Wedding Registry

Kick off married life in style with a wedding registry that fits the two of you to a T. From can’t-miss basics to tips for creating your dream honeymoon registry, our expert advice will make setting up a wedding registry a breeze for you, and buying the right gift easy for your guests.

Wedding Registry

The Wedding Registry Tips & Secrets You Need to Know

Ready to register? These are the little-known wedding registry tips that will make the process easier and totally fun.

By Christin Perry, February 8, 2019

Wedding Registry

6 Things to Add to Your Wedding Registry if You’re Moving From an Apartment to a House

Moving into bigger digs post-marriage? Here are the things to add to your registry to fill up your new home.

By Lauren Rodrigue, January 28, 2019

Wedding Registry

The 6 Wedding Registry Trends 2019 Couples Need to Know

Setting up your wedding registry can be overwhelming. Check out these 2019 registry trends to help you get started.

By Lindsay Tigar, September 25, 2018

Wedding Registry

The Best Wedding Registry Items for a Super-Luxe Bathroom

Turn your once-basic bathroom into a luxurious haven with these wedding registry items from Crate and Barrel.

By Kim Forrest, June 13, 2018

Wedding Registry

The Best Wedding Gifts Ever, Ranked

How do you know which gifts are both awesome and actually useful? Check out the best wedding gifts ever.

By Kim Forrest, May 11, 2018

Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry Etiquette 101 For Engaged Couples

So, what is the etiquette for a wedding registry? It actually can be really tricky to navigate, especially for the couple. Here’s the wedding registry etiquette you need to know to get started on your own gift list.

By Allyson Johnson, April 18, 2018

Wedding Registry

How Do I Create a Wedding Registry?

If you're not sure how to create a wedding registry (we've been there!) or where to even start, we've got you covered!

By Allyson Johnson, April 3, 2018

Wedding Registry

10 Wedding Registry Items That Will Stand the Test of Time

To help make sure the bulk of your wedding registry items don't collect dust on the shelves, here’s a list of the top items that have stood the test of time.

By Jenn Sinrich, November 15, 2017

Wedding Registry

How Guests ACTUALLY Pick a Wedding Gift

Real guests gave us the scoop on their wedding gift buying process — here are the five factors they found most important.

By Kim Forrest, November 14, 2017

Wedding Registry

How to Throw a 'Thank You' Party for Your 'Maids

After the wedding day has come and gone, put your registry items to good use and thank your bridesmaids by hosting a special party in their honor.

By Samantha Iacia, September 7, 2017

Wedding Registry

Realistic Wedding Registry Ideas for Guys

Do you really think you need wedding registry ideas for guys? Read on and get the real deal on gifts for guys.

By Lauren Rodrigue, August 31, 2017

Wedding Registry

The 7 Must-Know Wedding Registry Etiquette Rules for Guests

Wedding guests always have tons of gift and registry questions—trust us. Here’s the wedding registry etiquette for guests you need to know.

By Allyson Johnson, August 29, 2017

Wedding Registry

5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Registry

Even if you think you couldn't possibly do with yet another table runner, you probably should create a wedding registry. Here's why!

By Kim Forrest, August 24, 2017

Wedding Registry

How Do Universal and Online Gift Registries Work?

If you’re unsure of how online and honeymoon wedding registries actually work, here’s what you need to know.

By Allyson Johnson, August 23, 2017

Wedding Registry

When Should I Start My Wedding Registry?

If you’re not sure when to register for wedding gifts, here’s where to start — whether you're having an engagement party, bridal shower or neither.

By Allyson Johnson, August 23, 2017

Wedding Registry

The Best Wedding Gifts for Millennials

While you may think that young couples — who often move in together before saying “I do” — have no need for the dishes found on wedding registries, you’d be mistaken.

By Stephanie Hallett, August 23, 2017