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Venting or being a burden?
Maureen, Yesterday at 7:31 PM

How is everyone dealing with their emotions and expressing feelings about changed wedding plans? At the very peak of us changing our wedding and reevaluating our contracts back in early July to change...

Olusola, An hour ago 10 122 1
Can I just vent?
Nicole, on September 17, 2020 at 7:21 PM

I just need a moment to whine and complain to the wedding masses so I don't gripe to my loved ones. We started planning our July 2020 wedding back in July 2018. After two long years, we were so...

Adrienne, 51 minutes ago 31 699
Is Trash the Dress Even a Thing Anymore?
Sakinna, Yesterday at 5:37 PM

So... because we had such a small wedding (25 people) we only had our photographer for an hour and a half. I am considering getting more pics in my wedding dress but feel a bit vain... lol. Are there...

Rachel, 3 hours ago 8 140
Wedding Date Twins?
Lynne, Today at 1:11 PM

My wedding date is October 2, 2021. Does anyone else have the same date? If so, what do you have done or in process of doing?

Cyndy, An hour ago 3 15
Parent Gifts for Both or One Wedding?
Katie, Today at 2:58 PM

Hi Everyone, For those that got married in a small ceremony and then are planning their big post covid reception next year, are you planning to give gifts to your parents this year and next year? Or...

Willow, 12 minutes ago 1 13
Finally Married !
Aretha, Yesterday at 5:15 AM

After having to change our date 3 times during the pandemic we decided to just go ahead & do it & it was AMAZING!

Rebecca, 12 hours ago 26 257 4