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Wedding Registry

Kick off married life in style with a wedding registry that fits the two of you to a T. From can’t-miss basics to tips for creating your dream honeymoon registry, our expert advice will make setting up a wedding registry a breeze for you, and buying the right gift easy for your guests.

Wedding Registry

22 Unique Menorahs That Make Amazing Wedding Gifts

Hanukkah menorahs make ideal wedding gifts and fortunately, there are lots of unique menorahs to choose from that will add a decorative touch to the festive holiday season.

By Kim Forrest, November 5, 2020

Wedding Registry

Do You Have to Buy a Bridal Shower Gift AND a Wedding Gift?

What is the difference between a bridal shower and a wedding gift? Find out how much you should spend and check out these fantastic gift options.

By Allyson Johnson, August 27, 2020

Wedding Registry

How to Build a Thoughtful Wedding Registry in the Time of COVID

It might feel a little selfish to be thinking about how to create a wedding registry during this time, but it's absolutely okay. Here's how to mindfully create your registry.

By Jenn Sinrich, June 5, 2020

Wedding Registry

How to Navigate Your Registry if You’ve Postponed Your Wedding

If your wedding plans have changed, does that mean your registry needs to be updated as well? Here's our guide for balancing registry etiquette with a rescheduled wedding date.

By Kim Forrest, March 31, 2020

Wedding Registry

18 Unique Wedding Gifts to Buy in 2020

While home goods, cookware, and electronics are always a good idea, don’t forget to infuse your gift list with out-of-the-box ideas that represent you as a couple.

By Stephanie Weers, March 5, 2020

Wedding Registry

This is Why Your Guests Aren’t Buying Gifts From Your Wedding Registry

It can be frustrating when no one is buying gifts off your wedding registry. Here are the four reasons why this happens, and how you can encourage your guests to check your registry.

By Kim Forrest, February 14, 2020

Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry Gifts for the Couple That Loves Happy Hour

If you and your soon-to-be spouse love to spend time with loved ones and enjoy a beverage or two, you'll want to register for these items.

By Allyson Johnson, September 30, 2019

Wedding Registry

18 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for a Super-Special Couple

If you're looking for a truly incredible gift for an engaged couple you love, these personalized wedding gift ideas will be treasured forever.

By Lindsay Tigar, May 30, 2019

Wedding Registry

10 Must-Have Wedding Gifts for a Couple Already Living Together

Here are some of the must-have wedding gifts for a couple already living together that top all of our lists.

By Jenn Sinrich, May 17, 2019

Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry Gifts for the Couple That Loves to Cook

Whether you love to get your hands dirty in the kitchen or simply love a good Top Chef marathon, these registry gifts are ideal for the aspiring chef.

By Allyson Johnson, May 15, 2019

Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry Gifts for the Ultimate Party Hosts

Love to throw a party? These wedding registry gifts are perfect for the couple who just loves to entertain.

By Allyson Johnson, May 15, 2019

Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry Gifts for the Jet-Setting Couple

Whether you travel often for work or pleasure (or both!), you'll want to add these essentials to your wedding registry.

By Allyson Johnson, May 15, 2019

Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry Completion Discounts: Everything You Need to Know

After spending a ton on your actual wedding, saving a few dollars is definitely a welcome change. Here's how registry completion discounts can help you save on stocking your new home.

By Jason Kessler, March 21, 2019

Wedding Registry

How to Ask for Cash Wedding Gifts, Tactfully

When it comes to how to ask for cash wedding gifts, there's definitely a right and wrong way to do it. Here's an explainer.

By Christin Perry, February 13, 2019

Wedding Registry

The Wedding Registry Tips & Secrets You Need to Know

Ready to register? These are the little-known wedding registry tips that will make the process easier and totally fun.

By Christin Perry, February 8, 2019

Wedding Registry

6 Things to Add to Your Wedding Registry if You’re Moving From an Apartment to a House

Moving into bigger digs post-marriage? Here are the things to add to your registry to fill up your new home.

By Lauren Rodrigue, January 28, 2019