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Shopping Trip??
Alyssa in Style and Décor, Today at 2:35 AM

Anyone do any wedding shopping this weekend??We Are Doing A Lord Of the rings theme and I'm making tree centerpieceso for 2 tablesA Mallorn for lothlothien and a tree for my old forest baseI got my...

Sam, 12 minutes ago 10 Comments 89
Open Bar or No?
#RMC2019 in Wedding Reception, Today at 8:46 AM

How many Brides will have open bar at their reception? If so, what type of liquor will you be serving?

Alyssa, 21 minutes ago 31 Comments 251
Late Do It Yourself Wedding
Leeshinedra in Do It Yourself, Yesterday at 10:55 PM

Hello everyone one... I know it’s late but my brain is hurting and I’m all out of options of my own at the moment so could you all help... Here’s the situation... My best friend which is the man I am...

Leeshinedra, 21 minutes ago 21 Comments 236
Save the dates
LAQUITA in Planning, Today at 12:42 PM

When should I order my save the dates. We know when we want to get married. We are about to do the deposit on the reception venue. The ceremony venue is set. We have looked at everything else needed...

Sam, 23 minutes ago 6 Comments 38
Morning / Early Afternoon Wedding
Sarah in Planning, Today at 12:36 PM

I am getting married next September in Telluride, CO. I was a little late on the wedding planning and although I LOVE my ceremony and reception venue, the only time slot that was available on our...

Kenisha, 29 minutes ago 5 Comments 44
Who is older? You or your fiancé(e)?
Jayla in Community Conversations, on November 13, 2018 at 11:05 AM

Between the two of you, who is the oldest? You or your fiancé(e)?Photo by Catherine Guidry Photography in Lafayette, LANext question: Who was a bigger flirt before you started dating? You or your...

Jennifer, 34 minutes ago 375 Comments 1,887

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