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Sara P.
Help me choose a makeup artist
Sara P. in Hair and Makeup, Today at 4:34 PM

Ok I've had two different makeup trials done and I need to hire one of these two ladies. Which looks better? Any recommendations for changes?

Tracy, 2 minutes ago 39 Comments 465
Asking for Cash Isn’t Tacky!
Jessica in Planning, Today at 2:31 PM

I just see this sentence thrown around a lot and I have been to two weddings now where they kindly explained that they had no registry due to such and such reason. One explained that they were...

J, 3 minutes ago 199 Comments 3,336
Someone wants to pay for our honeymoon and it’s not where we want to go
Michelle in Honeymoon, Today at 1:29 PM

I know I know, here I am again with another question.Recently my grandmother (lives in CA, we live in IA) , bless her heart I love her so so much!, offered to pay for our honeymoon... well for two...

Cuoghi, 3 minutes ago 27 Comments 580
Mexico or Hawaii honeymoon?
Brittani in Honeymoon, Today at 6:20 AM

So I was very sure I wanted to go to a secrets resort in Mexico for our October honeymoon but after looking into it more I’m really attracted to the idea of going to Hawaii even though it’s much...

Brittani, 3 minutes ago 16 Comments 167
Please show your wedding dress, ladies
Victoria in Wedding Attire, Yesterday at 11:30 PM

How was your wedding dress? I tried BHLDN last week, but didn't find the desirable one. I need the advice from married couple.

Mrs. P, 4 minutes ago 75 Comments 1,673
Who did you bring wedding dress shopping?
Vanessa in Wedding Attire, Today at 5:57 PM

I'm not plannining to dress shop until maybe June, but I can't get this question out of my mind. While FH and I are paying for our whole wedding, my mom just told me she is contributing 500 to my...

NZinga, 8 minutes ago 34 Comments 301

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