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Is catering covered by your venue, or are you hiring a separate company?
Jayla, Yesterday at 5:05 PM

Food is one of the most important parts of a wedding reception, and a top planning priority for tons of couples! How did you choose your caterer? Were you wowed by what your venue provided, or did you...

Lizzy, A minute ago 21 Comments 125
Destination Wedding
Soon2BSmith, Yesterday at 8:25 PM

Anyone planning a destination wedding? My FH and I have decided to look further into a destination wedding to help keep cost down, and to avoid hurting feelings of family members we wouldn’t invite....

Sarah, 7 minutes ago 7 Comments 52
How many brides maids do you have?
Shawna, Yesterday at 8:02 PM

Just looking for an average. I'm having 2 or 3

Lizzy, 11 minutes ago 17 Comments 81
Bridesmaid Gifts
Wheninromaniw, Today at 7:24 AM

In addition to paying for their hair and makeup (I'm not requiring them to use the HMUA, but they've all said it will be awesome to have it done by a pro!), I'm putting together a small gift bag for...

Wheninromaniw, 19 minutes ago 10
Married 11/11/18 picture heavy
Jessica, Yesterday at 10:12 PM

We had to move our entire wedding indoors, due to weather here in Houston. It still went beautifully! Here are our sneak peeks from our photographer!

Toni, 35 minutes ago 4 Comments 128
Photographer advice
emjo, Yesterday at 5:09 PM

I am meeting a potential photographer tomorrow. Are there any questions you would recommend asking them?Also I'm stuck between if I should have 6 or 8 hours of coverage. I am having a morning wedding,...

emjo, 2 hours ago 10 Comments 63