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Caring for family with a new marriage
Meridabride in Married Life, Today at 9:30 AM

Hey all, Just wondering if anyone else has ever had to deal with being the primary caretaker for an ailing family member while also trying to start their married life and how you handled it?My elderly...

Meridabride, 3 minutes ago 2
Happy Hedgie
Being forced to have a shower...
Happy Hedgie in Family and Relationships, Today at 9:29 AM

Frustrated and could use some advice. *Warning long post ahead*Since we were first engaged FH and I were pretty adamant about a few things regarding the wedding. One of these things being that we...

Happy Hedgie, 4 minutes ago 3
This wedding is blowing up in my face
Disney Bride2020 in Planning, Today at 9:29 AM

I really appreciate the advice I was given. the last thing I want to happen is my wedding blows up in my face. and it seems like I am getting everything wrong while it sounds like a great idea in my...

Disney Bride2020, 5 minutes ago 6
Victoria in Honeymoon, Today at 9:10 AM

My FH and I have decided we want to do a two week honeymoon somewhere neither of us has been. We've got several ideas and I was wondering if anyone on here had done one of them to give advice on if...

Allie, 56 seconds ago 3 Comments 26
60 Days!
Kristina in Planning, Today at 9:07 AM

WOW 8.18.18 brides, we're 2 months out today!!! Who else is super excited?I'm almost done with planning, but I'm getting nervous with my invitations. My MOH offered to help me, because she knows how...

Kaitlyn, 6 minutes ago 5 Comments 35
Married again
Jessie in Married Life, Today at 8:35 AM

I got married again on Saturday (vow renewal)! Pretty much everything went wrong lol. My HMUA cancelled on me THE DAY BEFORE due to “accidentally” double booking. I hired a decorator so that my...

RH912, 11 minutes ago 8 Comments 127

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