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Just a small guest/invite rant
Sarah, Yesterday at 7:18 PM

We invited 20 guests. Sent out 6 invitations. We put on the invite “for more information and to rsvp to the wedding events please visit *our website*” I have received *TWELVE* text messages asking...

FutureMrs.K, A minute ago 13 Comments 311
Destination wedding in Viet Nam
Thao, Today at 11:11 AM

Hi everyone, Anyone thinking about having your wedding/honeymoon/vacation for guests in Viet Nam? I found a new company which provides wedding packages for destination wedding in Viet Nam which...

Thao, 2 minutes ago 4 Comments 27
When is too soon or too late to begin planning??
Jazzmine, Today at 9:06 AM

Have November 2019 wedding couples began their planning? When, if you have not already, are you booking your venue??

FutureMrsD, 3 minutes ago 18 Comments 84
Engagement pictures gone wrong
Kat, Today at 9:15 AM

Yesterday we did the engagement pictures. And it was pretty much a horrible day. I honestly didn’t want to take them. I asked my FH to be in contact with the photographer because I get too stressed...

Vanessasaurus, 6 minutes ago 16 Comments 176
Day of coordinator yay or nay???
Sarah, Today at 12:05 AM

Ok ladies I am in a dilemma!! I have been considering the idea of getting a day of coordinator for the wedding however because we are on a tight budget and I already spent more on a photographer then...

Kristen, 7 minutes ago 12 Comments 92
Don't wait to have your wedding
Cuoghi, Today at 10:03 AM

My advice to everyone waiting til 2020 or planning their wedding years in advance, don't, DO NOT WAIT. I had originally thought to have my wedding in 2019 but instead had a busy 7 month engagement and...

Cassandra, 10 minutes ago 9 Comments 140