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14 John Mayer Love Songs for Your Wedding Day

No "Heartbreak Warfare" here—these John Mayer love songs are uplifting picks for your ceremony and reception.

john mayer playing PRS silver sky guitar on stage during 2019 world tour
Ben Houdijk/Shutterstock

john mayer playing PRS silver sky guitar on stage during 2019 world tour
Ben Houdijk/Shutterstock

John Mayer can write a breakup ballad like none other. But after more than 20 years as a singer-songwriter, eight studio albums, and two bands aside from his solo career, he's also released plenty of happy love songs that would be great additions to any JCM superfan's wedding playlist. These John Mayer love songs are some of the best examples of his soulful, creative songwriting, GOAT-level guitar playing, and genre range. From the cocktail hour to your first dance and dinner playlist, here are some of the best songs from Mayer's discography for your wedding day.

"Only Heart" by John Mayer

This 2000s throwback from Heavier Things is actually a perfect wedding song for your first dance. Between the catchy drum intro, guitar solo, and Mayer's early-era vocals, "Only Heart" is one of his most underrated songs. We love the outro lyrics: "If you let, if you let, if you let me leave / I swear, I never will / Remember, now you / You got my only heart."

"Love on the Weekend" by John Mayer

Chill out during cocktail hour or dinner with this laid-back, happy tune from The Search for Everything. It's an especially fitting John Mayer love song if you and your partner ever dated long-distance or love planning weekend getaways, thanks to these opening lyrics: "It's a Friday, we finally made it / I can't believe I get to see your face / You've been working and I've been waiting / To pick you up and take you from this place."

"Waitin' on the Day" by John Mayer

Don't be surprised if you see guests wiping tears away from their eyes when "Waitin' on the Day" plays as your first dance song. The slow-paced tempo and acoustic country vibes are ideal for swaying around the dance floor with your partner, and the song's lyrics about growing old together will definitely hit you in the feels.  

"Theme from 'The Search for Everything'" by John Mayer

There aren't any lyrics to this acoustic medley, but it's one of our favorite instrumental wedding songs to play during your ceremony or a wedding transition, for example, the prelude or postlude. Mayer used it to conclude his shows during The Search for Everything World Tour in 2017.

"Carry Me Away" by John Mayer

We would use this John Mayer love song for a wedding processional, cocktail hour playlist, or even a first dance. The lyrics are all about living to the fullest and being in the moment—a perfect sentiment to kickstart your future with the love of your life.

"Your Body is a Wonderland" by John Mayer

What would our list be without the most famous John Mayer love song of all time? This iconic single from Room for Squares is just as fun and light-hearted, more than 20 years after it was first released. Even if you normally feel like it's too overplayed, it's an upbeat addition to your wedding playlist or as an end-of-night song when you want everyone singing and dancing along.

"Free Fallin'" by John Mayer

This stripped-down cover of Tom Petty's famous song has become one of Mayer's most beloved deep cuts. There's no studio version, but the track from Where the Light Is, which was recorded live at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, is just as good, if not better. Although the lyrics themselves aren't actually that romantic when you listen closely, it's still a sweet choice as a first dance song.  

"New Light" by John Mayer

Kickstart the wedding reception and get everyone onto the dance floor by playing this upbeat song. It's catchy enough that even guests who aren't familiar with Mayer's music will want to get out of their seats.

"Who You Love" by John Mayer ft. Katy Perry

Although Jaty is no more, this track from Paradise Valley continues to be one of the best John Mayer love songs ever. The duo recorded this sweet song together at the height of their relationship, and the lyrics are beyond fitting for your wedding day: "Oh, you can't make yourself stop dreaming / Who you're dreaming of / If it's who you love / Then it's who you love."

"XO" by John Mayer

Whether or not you're a fan of the original Beyoncé version, this acoustic cover of "XO" is an emotional and sultry addition to your wedding playlist. Use it for your wedding ceremony processional or a first dance.

"The Heart of Life" by John Mayer

Continuum is packed with some of Mayer's most famous songs, including "The Heart of Life." We'd recommend this mellow, introspective track for a father-daughter dancemother-son dance, or other parent dance. The lyrics are all about looking for the silver lining and remembering the good moments in life—a sweet message to thank your mom or dad for all of the ways they helped you grow up.

"A Face to Call Home" by John Mayer

The title of this John Mayer love song from Born and Raised says a lot, but the lyrics are even more romantic, with a message about finding a love you never expected: "You know my paper heart / The one I fill with pencil marks / I think I might have gone and inked you in." Use this song for your first dance and try not to tear up.

"City Love" by John Mayer

This underrated song from Room for Squares is all about the excitement of young love and the start of a new relationship. It's filled with nostalgia and jazz undertones, making it a good choice for a first dance—even more fitting if you and your partner met in NYC, where Mayer was living when he wrote this song.

"Love Is a Verb" by John Mayer

At just 2:24, "Love Is a Verb" is a short and sweet song for your first dance. The lyrics are a good reminder that the wedding is only the start, and that it's important to keep growing as a couple and spoiling your partner even after you're married.