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diy Centerpieces - where to buy vases, etc.?
Natalie in Do It Yourself, on April 17, 2019 at 1:18 PM

We are planning to do simple DIY centerpieces for our reception tables. We will probably buy table number markers from etsy, but I want to find simple glass and/or gold vases, approx 2-3 for each...

Heather, 4 minutes ago 24 Comments 205
Who's actually doing the wedding planning?
Lynnie in Planning, Today at 1:03 PM

Who's actually doing the planning for your wedding? Are your fiancé(e) and parents helping out? I think my person breakdown would be 80% bride, 5% groom, 5% other (a superstar bridesmaid), and 10% the...

Vickie, 5 minutes ago 44 Comments 374
Engagement pictures outfits!! Help!!
Wendy in Wedding Attire, Today at 6:17 PM

I am so undecided and confused!! I want a semi formal outfit (dress) and a causal outfit (jeans)..both outfits with sandals. Below are my options!! I just don’t know what colors!! I want red for sure...

Victorian Bride, 6 minutes ago 11 Comments 178
What games did you play for your Bridal Shower?
Sharay in Parties and Events, Today at 9:36 PM

My bridal Shower is next Month. I was trying to figure out a few more games to play. What games did you all play for your shower? Feel free to include pictures I love seeing them. Here are the games...

Heather, 7 minutes ago 5 Comments 57
Floral Budget
Tiffani in Planning, on April 17, 2019 at 12:37 PM

What did 10k floral budget get you?I was quoted $14k by a popular florist in San Diego. My floral budget is 10k. Do any of you have a similar floral budget? If so, what did it get you? (ex. number of...

Hermione, 9 minutes ago 56 Comments 1,118
Writing our own ceremony
Meagan in Wedding Ceremony, Today at 10:31 PM

We are writing our own ceremony. My future father in law will be officiating he will add his touches but wanted us to put something together as a starting bases. My FH put an amazing ceremony...

Wendy, 14 minutes ago 8 Comments 27

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