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i need to rant. If you need to rant drop it here!
Michelle in Planning, Yesterday at 5:30 PM

This is more a rant then seeking advice but I want to hear if anyone else has a similar situation. Or just in general, what are you having a hard time with that you just want to get out there?**...

FME, 3 seconds ago 28 Comments 685
Average Wedding Band (ring) Cost?
bdamaro in Wedding Attire, Today at 9:29 AM

I'm starting to look around at wedding bands and the prices seem to vary widely (naturally). I was just wondering what the average is that people spend? I know everyone will end up with different...

bdamaro, 4 seconds ago
164 days to go !
Chandell in Planning, Today at 1:05 AM

Anyone else at the 6 month mark? it really did not seem that close until i got the call for my menu tasting on Monday the 25th which is also my 28th birthday it is the best gift i have ever gotten....

Rachel, A minute ago 10 Comments 74
Nwr: blanket hog
TheNextMrsJohnson in Registry, Today at 2:31 AM

Anyone else sleep with a blanket hog馃槀馃槀 I'm trying to go to sleep but I don't have enough covers. In the meantime someone is snug as a bug, snoring!! Guess I have another item to add to our...

NVV2B, A minute ago 14 Comments 112
How much coffee (and tea?)?
Alice in Wedding Reception, Today at 8:18 AM

I'm sorry if this was already asked, but I couldn't find a thread that answers this question.Our coffee vendor is asking how many of our guests will be drinking coffee. We pay by the cup. I looked at...

firstoneat56, A minute ago 14 Comments 92
Weird wedding dreams?!
AD2AP in Community Conversations, Yesterday at 1:07 PM

Has anyone else had weird wedding dreams?! I have had the same dream over and over, It's my wedding day, about an hour before it starts I realize that I have completely forgotten its my wedding day,...

MrsBdeG, 2 minutes ago 16 Comments 109

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