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Tomorrow is the Big Day!
Future Mrs. Esparza in Wedding Ceremony, Yesterday at 10:42 PM

I've been toiling away today to put together all the decor for tomorrow. I'm ready to do this! I can't wait to marry my best friend. Only 17 hours to go!

Melissa, 3 minutes ago 11 Comments 86
Parents and siblings.
Jen in Family and Relationships, Today at 2:27 AM

I announced my engagement to my parents and then told them that I would love if they come to the wedding, but my brother and sister can't come. They are negative and I don't want them to ruin what is...

Melissa, 7 minutes ago 4 Comments 67
WorthTheWait in Planning, Yesterday at 8:23 PM

Hello,Just need to vent. We are having a very small, intimate wedding in the mountains of NC in 2 months. (Bear our second home) It is just the two of us and 12 guests. We rented out an Inn on the...

WorthTheWait, 31 minutes ago 7 Comments 188
Celimphilo & Aphelele
Your Florist Experiences
Celimphilo & Aphelele in Planning, on October 17, 2018 at 9:47 AM

Hi All,From my time planning this wedding I have realized that you have to personally verify and confirm everything that is said by the vendor before you committee. Whats your take?

Celimphilo & Aphelel, 53 minutes ago 8 Comments 99
Bridal party
Carlishia in Planning, Yesterday at 10:51 PM

My fianc茅 asked me how many people did I want in the bridal party then he guess and said like 30?馃憖how manny should I have?

Raisingwildflowers, An hour ago 22 Comments 159
Writing my own vows:
Cierra in Wedding Ceremony, on October 16, 2018 at 3:49 PM

My fianc茅 and I decided that we want to write our own vows for our ceremony. I felt inspired last week to start writing mine and have been working on them the past week trying to get them as authentic...

Taylor, An hour ago 18 Comments 184

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