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Father- Daughter/ Son - Mother dances....dilemma
Cassie in Wedding Reception, Today at 12:18 PM

Looking for some ideas.....We really want to do our Father- Daughter/ Son - Mother dances..... But I have both my biological and step father in attendance and walking me down the aisle... and my...

Aleaj, A minute ago 8 62
Guest attire: How much say does the couple get?
Mrsbdg in Etiquette and Advice, on September 6, 2019 at 3:37 PM

Hey y鈥檃ll!Well. My dad is getting married in December 馃檮 As planning has gone on his FW has really pushed my sister and I around and I鈥檓 curious if my hatred towards her is tainting my judgement (okay,...

Tessa, A minute ago 186 2 3,827
Delaying honeymoon?
Laura in Honeymoon, Today at 3:23 PM

So my wedding is taking up a good chunk of my finances at the moment, so we're probably not going to be going on a honeymoon right after the wedding. In fact, we'll probably be going right back to...

Cardioqueen, 2 minutes ago 5 36
Color scheme
Kaylee in Style and D茅cor, Today at 10:45 AM

What are your color schemes? One of my friends is planning to get her 3 year engagement on a roll and she has no idea what colors would look good together!

FutureMrsMahon, 5 minutes ago 28 173
Our cake topper finally arrived!
IvyAndKris in Wedding Reception, Yesterday at 8:02 PM

It took two months and two separate shipments to get to us from the UK, but it finally arrived and it's perfect!!! Before we ever dated, we were good friends and heard I Choose You by Sarah Bareilles....

IvyAndKris, 5 minutes ago 40 193
Seating Chart
Katie in Parties and Events, Yesterday at 8:51 PM

Who here is doing a seating chart? Who is not? Pros and cons of doing one/not doing one? We are leaning towards not doing one, but am wondering if we are making the right choice!

Tessa, 5 minutes ago 25 226

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