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Wanting to cry at everything
Future Mrs.Cahenzli, Today at 5:24 PM

Has anybody else been so freaking emotional lately? I seriously feel like I'm at a breaking point where I'm on the verge of crying all the time. I have never been this emotional before.

Kim, 14 minutes ago 2 Comments 42
Too much?
Disney Bride2020, Today at 4:38 PM

we are allowed to use votive candles, and I was thinking of using Yankee votives for the color per table for example in the little mermaid table do a ocean smell for the beauty and the beast table do...

Tori, 40 minutes ago 11 Comments 170
I'm stumped!
Korynn, Today at 4:04 PM

We want to start sending out information for our destination wedding soon, and want to include our social media hashtags on it. But we're having a hard time coming up with some....Any input or...

ISaidHallYes, An hour ago 8 Comments 146
Bridesmaid gift
Pamela, Today at 3:58 PM

Hi everyone, I was thinking about giving each of my bridesmaids a box with a personalized hanger with their names, a personalized makeup bag with their names and a robe. Nothing will be fancy or...

Tori, 32 minutes ago 7 Comments 90
Need hashtag
Cynthia, Today at 3:12 PM

Can you girls give me ideas on a hashtag for my wedding. I have seen some great suggestions here so I figured maybe you can help me. My last name is Deras and my fiancé’s is Castro thank you

ISaidHallYes, An hour ago 1 Comment 21
Catering question!
BabyGrand13, Today at 1:24 PM

Hello! We are planning a casual backyard reception in October, the plan for food is to set up a buffet-style out of our garage. Is it better to use a catering company or a restaurant that does...

Kelli, 2 hours ago 5 Comments 95