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What made it seem most "real" for you?
Alicia in Community Conversations, Today at 4:40 PM

Invitations went out in the mail today!! Eeek!!! It's so easy to get caught up in the stress of planning, but then moments like this happen that you're just struck by the reality of this amazing and...

Sara, 2 minutes ago 15 150
Feel like eloping
Misty in Planning, Today at 2:18 PM

Anyone else so overwhelmed with planning a wedding and the cost involved? I'm exhausted by it all lately... wrecked car to boot.... and tons of subsequent arguments between us do to the stress. I just...

Ellie, 2 minutes ago 29 1 199
Ordered the cake today!!
Laura in Wedding Reception, Today at 7:53 PM

I am pretty excited because I ordered our wedding cake today! I'd planned to go with a cake from Walmart or Sam's club to save money, but I forgot about a baker I know through a friend. My friend...

Katherine, 3 minutes ago 13 129
Friends or Family?
Lynnie in Community Conversations, Today at 11:05 AM

This week we want to know all about your wedding guests: who's being super helpful, and who is bringing all the drama! Is it your family, or your friends?Photo from Veronica Lane * Professional...

Michelle, 5 minutes ago 11 206
Dress Storage
Elle in Planning, Today at 7:04 PM

So I’m really beating myself up right now but I bought a dress my first time out a few weeks ago and it’s in already. 🤦🏻‍♀️ My wedding is not until October 2020. I have already had dress regret a few...

Elle, 7 minutes ago 13 152
Opening Gifts at Wedding Shower
Erin in Parties and Events, Today at 10:07 AM

This is super far in the future, but I'm already stressing about it! My FH and I want to have a wedding shower rather than a bridal shower. My question is, do we open gifts during the shower or do we...

Sara, 8 minutes ago 20 219

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