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Fiancé(e) Friday! What was the last text you sent your fiancé(e)?
Lynnie in Community Conversations, Yesterday at 10:05 AM

Happy Friday!!! Which the average engagement lasting 13 months - not every moment of being engaged is all romance and rainbows! Or maybe it is... let's see! Spill! What was the last text you...

Susan, A minute ago 59 Comments 370
Save the date opinions?
Courtney in Style and Décor, Today at 5:02 PM

I drafted the design for our save the dates but I want some opinions! Do you think having another picture on the back is too busy? Unfortunately Zazzle doesn't give you proofs so I had to screenshot...

Courtney, 17 minutes ago 14
Tomorrow is My Day
FutureMrs.Jacobs in Planning, Today at 4:31 AM

October 21st brides tomorrow is our day! So excited we finally made it. Congrats to all of the brides of this weekend. Enjoy your day.

CatJam, 24 minutes ago 4 Comments 35
Almost a week away!
Elaine in Hair and Makeup, Yesterday at 3:30 PM

Trial makeup, hair will be pulled to the side. I am so excited and trying to finish up last minute details. How is everyone holding up these last few weeks or WEEK?!

CatJam, 26 minutes ago 7 Comments 243
The big project! Falling in Love 2019
Tbear in Do It Yourself, Yesterday at 11:36 PM

I’ll be honest, I’ve been putting off this project because I knew that it was gonna be a sonnavagun! (Look at me not swearing! Not sure if I spelled that right)It all started on a cold snowy day last...

Tbear, 27 minutes ago 3 Comments 130
i cant decide on my dress, running out of time. Feedback plz :)
elisa in Wedding Attire, Yesterday at 9:18 PM

Hi!I am determined to buy my dress this weekend after spending too much time trying on many dresses. My wedding is at historic small church followed by a hilltop restaurant reception that has both a...

futureMrsC, 37 minutes ago 88 Comments 724

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