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Tell me your love story!
Danielle, Today at 12:48 AM

Recently, I've noticed I'm too caught up in planning a wedding, that I haven't been paying the same amount of attention to FH. I felt horrible when I realized that! I'm trying to make sure we spend a...

Eva, 17 seconds ago 30 Comments 354
Help: where'd you get your wedding veil?
Stephanie, Today at 6:25 PM

Hiya! My white dress is super simple with no lace. Want to have a bit of fun and order a colorful, unique veil. Found a few options, any thoughts?How much did you get your veil for? I'm seeing...

Kelly, 9 minutes ago 4 Comments 78
From Engagment to Marriage: How long?
Nicole, Today at 2:40 PM

My boyfriend and I have talked the last couple months about getting married. Just the other day we went to go look at rings. I'm currently looking at wedding planning to get an idea of how much I...

Denise, 15 minutes ago 24 Comments 207
10 days left!
Stephanie, Today at 1:26 PM

I can't believe I only have 10 days until the wedding! It's getting so real and I'm incredibly excited!!!! Even though there have been some major hiccups throughout planning everything is finally...

Julie, 39 minutes ago 2 Comments 61
Who is getting married in 2018?
Lynnie, on Jan 10, 2018 at 4:31 PM

Calling all 2018 weddings!! This post is for you! Share your name, your wedding month, and the city/state where you're getting married. How is planning going? What are you working on right...

QueenDavis, 46 minutes ago 241 Comments 2,784
moh quit! Need to vent! Am i crazy? Or she’s crazy?
Mary, Today at 2:40 AM

I had a MOH who quit lol. She said I have been selfish and something about this year (2017) has been all about me. Back in my head, I was studying for my finals, school, boards, and I was nervous as...

OG Gretchen, An hour ago 22 Comments 489