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Keep or Cancel: Sleeping apart the night before the wedding?
Lynnie, on July 16, 2019 at 11:05 AM

Will you be keeping with tradition and spending the night before your wedding sleeping separately? Or are you ready to cancel this old tradition?Keep or cancel?Next Question: Matching Bridesmaids...

Maggie, An hour ago 123 1 788
Negative Opinions
Jazmine, Yesterday at 8:58 PM

I’ve realized if I speak about our wedding, I’m getting a lot of “comparisons.” They’re quite weird though - usually it’s bragging that they had a smaller wedding, how stupid spending money for a...

Emily, 52 seconds ago 17 292
i don’t even think these can be called engagement photos anymore 🤣
latasha, Yesterday at 11:48 AM

Welp, when we booked our photographer/videographer they gave us two complimentary engagement photo shoots. We are less than two months out and we JUST used them haha. Our wedding is traveled themed...

latasha, 2 hours ago 44 467
Who Is The Most Educated In Your Relationship/ Marriage?
Married Millennial, Yesterday at 5:25 PM

Studies show that most colleges and universities are filled with women. As a result, the chances of a woman being the most educated person in a relationship are likely. Who is the most educated in...

John, 4 hours ago 70 278
Guest List Drama
Tbear, Yesterday at 10:29 AM

I got my first "Where is my invitation... what am I not on the list.. if you cared about me then you would have invited me... your wedding was supposed to help me believe in true love" confrontation...

Tbear, An hour ago 27 236
Ring security
CDickman, Yesterday at 8:46 PM

This is for our ring bearer. The picture was take after a skating accident. He is now pretending to be a agent and bugging his siblings.

Cliodhna, 43 minutes ago 5 95