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Let's get the party started! Get help picking the right music, seating your guests, choosing the menu, centerpieces, cakes, toasts, wedding favors, and everything else reception-related.

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Bride and Groom Joining into Cocktail Hour
Mariah, Yesterday at 7:13 AM

Im curious to see the logistics on how other couples who joined their guests at cocktail hour. Our cocktail time is going to be an hour and a half, and we are taking the majority of our photos before...

Margaret, Yesterday at 9:16 PM 22 254
Can i have a piece of chicken at least? 😆
latasha, on July 15, 2019 at 4:05 PM

I’d like to hear from some of the people who’ve already had their wedding day. Everyone keeps telling me “you aren’t going to have time to eat”. Me and food have a special relationship! The thought of...

Diana, Yesterday at 7:14 PM 124 1 1,109
Cocktail hour food
Andrea, on July 14, 2019 at 2:17 PM

Our cocktail hour right now will include 4 passed appetizers. I’m worried that’s not enough food. I would like to add a grazing table too with cheese, meats, veggies etc etc. My fiancé thinks we...

Kelly, Yesterday at 6:42 PM 35 338
Keep or Cancel: Garter Toss?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 11:05 AM

I have to confess that I've never actually seen a garter toss in person! But apparently 37% of grooms still participate in this reception tradition! Will this toss tradition make the cut for your...

Katherine, 26 minutes ago 71 1 395
After the Reception
KimandLarry, Today at 9:00 AM

So we are having an open bar at our reception. I'm wondering if anyone else is worried about people driving after drinking all evening and if so what are some ways to prevent this from happening?

Melle, 29 minutes ago 9 57
How are you letting guests know where they are sitting for the reception?
Cassandra, Yesterday at 2:27 PM

We are having assigned tables for the reception (not assigned seats). I would love to just say everyone sit where ever they want but there are a couple problems with this for our specific family and...

Nikita, 40 minutes ago 19 199
What to call cocktail hour? (having a cocktail style reception)
Brittany, Yesterday at 2:02 PM

We are having a cocktail style reception rather than a formal, seated dinner. I'm not sure what to call the "cocktail hour" before guests move to the reception tent since our reception is cocktail...

Brittany, 47 minutes ago 5 75
Riley, Today at 1:02 AM

My centerpieces are the enchanted rose for my beauty and the beast wedding!! I love these I got them on Amazon!!😍

Cliodhna, 53 minutes ago 7 94
First dance- cut it short or invite guests to dance floor?
Samantha, Today at 7:13 AM

Hi all! So my fiance and I are getting married in 10 days-- so soon! We are having a very small destination wedding-- 25 guests. We think the first dance is somewhat awkward because everyone just...

Cher Horowitz, An hour ago 6 41
Seating chart dilemma
Mary Ann, Today at 6:33 AM

So far planning our wedding has been pretty much stress free. The venue is booked, deposits paid to the vendors, save the dates and invitations sent, and everything is moving along beautifully; or so...

Melissa, An hour ago 10 106
Music During Dinner. Help!
Angelena, Yesterday at 8:29 PM

So I just thought of this because I was looking over my DJ information packet and it said I could choose songs to play during dinner. Is this a thing? Is there supposed to be music? If so what kind? I...

Ashley, An hour ago 10 1 81
Dessert Table
Kristina , on July 15, 2019 at 8:16 AM

Has anyone used these jars for their cookie table? What size did you use? How many cookies were you able to put in the jar?

Cliodhna, 3 hours ago 4 35
Keep or Cancel: Cake Smash?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 11:05 AM

It's our final tradition! How do you feel about the cake smash? Is it a cute and fun memorable wedding moment? Or would you be super pissed if your new spouse smashed cake in your face? 🍰What's your...

Allycia, 5 hours ago 76 364
Keep or Cancel: Bouquet Toss?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 11:05 AM

To toss the bouquet, or not to toss? 💐 That is the divisive question! Some brides are so over this outdated tradition, and don't want to drag out all their single friends onto the dance floor while...

Allycia, 5 hours ago 60 1 311
Keep or Cancel: Clinking for Kisses?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 11:05 AM

Clink Clink!! 🥂 It's time to smooch again, as demanded by your guests! Are you saying keep to this tradition because you'll take any opportunity to lay another kiss on your new spouse's lips? 😘 Or do...

Allycia, 5 hours ago 49 223
Keep or Cancel: Reception Speeches?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 11:05 AM

Reception toasts from your father, maid of honor, and best man can be incredibly moving and bring everyone to happy tears! 😭 That is, when the speeches are done well! On the other hand, they can also...

Allycia, 5 hours ago 52 254
Keep or Cancel: Parent Dances?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 11:05 AM

Are you keeping the tradition of dancing with your parents at the reception with father-daughter and mother-son dances (or whatever family combo works for you!)? Or would you rather cancel this...

Allycia, 6 hours ago 53 217
White or black reception chairs?
Kaitlyn, Yesterday at 6:27 PM

I’m getting ready to rent plastic folding chairs for my wedding. I’m using all white tablecloths decorated with greenery, candles, and babies breath. Would you use white or black chairs?

Andrea, 10 hours ago 10 61
Night Time Send Off Ideas?
Curious Bride, Today at 12:14 AM

We are getting married at a winery in a wooded area. As such we can’t use sparklers, or floating lanterns or confetti. I HATE glow stick send offs they always look bizarre to me. Does anyone have a...

Melle, 10 hours ago 1 38
Wedding Songs!
Martika, on July 9, 2019 at 6:07 PM

Hey lovely ladies! I need all of your help!!I have NOOOO idea what songs to play. Please help me, I am having such a hard time. The order is how my DJ has everything set up. Here is what I have so...

Andrea, Yesterday at 11:05 PM 11 2 148