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Congrats newlyweds and married couples! Don't forget, there might still be thank you notes, name change paperwork, and photo albums in your future.

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Military wife
Latressa, Today at 4:03 PM

Is there anyone who is marrying someone in the military cause I am and I have so many questions everytime I ask my fiance he just don't talk I'm so scared I just want to fit in his world but I don't...

Rebecca, A minute ago 5 Comments 91
To baby shower or not to baby shower
Malei, Today at 2:28 PM

Hey all! So we found out we were expecting a week before our wedding (first words out of my mouth was, "But, but open bar!"). My bridal shower was this past August and the wedding was this past...

earias, An hour ago 21 Comments 182
Our Wedding Album Was Delivered! Yay!!
His Mrs. C, Today at 3:15 PM

The wedding album I spent a month designing was delivered last night and OMG! I can’t get enough of our wedding photos, but seeing them printed so beautifully instead of on my computer/iPhone gets me...

Kelly, An hour ago 18 Comments 125
How go adjust to living together
Brianna, Today at 4:46 PM

My FH and I are moving in together tomorrow and I’m super excited, but I can’t help feel extremely nervous too. I’ve never lived with a guy and well we all know guys can be a bit icky lol. How did you...

Peggy, An hour ago 10 Comments 150
The family ...yay or Nay
TeamTurnage12, Today at 7:27 AM

Yay or Nay Do you get along with ur spouse family ?? Yay for me😊 !!! I definitely lucked up. I am so glad I get along with my husband side. Noo drama over here!! Shout out to the ones that DON'T get...

Lindsey, An hour ago 34 Comments 259
Wedding Pictures ♥️♥️
Emily, Today at 1:03 PM

Most magical day ♥️

SummerBride77, 2 hours ago 10 Comments 194