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No bustle at all?
Summer in Style and Décor, Today at 5:31 PM

I have a huge tulle ballgown that I love to death. It has a semi-long train and definitely drags behind me a big, but I love how it looks as-is and I'm not crazy about how tulle tends to look when...

Summer, 8 seconds ago 6 Comments 17
My wedding venue looks amazing at night food ideas
Disneydarlin2019 in Planning, Today at 5:30 PM

So after seeing my venue from day to night I have completely changed my time to a night time wedding now I am at a lost for food I want fun food for the wedding buffet style. Italian food what should...

Mrs. Fall Bride, 13 seconds ago 1 Comment 5
Decided On Gifts For Parents
PrincessLawrence in Planning, Today at 3:29 PM

To piggy back off of yesterdays posts about gifts I decided to save the thing I got for his mom and give to her for her birthday and then got everyone different gifts. I am still giving my parents the...

PrincessLawrence, 41 seconds ago 30 Comments 326
Bridal shower quantity
Megan in Parties and Events, Today at 9:58 AM

How many showers are you all having? We are at beginning stages of shower planning and so far we have one family shower and a friends shower but my FMIL says she wants to also host a third shower? Is...

Megan, 2 minutes ago 27 Comments 242
Start time too early??
Deidre in Hair and Makeup, Today at 5:21 PM

Hello! I wanted Ted to touch base with everyone to see if this is normal, or if you all think it’s a little early too. My wedding is at 4:30 on a Saturday. I have 6 bridesmaids, me, a MIL, and a FSIL...

Talullah, 2 minutes ago 5 Comments 51
Anyone else despise breaks between the ceremony and the reception?
Pegs in Wedding Ceremony, Today at 10:38 AM

Lemme tell you! We got invited to a wedding yesterday, and as I was analyzing the details, I noticed that the wedding ceremony is at 1 pm and the wedding reception is at 6 pm. WHAT. The ceremony and...

Jessica, 3 minutes ago 37 Comments 573

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