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Tattooed brides
Nichole in Etiquette and Advice, Yesterday at 12:49 PM

I have quIte a few tattoos that I love and am proud of.... however the tailor I met with to alter my dress was less than impressed and made me feel self conscious about them. I'm hoping you ladies can...

Amanda, 12 seconds ago 41 Comments 658
Actual wedding Vs. Honeymoon?
Kenley in Planning, Today at 9:26 AM

If you were made to choose and couldn’t have both. Would you choose having a real traditional wedding and no honeymoon or an elopement (still something cute w/ a photographer) but have a real exciting...

Melissa, 16 seconds ago 34 Comments 191
i said yes to my dress :)
Brooklyn in Wedding Attire, Yesterday at 1:27 PM

I said yes to my wedding dress and i am completely in love . frontback.

Erica, 22 seconds ago 12 Comments 389
Wedding hashtags/ cutesy saying for favors
Alivia in Planning, Yesterday at 11:21 PM

Hey ya'll! I need help being creative when it comes to a cute saying or some kind of hashtag for our wedding and reception. I would like to use it on our favors and a snap chat filter as well. My name...

Trish, A minute ago 5 Comments 78
Somebody Stop Me!
Alexis in Wedding Attire, Yesterday at 8:48 PM

Normally this is a question I’d ask my bff but she’s going through a lot right now, and you’ve all been so helpful thus far. I’ve been casually looking at dresses ever since I found out that mine...

Catherine, A minute ago 22 Comments 545
Shoe Struggle
FutureMrsP in Wedding Attire, Today at 8:08 AM

I'm having such a hard time finding the perfect shoes. 😔 I want to wear flats because I don't want to be too tall but it's hard to find flats that look nice with my dress. When I walk, my shoes will...

love8432, 3 minutes ago 8 Comments 122

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