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Show us your bridal make up / trials
Bridecb in Hair and Makeup, Today at 2:18 PM

Would love to see everyone's "day of" looks or bridal trials!

Adrianna, 14 seconds ago 35 Comments 684
Which entree do you choose?
Laura in Wedding Reception, Today at 8:29 PM

When you're attending a wedding, which entree do you usually choose?A) BeefB) ChickenC) Fish/SeafoodD) Vegetarian/Vegan

Kiley, 2 minutes ago 36 Comments 302
How much was your bar tab total ?
Lindsey in Planning, Today at 10:24 PM

I was just wondering what your bar bill was for your wedding ? We are expecting 150 guests: 10 underage and 10-15 that don’t drink due to religion. I assume they be drinking soda or juice. This is the...

Kiley, 3 minutes ago 1 Comment 32
Bridal wedges
Christine in Wedding Attire, Today at 7:27 PM

Did anyone wear/buy a pair of bridal shoes that are wedges? I am more comfortable with wearing wedges than heels. I can’t find a pair that I like. Looking for inspiration, or a website.

Cassie, 3 minutes ago 20 Comments 231
Chelsie in Do It Yourself, on Apr 18, 2018 at 10:58 PM

Hey all my DIY brides! I know we all work so hard on things we are making for our perfect day and bridal shower. Share pictures of what you have made below. ❤️

Stefanie, 4 minutes ago 29 Comments 443
Lucky in Planning, Today at 10:02 PM

What tables are using at your reception?I have the option for round or long. I do like the look and idea of 3-4 long tables, especially since people won’t be grouped off.Buy then I feel like round...

Jenny, 4 minutes ago 9 Comments 54

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