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Reception dress
Allyson in Wedding Reception, Today at 2:00 PM

Today I went to my second to last dress fitting and out of no where my MIL brings up getting a reception dress. We have never talked about this before and the wedding is 2 weeks away! She already paid...

Jillian, 2 minutes ago 15 Comments 123
Any diy Brides?!
Brooke in Do It Yourself, Today at 2:44 PM

Any brides out there that are having DIY projects for their wedding? What aspects are you incorporating DIY projects (flowers, table settings, centerpieces, etc.)?

Natalie, 2 minutes ago 11 Comments 60
Fiancee spent wedding money
Laura in Family and Relationships, Today at 2:21 PM

My fiancee is a good guy, let me start with that. He refuses to start planning the wedding until he has ALL the money we need. I think we need to start putting money down on venues, I need to get my...

Loren, 4 minutes ago 20 Comments 338
No Dancing and dj Alternatives for wedding?
Kiki in Etiquette and Advice, on February 13, 2019 at 5:09 PM

My FH and I were thinking about it and we aren't sure we want to have dancing at the wedding. We will still have music playing and will still have the designated dances (first dance, etc). Outside of...

Pirate & 60s Bride, 5 minutes ago 26 Comments 275
Lauren in Planning, Today at 1:48 PM

How do you all deal with anxiety as your wedding approaches? The more the days tick by the more my anxiety builds and no matter how much I get checked off of my list it never goes away. We are at less...

Lauren, 6 minutes ago 18 Comments 110
Brittany in Planning, Today at 1:17 PM

Guest list 150-200 what is your budget for save the dates/ invitations?if you send someone a save the date, it’s it assumed they are invited to the wedding? Trying to make sure my etiquette is...

Sherry, 7 minutes ago 13 Comments 117

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