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What to do or how to handle?
Katelyn , Yesterday at 11:04 PM

My FH and I are planning to get married in October of 2020. What to do if you like talking and getting help from a good friend who is yet to be engaged to help you with your wedding stuff but then it...

FutureMrsD, 2 minutes ago 7 Comments 126
dj playlist
Morgan, Today at 11:04 AM

I'm thinking about getting started on a song list for our ceremony and reception and is everyone doing this list and how are you formatting it to keep it neat and organized?

Sam, 3 minutes ago 1 Comment 5
How many hours should you pay for a photographer?
Callee, Yesterday at 11:36 PM

How many hours should you book your photographer for the big day?

FutureMrsD, 5 minutes ago 11 Comments 88
Destination wedding help!!!!!
Wendy , Yesterday at 12:52 PM

I am planning on having a destination wedding at a all inclusive resort but I am trying to find a location in Hawaii, PR or any other US territories. I don’t want the states. Does anybody know of any...

Sandy, 7 minutes ago 8 Comments 63
Rebecka, Today at 12:33 AM

Hey ladies. So I have a very small budget, we're a paycheck to paycheck family. Does anyone know a good photographer that won't cost me more that $250 for all day 😖 I realize it's unlikely but I'm...

FutureMrsD, 7 minutes ago 8 Comments 78
What is going to make your wedding stand out?
Ali, Yesterday at 8:54 PM

Im curious to see what yall think your guests will say made/ will make your wedding stand out from all the rest. I am wearing a red dress, with a bkack lace overlay. We are having everything...

Kristen, 13 minutes ago 9 Comments 119