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Help🤍 indecisive bride
Molly, on September 24, 2020 at 9:04 PM

Hey guys. I’m notoriously the most indecisive person, and found this especially prominent while searching for wedding dresses. I’ve been to 4 shops and found dresses I loved at three of the four. I...

Cindy, 54 minutes ago 83 1,104 4
Dress with sleeves in August?
Kaitlyn, Yesterday at 10:04 PM

Hi all! I have always dreamed of a fall wedding and wearing a dress with sleeves. I also have tattoos on my arm that ideally I would like to cover. After getting engaged recently, we have found that...

Michelle, 2 hours ago 12 96
Calling all September 2021 brides!
Amanda, on September 25, 2020 at 10:24 PM

What color scheme are you using for your wedding? I feel like i have changed my color scheme 100 times because i am super indecisive. I was just curious to see what other brides are doing. My wedding...

MLS21, 15 minutes ago 7 108
Dress decision done
Lynne, Yesterday at 11:26 PM

I've been thinking about whether to sell my dress and choose another or make some simple alterations to make my dress more of what I want. Well, I am KEEPING my dress. It needs a petticoat (I can add...

Michelle, 2 hours ago 5 41
Victoria, Today at 12:15 AM

Hi everyone! My wedding is literally next month and I just got my dress today (very very sped up wedding due to some health concerns) and I loved my dress when I had it on and then someone said stuff...

Michelle, 2 hours ago 5 56
Blush by Hayley Paige “indi” gown...
Rachel, Yesterday at 3:19 PM

Hi, ladies - Lately I’ve really been taking a liking to gowns that are more on flowy, feminine, and romantic side. There’s something about this gown that I really love, it might be the sleeves and the...

Meghan, Yesterday at 6:23 PM 16 144