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Let's get the party started! Get help picking the right music, seating your guests, choosing the menu, centerpieces, cakes, toasts, wedding favors, and everything else reception-related.

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Disposable Plates Question
Christina, Today at 6:20 PM

Okay so my bartender said she could put real champagne glasses on table with water. I thought that was great because I’m nervous about beverages leaking in disposable. However I’m doing disposable...

Amazing Planning, 15 minutes ago 2 40
Baptist and drinking
Ashley, Yesterday at 11:47 AM

So, I’m baptist, but I enjoy drinking and so do my friends. However I’m wondering if it’s gonna be totally weird to drink in front of my pastor and church family. I’m not getting hammered, but I know...

M.W., 6 hours ago 22 164
Plated Personalize Menu
Eshell, Today at 3:23 PM

Our reception : PLATED Meal RSVP Options: Beef Chicken Fish VegetarianHaving a menu is a must per venue in our contract and we are happy with that !Therefore , we will have personalize menu per guest...

Stacie, 3 hours ago 5 86
Guest book alternatives
Kaitlin, on January 24, 2020 at 1:41 PM

What is everyone doing to have their guests sign other than just the normal guest book?!

Pirate & 60s Bride, An hour ago 50 3 551
Signature drinks
Shelly, Yesterday at 7:11 PM

I am so not creative and need help from you ladies! We have two signature drinks we are promoting along with our bar package. We have an open bar but thought signature drinks would add a personalized...

Valeriya, 5 hours ago 8 86
Jennifer, Yesterday at 2:06 PM

Hi Everyone! We have our tasting for our reception this weekend at our venue! I'm so excited to try their most popular dishes! It is a group tasting, so there will be lots of other people besides FH...

Leslie, 20 hours ago 10 102
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