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Family drama and planning
Liz, Yesterday at 5:36 PM

How much have you given in to other people about choices in your wedding to prevent family or friend drama? What did you give in on and what did you not give in on?

Hanna, An hour ago 11 141
Liz, Today at 1:08 PM

I’m probably just over thing every last thing! My dress is champagne colored but all my linens, candles and other decor are white. Will this look okay?

Cyndy, 18 minutes ago 3 27
Bridesmaids gift
Shannon, Yesterday at 9:44 AM

So I’ve decided for my bridesmaids I’m getting them either a James Avery ring or a Kendra Scott necklace as they all love both. I’m so conflicted on which one to go with. Which would y’all prefer if...

Jana, An hour ago 14 165
August 2021 wedding
Ivy, Yesterday at 8:31 PM

So, we’re planning a wedding for August 2021, but the venue that I love and am planning on booking does not have an outdoor space and I’m afraid about COVID being an issue next year. A friend of mine...

, An hour ago 5 148
Sent out my save the dates today
MLS21, Yesterday at 10:40 PM

I sent out my save the dates today... I am wondering if I'll have relatives call me and say they are so happy for us. I'm just not sure what people will say. What response did you get when you sent...

Melle, 3 hours ago 11 143
Enlighten me please!
Destiny, Yesterday at 9:41 AM

Wedding website? What is the purpose of this? Invites? Rsvp's? & schedule? Did your guest actually use it? Is it worth doing it?

Raquel, 7 hours ago 19 139