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Bridal Party ... No Moh?
Anna, Today at 3:55 PM

Hi folks!here’s the deal... I essentially have no female friends, aside from coworkers that I don’t even hang out with outside of work. I have one sister in law and 3 soon to be sister in laws. I plan...

earias, 2 minutes ago 9 Comments 67
Destination Wedding- Help!
Rada, Today at 3:58 PM

We’re planning on having a DW however are still not set on location. I dont really wanna do Mexico, DR or Jamaica as those are the thpical go to vacation spots, it seems like its too casual of a...

Amber, 3 minutes ago 8 Comments 38
Which Pic for Save the Dates??
Amy, Today at 4:47 PM

So I took some informal cell phone snaps of my dog for our Save the Dates and am not feeling as decisive as usual. Any thoughts on which one would do best? Also, yes, they are very informal. Dog is...

Orchids, 5 minutes ago 10 Comments 69
After party?
Casey, Today at 5:22 PM

Is anyone doing/did anyone have an after party? What did you do? Who was invited? How was it? Thanks!

Casey, 5 minutes ago 3
Photographer prints?
Oct62018bride, Yesterday at 12:52 PM

We just booked out photographer. Im very excited! But im wondering, does anyone's photographer give them regular printed pictures? Im getting a disc of unlimited pictures and a video. But I have to...

Cynthia's and Robert, 6 minutes ago 6 Comments 74
Feeling silly about spending so much
Anna, Today at 4:08 PM

Hi all! I'm very recently engaged, but I have been expecting it for the past year and had begun some of the planning. I have two questions: how is everyone feeling about spending so much money on a...

Alyssa, 11 minutes ago 10 Comments 131