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Manners matter! From addessing envelopes to wedding dress codes, we'll help you navigate wedding etiquette questions so you are ready to handle every situation with grace.

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Camille, Yesterday at 4:48 AM

Hi! My FH and I don't have any nieces or nephews. His friends don't have children but some of mine do but I don't know the kids. My friends all live 8+ hours away. We decided we don't want any kids at...

Camille, An hour ago 13 Comments 139
Technology... learn from my mistakes!
Sharon, Yesterday at 3:44 PM

I thought email STDs were pretty straightforward, but guess not!I designed my own STDs and sent them through email and personalized/addressed each email as if I would have personalized each STD rather...

Sharon, 3 hours ago 2 Comments 182
Addressing or Mrs.?
Andrea, Yesterday at 10:45 PM

Question about addressing invitations...for a single woman whose husband is deceased, and who did not change her last name when she got married, do I address her as Ms. or Mrs.?

earias, 4 hours ago 5 Comments 55
Advice: Save the date!
Jasmin, Today at 12:23 AM

Hey guys! Does this look okay? I'm using an old picture of my fiance and I because we both love this shot. And also, I want to print them soon and I am not sure when we'll have time to even take...

Jasmin, 4 hours ago 10 Comments 61
Wedding set up and tear down for diy
Shannon, Yesterday at 10:21 PM

I am trying to find a set up and tear down crew for my wedding ceremony and reception in Houston, Texas. I am hand making all my table centerpieces and have all tables, chairs, linens. I just need...

CruzWin, 4 hours ago 8 Comments 46
i need help picking out music for the wedding
Natalie, Yesterday at 7:52 PM

So we plan to have a playlist at the reception since my FH wants a string quartets for the ceremony. I thought it would be cute to print out these song request sheets where guests can have a say in...

Carol, 5 hours ago 1 Comment 23