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Your all-in-one wedding registry New!

Everything you want, all in one place.

Guests will love how easy it is to find you the right gift

Add all of your gifts to one list with WeddingWire Registry (we'll hold the barcode scanner).

Create your FREE wedding registry

Choose from your favorite stores, like Target and Amazon, and we'll help you stay organized by adding your gifts directly to your WeddingWire Registry. Plus, it's free!

Link existing registries

If you've already created a wedding registry with another retail site, you can easily link it to your WeddingWire Registry to keep everything together.

Stay on theme

We get it, your wedding represents you as a couple. Personalize your photo, background, registry URL and even drag and drop gifts into your preferred order.

Have fun creating a wishlist that feels like you

Create a retail registry or link to one you've already started. It will automatically update as guests purchase gifts in-store or online.

Get Registry Tips & Etiquette Advice

Learn from the experts and get inspired with must-have registry ideas.

Questions? We've got answers.

Find out everything you need to know about WeddingWire Registry.

How does WeddingWire Registry work?
How does WeddingWire Registry work?

WeddingWire Registry lets you create retail registries from your favorite stores and import them so everything is in one place. Depending on the retailer, the gifts you registered for will populate within your WeddingWire Registry or a tile will appear that allows guests to view that registry on the retailer's site. Adding all of your gifts to one list makes it easy for your guests to get you what you really want.

What if I've already created a registry with a retailer, like Macy's or Crate & Barrel?

You can easily import a registry you've created with a retailer by visiting your WeddingWire Registry Settings and clicking "Retail Registries." Select the registry retailer from the dropdown menu and paste the registry URL from the retailer's website. Please note, it may take a few hours for your registry to sync with your WeddingWire Registry.

Can I manage all of my retail registries from WeddingWire Registry?

WeddingWire Registry gives you the ability to display all of your registries in one place on a customizable page. If you'd like to edit or update a registry with a specific retailer, you can do so on the retailer's website. Any changes you make will be reflected in your WeddingWire Registry.

Can I add my WeddingWire Registry to my WeddingWire wedding website?

Yes, your WeddingWire Registry can easily be added to your wedding website. Simply copy and paste your unique registry URL into the "Registry" tab of your wedding website set up page. When guests visit your wedding website, they'll then have the option to view your WeddingWire Registry, as well.

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