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What is everyone's thoughts on full-service, all-inclusive catering?
Katy, Yesterday at 3:09 PM

I've run across a few all-inclusive catering options, and I am wondering if they are worth the price. I understand that they offer full-service catering (dinner and dessert), bar service, linens,...

Rebecca, 2 hours ago 25 214
Wedding Venue - One or More?
Cliodhna, on October 15, 2019 at 11:05 AM

Are you planning on having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue? Or will they be hosted at different locations? How many wedding venues do you have? One or more? Photo from Chandelier...

Lashona, Yesterday at 9:57 PM 67 227
How many guests you get at your wedding?
Jocelyn, Yesterday at 2:49 PM

I have a strict budget cap at 115 guests for my wedding. The discount pricing of 60 a head was given for 100 and every person over would result in a 115 dollar charge. I've invited about 145 guests...

Lisa Marie, Yesterday at 11:25 PM 17 1 304
On average how long does it take for a wedding vendor to respond to you?
Maketa, Yesterday at 5:57 PM

Hi All,I've sent out an ask to a couple of vendors a week or so ago, and wondering what the average response time is? It's possible that I might just need to be more patient.Thanks!

Willow, 3 hours ago 10 66
Rehearsal dinner. Totally necessary?
Madison, Yesterday at 11:37 AM

Hi all! I’m trying to figure out if doing a dinner after the rehearsal is like a total must. It’s going to be a lot of people from both of our sides and it’s going to be another added expense. Is it...

Miranda, Yesterday at 10:07 PM 18 269
Doc- worth it?
Arianna, Yesterday at 5:32 PM

Hi! My FH and I are trying to decide if it’s worth it to hire a DOC. We can’t get into the venue until 10am and will have to tear down by 11pm. I really don’t want to have to worry about...

Melle, 4 hours ago 12 80