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Future Mrs. D
Wedding weekend!!
Future Mrs. D, Today at 2:32 PM

Who is getting married this weekend?! Are you excited, nervous, ready?!my FH and I are getting married on Saturday and I just can’t wait! Though the forecast calls for rain - that’s good luck for a...

FutureMrsJenkins, A minute ago 1 Comment 7
Did you create a wedding board on pinterest before getting engaged?
Lynnie, Today at 11:43 AM

Time to fess up and find out if you are innocent or guilty ! Did you create a wedding board on pinterest before getting engaged? Are you innocent or guilty?Next question: Have you been caught staring...

AtoK, 2 minutes ago 42 Comments 198
End to end rectangular banquet tables
Mia, Today at 11:06 AM

I'm planning to place 6ft rectangular table provided by the hall end-to-end to create 5 long tables. For anyone who's done this, did you do floor length linens? Floor length on the ends and short...

earias, 2 minutes ago 5 Comments 59
Hesitant to send in venue contract and deposit/spend money on the wedding
Bethany, Today at 2:19 PM

So, I am supposed to be sending in our contract for our wedding venue for the reception (getting married in a church). I am so hesitant! I love the venue and I have heard great things. But, I am...

Erica, 3 minutes ago 11 Comments 99
Cancun/playa del Carmen
Rhiannon, Today at 2:46 PM

Have any of you planned or gotten married in the yucatan? We like the look of the Oasis hotels, but everything’s so expensive for our guests to stay at

Rhiannon, 5 minutes ago 1 Comment 7
Wedding favors?
Kirsten, Today at 2:15 PM

I need some cute and unique wedding favor ideas? Also, are you doing wedding favors for your wedding? If so, what are you using?

Jennifer, 8 minutes ago 6 Comments 26