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Announcing parents?
Jessica in Wedding Reception, Today at 2:17 PM

Did you/ will you have your parents announced entering the reception? It's a bullet point on my DJ's planning packet and I hadn't really given it any thought yet. My parents are divorced and...

Jessica, 2 minutes ago 1
Pirate & 60s Bride
Wedding Photography Tip: Landscape Photos
Pirate & 60s Bride in Planning, Today at 2:16 PM

TIP: Remember your wedding venue! Whether in your home town, or in a far away land, you’ll want a few gorgeous landscape photos to remember details like…the look of your venue, the weather,...

Pirate & 60s Bride, 3 minutes ago 1
Two stone rings
La'Tierra in Community Conversations, Today at 2:14 PM

What is the symbolism behind your two stone ring?Mine is from the Ever Us Collection at Kay Jewelers.It symbolizes “one diamond for your bestfriend, one diamond for your true love, one ring forever....

La'Tierra, 5 minutes ago 3
Abby in Community Conversations, Today at 2:11 PM

I'm starting to work on addressing invitations today! I know some people don't like doing it (which is understandable), but I think it's fun to look at all the names/addresses and think about how...

Abby, 39 seconds ago 5 Comments 16
Hair up or down?
CatJam in Hair and Makeup, Today at 2:06 PM

My job requires me to wear my hair up everyday. My FH likes it better down. We are marrying on a beach. Any thoughts/suggestions to help me decide? Thanks in advance...

Abby, 4 minutes ago 1 Comment 16
Exiting the Reception?
alexisdemetra in Wedding Ceremony, Today at 1:57 PM

Wanted some opinions on how to exit our reception! Our venue is very strict about the reception being over by 11pm. As of now, we were planning on having a trolley arrive at the venue around 10:50 and...

Neffe, 4 minutes ago 2 Comments 36

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