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Pairing bridesmaids with groomsmen
Anna, Yesterday at 7:41 PM

How are you pairing together who walks with who? Random? By height? By length of time you’ve known them?Also, would it be weird to pair my female cousin with my brother?

Leah, 2 minutes ago 18 Comments 155
Budget cut during planning
Jacklyn, Today at 2:59 PM

Has anyone started with a larger budget and guest list and decided to cut down, a lot? We first thought we could have the wedding on a 5k budget (we live in a rural area with rather cheap venues)....

Jacklyn, 4 minutes ago 5 Comments 83
fh wants to boycott wedding industry
Kristin, Today at 3:31 PM

We're in the beginning stages of planning our wedding for fall 2020 and have gotten as far as setting up a small handful of venue tours next month. We're having a small wedding (35ish) and with that a...

Alejandra, 11 minutes ago 3 Comments 56
2 Weddings 1 Month
Amanda, Today at 1:25 PM

My FH's cousin (who he is very close to) got engaged a few weeks ago and told us they are also looking at getting married the same month as us. This complicates a few things a bit and mainly for our...

Christine, 17 minutes ago 10 Comments 114
Opinion on table decor
Tanya, Today at 10:49 AM

Hello everyone! Just wanted some advice on what to do for my tables at the reception. Our colors for the wedding are navy blue, burgundy, and gold. I’m doing some tables with gold lanterns and dark...

Kora, 18 minutes ago 4 Comments 58
Kids Table Activities?
silverbride1218, Today at 8:30 AM

Hey there!FH and I are planning a kids table for the half-dozen kids attending our wedding. I don’t have the time or inclination to put together adorable individualized Pinteresty goodie bags for each...

Melissa, 19 minutes ago 3 Comments 52