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Manners matter! From addessing envelopes to wedding dress codes, we'll help you navigate wedding etiquette questions so you are ready to handle every situation with grace.

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Not returned Rsvps
Mia, Yesterday at 5:25 PM

We sent out over 120 RSVPs to our September 15th wedding. Only got back about 50. Out of the 50, 20 was declined, which is fine but why do some people don't even bother to send it back? I have a...

Valerie, 4 seconds ago 14 Comments 173
Makeup Trial Input
Dominique, Today at 8:34 AM

Hi all!I am one who never wears any makeup (maybe somemascara if it’s a special event) so I wanted to still look like myself. Told the makeup artist, natural and light. I actually might ask for no...

Dominique, A minute ago 3 Comments 25
Cash Bar, Open Bar, or Dry?
Moriah, Today at 6:27 AM

With my husband's Anti-drinking family and my family drink tell you throw up attitude I don't see a point in having an open bar. I will have Non-Alcoholic drinks for free at my wedding. I just think...

Moriah, 12 minutes ago 16 Comments 156
Social media announcement
Diane, Today at 6:22 AM

Hello all! I have a few more weeks until my wedding and people are reaching out to me for additions to my guest list. We initially wanted a smaller wedding but it ended up becoming bigger than we...

Janel, 18 minutes ago 3 Comments 63
Lexi, Yesterday at 12:05 PM

Alright, I want to hear everything about tipping vendors (priest, DJ, Coordinator, photographer etc). Do you tip? Do you not tip? obviously we're paying a hefty amount for all of them. If it is...

Janel, 35 minutes ago 15 Comments 193
On the hinges of the "mr & Mrs Pronouncement" post
AlmostOliveira, Yesterday at 3:17 PM

This peaked my curiosity.For those of you that would be bothered by being announced "Mr & Mrs John Doe"... how did you address your wedding invitations? Did you write "Mr & Mrs John Doe"?...

MissDec1, 44 minutes ago 35 Comments 436