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Unpopular Decisions
Jessica, Today at 2:48 PM

I know we have all experienced some kind of shaming on here. Not everyone has the same wedding situation. Mine in particular being a bit more unique than normal. Much to my surprise on more than one...

Jessica, 5 minutes ago 59 Comments 724
Too early for Stds?
ArizonaDreaming, Today at 7:00 PM

My fiance and I are due to get married on April 24, 2020. We have paid the deposit on the photographer and working on the deposit for the venue right now. When is too soon for STDs?

ArizonaDreaming, 7 minutes ago 2
Inivitations Online, Nyc, or Hartford, ct Area
Maryelizabeth, Today at 4:04 PM

inviteHi!So I am looking into invitations. The invitations are not the top of my "budget priority" thus I do not want to spend a large sum on the invitations. I really like a simple, yet romantic...

Renee, 17 minutes ago 3 Comments 21
Save the Date: When?!
Brooke, Today at 1:39 PM

Hey guys! So I’m just recently engaged (3 weeks ago), but my fiancé and I have been planning for about 2 months now. We already have a set date for when we are having the wedding, and securing our...

Tianna, 29 minutes ago 5 Comments 98
Color scheme help!
Lexi, Today at 3:50 PM

My original color scheme is Blush, gold, and greenery. I loveeeee that scheme so much. I'm in the process right now of picking my bridesmaids dresses and I don't personally like the color blush that a...

Dannika, 41 minutes ago 6 Comments 33
Photography prices???
Cassie, on July 5, 2018 at 2:07 PM

Hello everyone! I am looking into a photographer and videographer for our ceremony and reception in Ohio. Photography is by far one of the most important things to us so we definitely want a very good...

Colleen, 42 minutes ago 17 Comments 282