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Catering food but stocking bar ourselves allowed?

Meghan, on February 23, 2021 at 10:51 AM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 6

Curious to see if people have any insight... The venues we're looking at are DIY and don't require you to use a catering company. I'm wondering if independent catering companies take issue with the customer providing their own alcohol and just hiring bartenders (either through them or a separate staffing company). Has anyone done this? Do some or even most companies require you to go through them for both dinner/food and drink service? I want to save money by buying the alcohol/drinks myself, if possible. Thanks!


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  • Yasmine
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    I know many caterers who offer that option, you just have to pay an hourly fee for the bartenders. You could always just have them cater the food and find a bartender from thumbtack as well.

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  • Expert September 2021
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    Our venue doesn't have catering services for dinner, but do for bar and require us to use them. We can use any other vendor for dinner.

    Our old venue required that we use them for both bar and food services. I think it's all depending on your venue! My MOH got married last year and was able to use outside bar and food caterers, she saved a ton of money doing this. If you could use one vendor for both at a decent price, I may would look into it! To keep things easy!

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  • Cyndy
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    For both my son and daughter’s weddings we hired a catering company that did food only and then we paid for their bartenders to serve the alcohol that we purchased. It was not a problem at all. Just make sure that you ask that very specific question when contracting your catering company.
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  • M
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    Awesome, thank you! No problem paying extra for more hands (fair enough), but was curious if caterers act as restrictive as some venues do.

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  • Michelle
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    Most catering companies have the option of providing alcohol and bartender or bartender only and you buy alcohol.

    On a side note, DIY food is never a good idea. At the very minimum, find a local restaurant to cater. But many caterers will make good food at much lower prices than the rest. Just get a tasting and read over their online menus first.

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  • Devan
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    We are doing this with our caterer. We are supplying the alcohol and they are serving it for a flat corking fee. Depending on your venue or the locality your event is being held, there may be considerations regarding liquor licensure.
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