Wedding Reception

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Let's get the party started! Get help picking the right music, seating your guests, choosing the menu, centerpieces, cakes, toasts, wedding favors, and everything else reception-related.

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Choose a friend to dj or Pay??
Carlette, Today at 11:43 AM

I am in need of some advise. My FH has a friend who has offered to DJ our wedding as a gift. I have heard him play and he does well, but the thought of having a friend makes me nervous. Initially I...

Willow, 19 minutes ago 11 95
Reception games
Kayla, Yesterday at 2:48 PM

We are having an outside fall reception. More of the cookout/relaxed style vs dance party. How cheesy are yard games at a reception?

EmAbrams, 56 minutes ago 9 90
Cake Flavor - One or More?
Sinéad, on October 15, 2019 at 11:05 AM

Is your wedding the perfect opportunity for you to have ALL your favorite cake flavors, or are you choosing one flavor that you know will be a hit with all your guests? How many flavors will your...

Shari, 2 hours ago 81 279
What age do you consider a "baby" for a seating chart and planning for food?
Rachel, Yesterday at 9:18 PM

I know some can/will sit on parents' laps and not eat much...

MrsD, 2 hours ago 6 1 134
Need Blankets For Wedding Favors
Jocelyn, Today at 4:41 AM

I’ve seen a couple but does anyone know a good company to get small blankets in bulk (~120)? Looking for them in black or taupe for our winter wedding 2020. Thanks in advance!

MrsD, 3 hours ago 5 81
Picked a Steddad/daughter Song!
Renay, Today at 2:38 PM

This was one of the things I was stressed the most about. My dad passed away when I was 8 years old, and my stepdad came into my life about a year and a half later (not as my mom's boyfriend, but...

Renay, 6 minutes ago 3