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Wedding Songs & Music

You and your partner have “your” song, but there’s a lot more to wedding day music than just your first dance! If you’re choosing between a band and a DJ, finessing your playlist, or seeking the best songs for those key moments, this is the essential information you need to keep the party going all night long.

Wedding Songs & Music

43 Mother-Son Dance Songs That Will Move Mom to Tears

Need help finding that special mother-son wedding dance song? These meaningful tunes will have mom shedding happy tears (if not sentimental ones) during your mother-son dance.

By Samantha Iacia, August 6, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

41 Father-Daughter Dance Songs You and Your Dad Will Love

Here are the very best father-daughter dance songs to make sure you savor that special wedding moment with your dad.

By Madeline Sims, August 4, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

The Best 2020 First Dance Songs to Kick Off Your Reception Right

The 2020 first dance songs come from a variety of genres—you're sure to find one to suit your style and personality.

By Kim Forrest, August 3, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

23 Anniversary Dance Songs to Get Married Guests Out of Their Seats

Get all of the married couples onto the dance floor (and find out who’s been married the longest) with these wedding anniversary dance songs.

By Samantha Iacia, July 31, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

The 27 Best Wedding Recessional Songs

Celebrate your brand-new status as newlyweds with these cheerful wedding recessional songs to get the party going.

By Samantha Iacia, July 31, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

29 Wedding Prelude Songs to Kickstart Your Ceremony

Greet your guests with a soundtrack of wedding prelude songs as they begin arriving to your ceremony. These tunes will totally set the mood for your I Do's!

By Samantha Iacia, July 30, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

Beautiful Catholic Wedding Songs to Celebrate Every Moment

Music will set the tone on your wedding day. Check out some of our favorite Catholic wedding songs for your modern and religious ceremony.

By Whitney Teal, July 20, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

15 Classic Rock Father Daughter Dance Songs for the Dad Who Wants to Rock

Is your dad a huge rock fan? Check out these classic rock father daughter dance song options, from Queen to the Stones, Led Zeppelin, GNR, and more.

By Kim Forrest, May 13, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

The Most Overplayed Wedding Songs—and What to Play Instead

A top DJ shares his picks for the most overplayed wedding songs, and the fresher favorites you should swap in.

By Kim Forrest, February 20, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

All the Wedding Songs You Need to Choose, from Processional to Last Dance

In the process of choosing music for your wedding? Consider this your cheat sheet to everything you need to know about wedding songs.

By Samantha Iacia, January 23, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

The 2020 Wedding Songs to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor

Make sure your dance floor is packed all night long by choosing to play some of these top wedding songs for 2020.

By Kim Forrest, January 15, 2020

Wedding Songs & Music

16 Planners Share Their Favorite Wedding Songs of All Time

Looking for the best wedding songs of all time to include in your big day? We asked planning pros for their top picks.

By Jenn Sinrich, December 10, 2019

Wedding Songs & Music

How to Choose a Non-Cliché, Totally Unique First Dance Song

Let us help you take some of the stress out of figuring out how to choose a first dance song, so you can focus on the fun.

By Lauren Rodrigue, November 18, 2019

Wedding Songs & Music

These 2020 Wedding Ceremony Songs Will Update Your "I Dos"

Music adds personality to any wedding ceremony. If you're looking to add a modern touch to your "I dos," check out these top wedding ceremony songs for 2020.

By Stephanie Weers, November 18, 2019

Wedding Songs & Music

22 Bride Entrance Songs For an Epic Walk Down the Aisle

Trying to choose your ceremony music? Check out these bride entrance songs that will set the tone for this special moment.

By Jacqueline Tynes, October 28, 2019

Wedding Songs & Music

26 Songs for Your Wedding Morning Playlist

If you need help getting started, check out our wedding morning playlist, including both old-school to new favorites.

By Danielle Lamb, September 9, 2019