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Jess, Today at 3:19 PM

Hi I am planning my very first wedding and it is my own. what is some helpful advice you can give to me?

Jess, A minute ago 5 Comments 26
bdamaro, Today at 2:34 PM

our countdown blocks ballroom365 days! Well, 364 and some change now I just can't believe on this day in one year I'll be getting ready to marry my FH! It feels surreal. We were just at our venue...

Jo, 2 minutes ago 8 Comments 59
64 days!
Amanda, Today at 10:03 AM

Hey everyone! 64 days out I can’t believe it. Just sent out the wedding invitations and I still have a bunch to do! Marriage certificate, gifts for wedding party, wedding favors, seating chart....

Natasha, 6 minutes ago 8 Comments 100
Avery , Today at 3:22 PM

15 days till my wedding! I am so so excited, everything is ready to go. Venue, food plans, seating, decorations ect. Then off to our honeymoon in Tennessee! ❤️ Wish me luck ladies and if anyone has...

Avery, 7 minutes ago 5
When to reach out to vendors?
Emily, Today at 11:48 AM

I'm far enough into my planning where I've found and booked most of the key players in the wedding like my photographer, DJ, officiant, etc. I've had the initial meetings with them, but then they tell...

FutureMrsColón, 12 minutes ago 7 Comments 153
Question about the dj
Brianna, Today at 2:15 PM

Trying to get our DJ booked. What is a reasonable time to book him for? Our ceremony will start at 4 do i have him there then? Before? Im so lost on what to do. This is probably a stupid question but...

Teresa, 21 minutes ago 4 Comments 36