3 45
Wedding shoes shops
Laura, Today at 8:49 PM

Hey, Where did you girls get your wedding shoes? Thanks, Laura

Mayene, An hour ago 4 20
Share your wedding dress pics!
Leah, Today at 2:01 PM

I just want an excuse to show everyone my wedding dress tbh because I’m so excited about it, so if you want to share pics of your dress too, share them here! I went dress shopping this past Sunday and...

RACHEL, 5 hours ago 9 151
Desperate search for this dress!
Jennifer, Today at 9:01 AM

Hi everyone, so I am searching for a specific dress but I have no idea who the designer is or the name of the dress! I have been looking for it for years! It comes from say yes to the dress, season 3...

Abi, 3 hours ago 4 148
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