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Manners matter! From addessing envelopes to wedding dress codes, we'll help you navigate wedding etiquette questions so you are ready to handle every situation with grace.

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rsvp Dissapointment
Rachel, Yesterday at 9:08 PM

Well. I invited 157. I gave a guess at 130 being yes, with low of 120. I’m sad to say I’ve paid 70% of catering, and my rsvps didn’t even come in to 80. I’m disappointed in my friends. And my family....

Aliciabilly2019, An hour ago 24 632
Grooms cake?
Susan, Yesterday at 11:05 PM

First off, what is it grooms cake and should I order one? Is it to be presented at the wedding with the wedding cake itself or is it a little cake him and his groomsmen share together before the...

Suzie, 49 minutes ago 11 85
Plus one help!!
Kayleigh, Today at 10:52 AM

Tl;dr: should I include plus ones for singles even though I’m trying hard to stick to a small budget? Is it acceptable to say plus ones can only come to reception, not dinner?? If so, how do I word...

Laree's, 32 minutes ago 7 62
Rehearsal Dinner Argument
Allyson, Yesterday at 11:36 PM

A close friend of mine has offered to throw our entire rehearsal dinner at her home and cater it for us as a wedding gift! I am ecstatic because when pricing out rehearsal dinners in our area, the...

Cyndy, An hour ago 13 218
Telling people about no plus ones
Maria, Today at 12:50 AM

What’s a polite way of telling someone they can’t bring a plus one to your wedding? I had soooo many people add on plus ones when I only addressed the envelope to them and did not give them a plus...

Judith, 14 minutes ago 6 148
i want to do a different rsvp wording to ensure responses.
Betsy, Today at 9:31 AM

I want to use the following wording: Please RSVP to reserve — seat (s)thats all. A lot of family and friends are snowflakes and they never respond by any sort of social media or phone or text. I will...

allisonrose, 44 minutes ago 4 68