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After party?
Casey, Today at 5:22 PM

Is anyone doing/did anyone have an after party? What did you do? Who was invited? How was it? Thanks!

Raven, 4 minutes ago 11 Comments 169
Which Pic for Save the Dates??
Amy, Today at 4:47 PM

So I took some informal cell phone snaps of my dog for our Save the Dates and am not feeling as decisive as usual. Any thoughts on which one would do best? Also, yes, they are very informal. Dog is...

Xandria, 5 minutes ago 20 Comments 157
Help Me Understand Where this Idea of no Bridesmaids' Role is Coming From?
GoodMOB, on Jan 17, 2018 at 12:11 PM

I've wanted to ask this for awhile, but don't want to spread utter chaos on the Wedding Wire!I've always had the idea that there are roles for bridesmaids/maid of honor/groomsmen at weddings. Here's...

QueenDavis, 6 minutes ago 88 Comments 2,095
Starting at 0, and stressing already
Nicole, Today at 3:23 PM

I feel like once I find my venue, the stress will decrease. I am trying not to be picky, as my budget is under $5,000. I plan doing a lot of the decor myself and searching for deals, etc.It doesn't...

Darrian & Dynesha, 9 minutes ago 14 Comments 220
Jamie, Today at 2:14 PM

Is it normal to pay for your photographer in full prior to the wedding

earias, 10 minutes ago 9 Comments 124
What's your favorite wedding registry item?
Laura, Today at 12:05 PM

What's your most-wanted item on your wedding registry? Do you have wedding registry tips to share with other couples?{Pinterest}

Amanda, 14 minutes ago 14 Comments 138