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Push back the wedding?
Jessie, Today at 12:08 AM

4 months away from our wedding and my fiancé tells me he wants to push back the wedding a year or more so we can afford a nicer wedding. I am a bit sensitive to the situation since I was previously...

FutureMrs.Case2020, 33 minutes ago 14 Comments 360
What is your wedding song?
, Today at 9:06 AM

What is the song you will walk down the aisle to and for your first dance?Im not sure what song I want to walk down to yet but for the first dance I’m thinking power of love by Celine dion still not...

FutureMrs.Case2020, 28 minutes ago 10 Comments 62
Timeline of Save the Dates and Invitations?
Ellie, Today at 10:55 AM

I am running super behind on just about every aspect of planning this wedding. I was considering sending out Save the Dates at the end of the June and then the first round of invitations in August....

ASMini914, 53 minutes ago 9 Comments 58
Decor -- Glam, Romantic, Modern?
Simone, Today at 12:22 PM

So, here's my dress -- a sparkling glass beaded fringe, my destination venue -- a rooftop in downtown Tucson AZ, and two possible color palettes. Our wedding is 4/20. Originally, we were to be married...

Simone, An hour ago 16 Comments 87
What was your first wedding decision?
Lynnie, on May 7, 2019 at 11:05 AM

What was the very first decision you made for your wedding? Was it the location, date, color scheme??Next Question: What was the first venue you visited?Back to the Beginning: Firsts!

FutureMrs.Case2020, 48 minutes ago 169 Comments 1,060
3 months away!
Ceelie , Today at 10:45 AM

Ahh our wedding date is August 31st and so we’re about 3 ml the away! It’s been hitting me several times over the last few months but now it’s starting to get real lol. I have the big stuff done, just...

Andrea, 19 minutes ago 7 Comments 75