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Planning a wedding is a truly magical experience. We’re offering our expertise to help make the planning process fun and stress-free for you from beginning to end. From decor inspiration to vow help, we’ve covered it all in our articles.

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Bride & Bridesmaids

23 Elopement Dresses You Can Buy Online and Take Anywhere

Need a wedding dress in a pinch? No problem. These gowns are perfect if you're in the market for elopement wedding dresses, and best of all, they'll arrive right at your doorstep.

By Samantha Iacia, March 26, 2020

Planning Basics

How to Use Quarantine to Your Wedding-Planning Advantage

If you're stuck at a home for a while, you can make a big dent in your wedding planning checklist. Here's how.

By Jenn Sinrich, March 26, 2020

Planning Basics

Wedding Planning Guilt Is Real Right Now—Here's How to Avoid It

With so much turmoil in the world at the moment, it’s normal to feel guilty about planning your wedding or being in the mood to celebrate. Use these tips to focus on the bigger picture.

By Samantha Iacia, March 25, 2020

Married Life

7 Ways to Boost Your Relationship from Home

While staying at home can be difficult, there are many ways you can boost your relationship while remaining in place.

By Jenn Sinrich, March 25, 2020

Legal Paperwork

How to Get a Name Change in Illinois

If you're hoping to make a name change after marriage in Illinois, here's everything you need to know in seven straightforward steps!

By Christin Perry, March 25, 2020

Photography & Video

Here’s How Long It Takes to Get Your Wedding Photos Back

If you're counting down the minutes until you receive your pics, here's everything you need to know about how long it takes to get your wedding photos back.

By Kim Forrest, March 25, 2020

Honeymoon Advice

8 Staycation Ideas If You Can't Go on Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon plans canceled? These creative staycation ideas will help keep you and your partner busy while you're at home.

By Lindsay Tigar, March 24, 2020

Married Life

How Social Distancing Can Boost Your Relationship

While social distancing isn't easy, there are many benefits when it comes to you relationship. Here, experts share how you can strengthen your romance while staying at home.

By Jenn Sinrich, March 24, 2020

Bridal Hair

11 Wedding Veil Styles and Lengths to Know Before You Accessorize

Thinking of rocking this iconic wedding accessory? Get to know the difference between blusher, birdcage, cathedral, and other types of veils right here.

By Samantha Iacia, March 20, 2020

Legal Paperwork

Your Guide to Getting a Name Change in New Jersey

If you're planning on adopting a new moniker after your Garden State nuptials, here's everything you need to know about getting a name change in New Jersey.

By Kim Forrest, March 19, 2020

Photography & Video

Wedding Shot Lists: Yea or Nay?

We know there are certain must-have photos every couple wants, but is a wedding shot list really necessary? Photographers weigh in.

By Jenn Sinrich, March 19, 2020

Planning Basics

The Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Months—and Why Couples Love ‘Em

The number-one most popular month for a wedding might surprise you—hint: it's not in the springtime!

By Kim Forrest, March 15, 2020


This is How Much a Wedding Actually Costs

Ready to set your budget? Here's everything you need to know about how much a wedding costs in 2020.

By Kim Forrest, March 15, 2020

Marriage Proposals

The Most Popular Day to Get Engaged (and the Runners Up)

Learn more about the most popular days to get engaged, and start prepping for your memorable proposal!

By Kim Forrest, March 15, 2020

Rings & Jewelry

This is How Much an Engagement Ring REALLY Costs

Ready to pop a question? You're probably wondering how much an engagement ring costs. Here's everything you need to know about buying the ultimate sparkler.

By Kim Forrest, March 15, 2020

Planning Basics

The 7 Different Types of Wedding Planners and What They Do

We're here to solve the mystery for anyone wondering "what does a wedding planner do?" by explaining the differences between each type of planner you can hire.

By Samantha Iacia, March 13, 2020