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Manners matter! From addessing envelopes to wedding dress codes, we'll help you navigate wedding etiquette questions so you are ready to handle every situation with grace.

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How do i tell my father that my step father will be walking me down the aisle?
Tiffany, Yesterday at 11:03 PM

My mother & father split up when I was a baby. My step dad has been around since I was 4, I am now 34. My step dad has been there, bought me my first car, there for my HS graduation and threw me a...

starsinwaves, 22 seconds ago 6 Comments 93
The after party in the dress?
Tianna, Today at 2:37 AM

Our Wedding is ending early at 10pm because it’s an outdoor venue and you know... sound ordinance laws... so we are holding somewhat of an after party at the bar at our hotel. Now, I’m not sure what...

starsinwaves, 6 minutes ago 19 Comments 200
rsvp cards
Nora, Today at 7:41 AM

Has anybody ever not sent RSVP cards and asked guests to reply only on their website or over the phone? We're trying be as environmentally friendly as possible and would love to save all that extra...

Christina, 6 minutes ago 19 Comments 156
Huge Disagreement with My Mother
Vicky, Yesterday at 2:53 PM

Hi everyone. Ok, I need to know if I'm being unreasonable or not. So, on Sept 13, 2018 (very recent!) my fiance and I got married at a private ceremony which consisted of me, FH, the officiant, and my...

Stephanie, 8 minutes ago 18 Comments 385
Still haven't received our Wedding Video, 1+ year after wedding
Mae, Yesterday at 10:34 PM

My husband and I got married over a year ago and we still have not received our wedding video!The package we chose was supposed to include: 8 hrs of service, 5-7 min highlight video, clean edits of...

Casey, 9 minutes ago 11 Comments 209
Nicole, Yesterday at 9:27 PM

My parents are against me moving out before getting married. However, I can’t live anymore in my house because I am getting into too many arguments with my mother. I am just getting a new job and am...

Cassandra7, 10 minutes ago 12 Comments 223