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Fiance doesn't want Wedding
Taylor, Yesterday at 1:16 PM

After seeing all the great advice on other posts I thought I'd finally get some real insight to my situation. My fiance is absolutely NOT interested in the wedding. Like at all. He said he does not...

Rebecca, 2 hours ago 23 389
What if wedding is cancelled because of coronavirus?
Kimmy, Yesterday at 1:42 PM

I'm in a major city in California and my wedding is a month away. Each day I'm monitoring the news. I'm wondering what happens if our city has to get locked down like in other countries and we'd have...

Rebecca, 2 hours ago 16 1 321
Scammed By Wedding Coordinator
Viki, Yesterday at 1:50 PM

Last week I received a mass email from our wedding coordinator saying that she has changed her phone number and provided her newest number. I email her back thanking her for the email and asking when...

Jennifer, 2 hours ago 11 296
Show me your save the dates!!!
Felicity, Yesterday at 9:15 PM

I love my save the dates!! Show me yours!!! I'd love to see the different designs and styles!

Anna, 2 hours ago 8 82
Fiance has a huge family... help.
Liliana, Today at 12:52 AM

Hello ladies! I am marrying a man with a very big family! We only sent save the dates to family and friends that live out of state and more than 4 hours away. We are getting ready to send invites out...

Onya, 28 minutes ago 2 26
Flower pricing
Shannon, Yesterday at 6:40 PM

Hey! I’m am trying to find out a reasonable quote for flowers, 5 bouquets, 7 boutonnières a corsage and some simple decorations, no centerpieces. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!

Rebecca, 2 hours ago 6 92
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