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A. L.
Brooklyn popular venue caterer shutters without notice
A. L., on Jul 19, 2017 at 6:53 PM

See article here: hope all Brooklyn brides are in the clear here

Karla, 44 seconds ago 10 Comments 4
5,000 Wedding Budget- Florida
Melissa, Today at 9:32 AM

Hi Ladies,I am trying to figure out the best way possible to have a wedding with a 5,000 budget in Florida for 30 guests. Every vendor I look at the catering is so expensive. I am not a crafty person...

Jordana, A minute ago 5 Comments 58
Beach Wedding or Home Town Wedding
Nick, Today at 10:57 AM

Hello All, I am writing in hopes that I can get some help with trying to convince my fiance to have our wedding in our hometown. Right now we live in Florida and both are from the Same town in NY. It...

Nick, 2 minutes ago 1
Odd $ ? - paying upfront to save? (hm)
ThatGirl, Today at 10:42 AM

So let me start by saying I think the answer is probably smacking me in the face but I feel like there may be angles I am not seeing... hoping for some WW help! I am managing the budget and so I am...

Bianca, 4 minutes ago 1 Comment 43
Actual wedding Vs. Honeymoon?
Kenley, Today at 9:26 AM

If you were made to choose and couldn’t have both. Would you choose having a real traditional wedding and no honeymoon or an elopement (still something cute w/ a photographer) but have a real exciting...

Denise, 6 minutes ago 37 Comments 246
Show me your wedding cake!
Ebonee, Today at 12:12 AM

I'm trying to decide which look I should go for my wedding cake. Which one do you like best 1st, 2nd or 3rd?

Susan, 10 minutes ago 19 Comments 228