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Wedding diets !
atlovecraft in Fitness and Health, Today at 1:32 PM

Hello all!I’m getting married in April 2019 and I’m working on losing 10-14 pounds. Since I started in January , I’ve lost four pounds from limiting calories and exercise. Unfortunately the exercise...

WED18, 54 seconds ago 18 Comments 229
We Made the Wrong Decision [warning: Long rant]
ThePeoplesBride in Family and Relationships, Today at 5:45 PM

Back in May, FH and I decided to bite the bullet and buy a house. Our lease was ending on our apartment and while we loved our apartment and our landlord, FH's mother was anxious to leave her living...

Roshelle, A minute ago 1 Comment 42
So i bit the bullet...
FutureMrs_J in Wedding Attire, Today at 6:05 PM

And got a second dress. Ugh LOL. I just wanted to be comfortable all night! I love how much I was able to move around in this dress. And the pictures do it no justice! This baby sparkles like no end....

FutureMrs_J, A minute ago 1
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
Laura in Wedding Attire, Today at 6:05 PM

Are you following this tradition? What items are you using?{Ana Lui photography}

Laura, A minute ago
TheNextMrsJohnson in Fitness and Health, Today at 2:46 PM

How many of you suffer from migraines? My biggest fear is waking up with one on my wedding day😣 I probably get migraines 2x a week. Some I can deal with some I wanna die. I don't take prescription...

Mrs. McMurry, 2 minutes ago 23 Comments 198
Address Etiquette!
Sanok2Be! in Etiquette and Advice, Today at 12:15 PM

This is a quick question! We are working on sending STD's. My mom and I are wondering if she is hosting the wedding do we put her name on the Return address labels or FH's and my name?

WED18, 3 minutes ago 7 Comments 117

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