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Are you taking pictures before or after your ceremony?
Kelly in Planning, Yesterday at 5:05 PM

When are you taking pictures with your wedding party and future spouse?? 📷Are you doing a "first look" with your fiancé(e) so you can get those photos done before the ceremony? Or are you taking all...

MisstoMrsS, 8 minutes ago 22 Comments 212
Wedding dress
in Wedding Attire, Yesterday at 12:33 PM

Okay ladies! I recently have been wedding dress shopping and I had fallen in love with a dress that really hugged my body which I posted here and everyone loved to❤️ However I went to another bridal...

Latoya, 10 minutes ago 20 Comments 398
Unpopular Opinion
KitandKaboodle in Etiquette and Advice, Yesterday at 10:28 PM

Being that we all have differing styles, I wanted to know something that you saw at someone else's ceremony/reception that was something you just would not do. I'll go first, and I do have a...

Colleen, 14 minutes ago 16 Comments 306
Bachelorette Weekend ❤️
Future Mrs. in Parties and Events, Today at 12:28 AM

Just wanted to share some pictures with you all of my bachelorette party in Downtown Chicago. My MOH Brittany was primarily the one who planned the party and it was definitely theee best!...

Anna, 23 minutes ago 1 Comment 34
Incorporating Special People?
Cynthia in Wedding Ceremony, Yesterday at 10:56 PM

I have a very special person who will be at my wedding. My “aunt”. She has been my mom’s best friend for nearly 40 years, and I was actually named after her. She’s always been the fun and crazy aunt,...

Yvonne, 34 minutes ago 2 Comments 41
Welcome sign all finished! Let's see yours!
Tina in Do It Yourself, on January 29, 2019 at 6:32 PM

I let the paint dry overnight and this afternoon I put on the floral accents. The lighting sucks and it's more sparklier and mint green in person. My boys both said it was very pretty so I'll take...

Lori, 47 minutes ago 40 Comments 402

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