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Tattooed brides
Nichole in Etiquette and Advice, Today at 12:49 PM

I have quIte a few tattoos that I love and am proud of.... however the tailor I met with to alter my dress was less than impressed and made me feel self conscious about them. I'm hoping you ladies can...

Amanda, A minute ago 22 Comments 256
Processional music
MrsGtoBe in Wedding Ceremony, Today at 4:26 PM

What song/music is everyone having their bridal party walk in to? I’m needing some inspiration! Thanks! Also any good exit songs?

Jennifer, 2 minutes ago 2 Comments 13
Sister Not a Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Question
PrettyinPink in Etiquette and Advice, Today at 2:22 PM

So, long story sister isn't a bridesmaid and I want to incorporate her into the wedding. I could spend a day typing up what my thought process was when I decided not to ask her and I don't...

Elizabeth, 2 minutes ago 10 Comments 145
When it rains it pours ...
lindseybee89 in Planning, Today at 9:44 AM

Just venting :Yesterday one of my BM told me she was pregnant, last pregnancy she was such a Debbie downer and never wanted to go out, I know she got her dress and 3 months from now she probably won’t...

OG Gretchen, 8 minutes ago 17 Comments 505
Menu choices
Jen in Do It Yourself, Today at 3:58 PM

We are having an early afternoon wedding, and I was thinking of mostly brunch-appetizer foods. So far I'm thinking Chicken n waffles, veggie tray, fresh fruit tray, pastries (doughnuts, croissants,...

OG Gretchen, 11 minutes ago 4 Comments 54
Sweating in wedding dress
Kristen in Fitness and Health, Yesterday at 10:58 PM

Hi guys - I’m getting married on 3/3 and I’m having anxiety about sweating on my big day- out wedding is outdoors and in Florida . The temp that day is supposed to be high 74 and low 52 which is...

Heather, 12 minutes ago 9 Comments 306

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