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Finish The Sentence: I really hope that none of our guests _____.
Lynnie in Community Conversations, Today at 11:05 AM

Which guest faux pas are you really hoping to avoid? No late RSVPs? No plus one requests? No late ceremony arrivers? No sloppy drunk guests?Finish the sentence!Next Question: Our wedding hashtag is...

Liz, 22 seconds ago 63 252
Finish The Sentence: I really hope that someone buys the _____ on our registry!
Lynnie in Registry, Today at 11:05 AM

Is there a specific item on your registry that you鈥檙e really hoping for? What are you most excited for?Finish the sentence!Next Question: We鈥檙e getting married in _____ days! Back to the Beginning:...

Paula, 28 seconds ago 51 196
Finish The Sentence: I still can鈥檛 believe _____ is so expensive!
Lynnie in Planning, Today at 11:05 AM

If you aren鈥檛 a wedding or party planner in your everyday life, you can easily be blown away by how expensive a big celebration can be!! What wedding expense caught you be surprise and still has you...

Courtney, 31 seconds ago 62 259
i am officially married!!!
Jo Mac in Married Life, Today at 1:45 PM

One of the best moments of my life!

Laura, A minute ago 4 103
Finish The Sentence: We鈥檙e definitely skipping _____.
Lynnie in Planning, Today at 11:05 AM

Traditions shouldn鈥檛 hold you back - we鈥檙e all for picking and choosing the traditions that are right for you and skipping the ones that aren鈥檛! Are there any traditions or old customs you definitely...

Courtney, A minute ago 71 323
Wedding on a budget
Kathleen in Planning, Today at 5:03 PM

Trying to do a wedding on a budget. We are making and designing the cake, and catering is going to be potluck BBQ. Decorations are gonna be dollar store and handmade. My decoration team are my lovely...

Kathleen, 2 minutes ago 6 119

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