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Congrats newlyweds and married couples! Don't forget, there might still be thank you notes, name change paperwork, and photo albums in your future.

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Non-pro Bam: July 28th, 2018 - Chios, Greece
Pegs, on July 31, 2018 at 5:19 AM

Hello, everyone. It’s been so long since I’ve been on here but I’ve been in Greece planning this amazing event of our lives. We traveled from Cleveland, Ohio to Chios, Greece and got married in the...

Sabrina, 11 minutes ago 50 Comments 768
Where's the first place you'll sleep as a married couple?
Maren, on August 14, 2018 at 11:05 AM

Where will you spend your first night as a married couple? On a plane to your honeymoon, in your bed, at a hotel, or elsewhere? When the party’s over, we want to know: where is your wedding-night...

Maren, 46 minutes ago 54 Comments 254
Today is the day!
Ashley, Today at 6:19 AM

I'm getting married today!!!! That's all lol just had to share!

DC Bride 10.27.18, An hour ago 5 Comments 25
Bam!!! There was a rainbow!
FutureMrsN14, on August 9, 2018 at 11:31 AM

I can’t believe the day has come and went! It was seriously the best day ever though! I could not have asked for a better day! Let’s just start by mentioning it had been pouring rain for two weeks...

Future Mrs. Petro, 4 hours ago 76 Comments 730
bam !!!
Rachel, Yesterday at 2:12 PM

I’m back and married and couldn’t be happier!! August 5th was PERFECT!!! The morning of, I got ready with my girls as my husband did with the guys. I didn’t feel nervous until it was JUST about time...

Haaley, 10 hours ago 48 Comments 597
Pro-bam from 8/8/18. Seriously. (kind of pic heavy...)
Cee Cee, on August 10, 2018 at 7:39 PM

I swear I blinked and the day was over. It went way too quickly! I can go into more detail after we get home from Key West, but I did want to share a few shots. We had the most amazing photographer....

Miranda, Yesterday at 8:12 PM 33 Comments 592