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Vow writing
Heather in Wedding Ceremony, Yesterday at 8:24 PM

For those who have or are writing their own vows. Are there some unwritten rules you followed? I want them to be meaningful but we are also having a short ceremony, so I would like these to also have...

Fab, 10 seconds ago 6 86
Bridesmaids hair/make up
Sabrina in Hair and Makeup, Yesterday at 7:01 PM

So I'm wondering everyone's thought on asking your bridesmaids to chip in on paying for hair and make up. I am not a girly girl and never wear anything other than a pony tail, mascara, and some...

Fab, 9 minutes ago 16 183
Bachelor Party Issues
Monique in Etiquette and Advice, Yesterday at 11:20 PM

So my fh is pretty much having to plan his own bachelor party. ☹️ Is it absolutely wrong for me to try to get everyone together for him? I know exactly what he wants to do (Dave and busters and just...

Fab, 11 minutes ago 12 168
Wedding Band Opinions?
Tina in Wedding Attire, Yesterday at 4:46 PM

We went shopping today for wedding bands. I like both. Opinions on which you like better with the engagement ring and why?

Fab, 13 minutes ago 19 224
Show off your weird engagement pic
Lara in Parties and Events, on September 10, 2019 at 12:04 AM

Did your photographer have you do a weird pose that didn't feel like you at all? Too moody, goofy or mushy? Post them here!! Ours was so moody and not our vibe at all. Good for a laugh though...

Fab, 17 minutes ago 101 1 1,707
Bought My Dress!
Allison in Wedding Attire, on August 26, 2019 at 12:55 AM

I found my dress and it was well out of my price range, so I searched around in the next state over. Found a shop that had just got it in a month before and was willing to sell me the new sample they...

Fab, 21 minutes ago 64 7 839

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