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Engagement Pictures
Marlena in Community Conversations, Yesterday at 10:44 PM

So we did our engagement shoot at 11 this morning. My amazing friend/photographer already has some edited and sent them to me and I couldn't wait to share them with everyone.

Katie, 16 minutes ago 6 Comments 63
Combined dance
Autumn in Wedding Reception, Yesterday at 11:09 PM

So we were thinking of combining the mother son dance and father daughter dance to limit the amount of time you only have a few people dancing. Does anyone have any song suggestions?

Steph, 25 minutes ago 3 Comments 52
Bathroom basket!
Molly in Wedding Reception, Today at 12:34 AM

I was at a wedding and in the girls bathroom they had a basket filled with everything. Would you have one at your wedding. Picture of the basket.

Steph, 34 minutes ago 13 Comments 154
Alternative for throwing rice!
Nicole in Wedding Ceremony, Yesterday at 6:31 PM

Hi ladies! I’m looking for different ideas of what to “throw” or do instead of rice for when were leaving our ceremony! Thanks 😊

Kelly, 37 minutes ago 11 Comments 122
Having fsil a bridesmaid
Jessie in Etiquette and Advice, Today at 1:28 AM

My FSIL originally told me that she had a difficult time with people pushing her opinions in her wedding and told me I should not be obligated to please everyone including herself and make decisions...

Steph, 43 minutes ago 3 Comments 91
Danielle in Etiquette and Advice, Yesterday at 5:31 PM

What is the rules on tipping?? All of our vendors own their own business and I heard you’re not suppose to tip if they own? But that seems wrong! How much to tip? For photo and video should I do it...

Laurel, 44 minutes ago 2 Comments 81

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