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2024 Small Wedding without a Wedding Party
Jennifer, Today at 10:28 AM

Hi! Has anyone had any experience or have gone to a wedding where there was not a wedding/bridal party? I’m planning my wedding for 60 people or less and don’t feel the need to have a wedding party....

LM, 48 minutes ago 6 38
Bridesmaid drama - ugh!!! Please help!
Lindsay, Today at 2:30 PM

Help!! I am getting married on Nov 17. I had asked four of my girlfriends and my fiance's two sisters to be bridesmaids. Long story short, there's drama with the four girlfriends that I asked. One of...

Janet, 12 minutes ago 4 45
Couples getting married on May 10, 2025
Takisha, Yesterday at 12:35 PM

Hi!! I'm a 2025 bride and definitely need some suggestions.

Olivia, An hour ago 9 69
Small wedding. Doc?
Tambam1119, on October 1, 2023 at 8:19 AM

Hello! I have just now joined the craziness of wedding planning 😅. I will be getting married on 10/19/2024. We’re having a smaller wedding of approximately 30 to 40 guests. I plan on making my own...

Tambam1119, Yesterday at 1:17 PM 12 165
Sister in law’s unsolicited opinions
Emily, on September 30, 2023 at 5:12 PM

Hey all! I am getting married in exactly two weeks from today! My soon to be SIL has put in a LOT of opinions on random things for my wedding within the last two months. The first thing she requested...

Jacks, Oct 1, 2023 17 242
Encouragement Needed
Countryangel707, Yesterday at 10:35 AM

We are having a very small wedding of about 40 guest. It is all mostly family with the exception of 3 of my fiance's co-workers. I only have family to invite and it's just my parents, step parents,...

Michael, Yesterday at 5:06 PM 5 89
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