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dw cost breakdown
Vanessa, Today at 1:03 AM

Hello all!my fiancé and I have been together for 8 years now and it’s only natural that we start getting this wedding planning going! I’m in desperate need of some answers. We’re young (both 23) just...

Alforev, 19 minutes ago 3 Comments 51
Copyright & Photography Rules
Jennifer, Today at 3:57 AM

Hello, I have been doing some research on owning the rights to our wedding photos, yet am still confused over copyright rules. I don't mind if the photographer uses the photos again, but I want to be...

Sarah, 54 minutes ago 1 Comment 22
Bridal party
Sheila, Today at 2:37 AM

How do you choose your bridal party

Chandra, An hour ago 3 Comments 15
hashtag Help!
Alyssa, Today at 3:00 AM

Need help on making a hashtag for our wedding.brides name: alyssa Jane viloria grooms name: kevin ganzon wedding date: 08/18/18location: San Francisco, CA thank you!

Sheila, 2 hours ago 2 Comments 16
Wedding processional?
April, Yesterday at 11:12 PM

Ive read many different line ups and can’t find what it’s supposed to be lol! I know I could do it whichever way but my main confusion is with the groom and best man and maid of it goes,...

Kimberly, 2 hours ago 6 Comments 74
Food stations?
Eron, Yesterday at 2:42 AM

So, my fiancé and I have different views on what kind of food we want at our wedding. He prefers Italian and I always dream of a taco truck. Well we recently decided to go with buffet style catering,...

mimi, 2 hours ago 5 Comments 111