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Asking for Cash Isn’t Tacky!
Jessica, Yesterday at 2:31 PM

I just see this sentence thrown around a lot and I have been to two weddings now where they kindly explained that they had no registry due to such and such reason. One explained that they were...

Jennifer, Yesterday at 11:59 PM 202 Comments 3,375
kyleigh, Yesterday at 7:51 PM

Hey ladies! Having trouble with a cute hashtag.. his last name is Higgerson. So we thought maybe #HappilyEverHiggerson, but so many people use that so we want something unique! Please help if you can...

Laura, Yesterday at 11:55 PM 3 Comments 41
Budget of 5000
Antoinette, Yesterday at 11:34 PM

Hello everyone looking for a place to host our wedding and reception in the DFW area with a budget of 5000 we are trying to stay at 5000 but will go no higher than 6000...STRESSED Bride to be

Kelly, Yesterday at 11:54 PM 5 Comments 51
Save the dates
FutureMrs.N, Yesterday at 11:22 PM

Hello all I have a question about save the dates. Fiancé wants magnets to go on the refrigerator since our wedding is a year away but I think I want paper save the dates. What did y’all cheers and...

Ella Marie, Yesterday at 11:40 PM 5 Comments 50
June 23, 2018 availability at Bloom Lake Barn
Brianna, Yesterday at 11:37 PM

Hi 2018 Brides! My fiancé and I had to change our venue. If there's any MN Brides on here looking for a beautiful venue, Bloom Lake Barn is now available for Saturday, June 23rd. It usually is booked...

Brianna, Yesterday at 11:37 PM 17
Cheapest place for linens
Lauren, Yesterday at 7:56 PM

Hello everyone! I am interested to see where everyone got their linens at. I am looking to have grey round table linens, but I am looking for the cheapest place to purchase them. I really like grey...

Cuoghi, Yesterday at 11:36 PM 7 Comments 114