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Manners matter, especially when it comes to your wedding day. From choosing your wedding party to finalizing your reception seating chart, there’s etiquette to consider every step of the way. Whether it’s a timeless question every couple faces or an unexpected tricky situation, we’ll help you navigate wedding etiquette so you’re ready to handle it all.


These Wedding Thank-You Card Templates Are Legit Essential

Want to craft the best wedding thank-you note? We’ll save you some time with our thank-you card templates for everything from random gifts, cash and more.

By Kim Forrest, November 3, 2020


Here’s How to Rethink Setting a Wedding Date During the COVID Pandemic

All the most-asked setting a wedding date questions, answered, including: “What the heck is a soft hold?”

By Kim Forrest, September 24, 2020


8 Ways to Greet Guests at a COVID Wedding

While hugs and handshakes are on pause for the time being, here are some creative ways to give your guests some love—from a safe distance.

By Kim Forrest, August 24, 2020


How to Enjoy Your Wedding if You Hate Being in the Spotlight

There are a few things that you and your partner can do to make the day a bit more comfortable and easier for everyone. Check out our tips for shy brides and grooms.

By Kim Forrest, February 26, 2020


How to Tell Your Guests "No Kids" Without Offending Anyone

Telling your guests "no kids a the wedding" can be tricky, but you have to stand firm. Here's how to communicate your policy clearly (but politely).

By Jenn Sinrich, February 6, 2020


11 Wedding Questions You’ll Be Asked During the Holidays

To avoid the awkwardness, here are our best responses to the most annoying (but all too common) wedding queries that tend to come up in conversation during the holiday season.

By Kim Forrest, November 26, 2019


How to Write Wedding Thank-You Cards

Check out these simple and stress-free tips for how to write wedding thank-you cards without losing your mind.

By Kim Forrest, November 15, 2019


How to Tell Someone They’re NOT Invited to Your Wedding

If someone thinks they're going to receive an invite but actually is not invited to your wedding, it can be, um, awkward. Here's how to handle the situation.

By Jenn Sinrich, September 19, 2019


Starting a New Job While Wedding Planning: How to Make it Work

Are you starting a new job while in the thick of wedding planning? Here's how to maintain your sanity during these stressful times.

By Jenn Sinrich, July 31, 2019


How to Safely and Efficiently Collect Wedding Gifts

It's something couples rarely think about, but it's actually super-important—how to keep their cards and gifts safe at their wedding. Here's some expert advice to ensure that your gifts head home with you and your new spouse.

By Jenn Sinrich, July 26, 2019


How to Ask For Time Off from Work for Your Wedding

If you're thinking about how to request time off from work for your wedding, here are some expert tips to ensure a successful conversation.

By Jenn Sinrich, April 11, 2019


Can You Ever Invite a Guest to a Wedding Without Their Spouse?

When it comes to plus-one etiquette, it's easy to become confused. Here's a rundown of when it is and isn't okay to invite a guest without his or her significant other.

By Jenn Sinrich, March 11, 2019


5 Wedding Ice Breakers to Help Make Small Talk with Guests

There's nothing worse than awkward small talk. These wedding icebreakers will get the conversations flowing with each and every guest on your big day.

By Lauren Rodrigue, March 11, 2019


When Is It Okay to Be a Bridezilla?

The last thing any bride wants to be called is "bridezilla," but there are certain instances when it's absolutely acceptable.

By Jenn Sinrich, March 11, 2019


How to Tell Your Love Story at Your Wedding Without Annoying Your Guests

Want your guests to feel the love? Here’s how to tell your love story without driving your guests crazy.

By Jaimie Mackey, March 7, 2019


5 Ways to Balance Planning Your Wedding While Being in Someone Else’s

Planning your wedding while being a bridesmaid or groomsman in a friend or family member's wedding can seem stressful, but it's actually totally doable. Here's how.

By Lauren Rodrigue, February 4, 2019