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Some of my decorations!
kelsey in Do It Yourself, Today at 7:43 PM

solar mason lights again solar lights lace over lay $4.994.99 6.99+ diy cake stands15 each!soon to be mrsmost of theses were DIY's but if anyone has some more decoration ideas let me know!10 ft...

kelsey, 15 minutes ago 36
Telling my dad to not walk me down the aisle
Lisa in Wedding Ceremony, Today at 7:38 PM

So recently I started going to group therapy for some traumatic events that happened when I was younger and how it has affected me as an adult. My mom and my dad both made their mistakes and by...

Kathrine, 4 minutes ago 6 Comments 89
Ceremony Procession
Alexa in Planning, Today at 7:19 PM

Hey how are y'all having everyone walk? Groomsmen /Groom all walk first or are the "couples" walking together except the groom is already at the end. I'm at a complete loss as to how it should go .

Mercedes, 4 minutes ago 10 Comments 68
So get this!! Venting!
Allie in Community Conversations, Today at 7:07 PM

So, we are about 2.5 months away from our wedding... 87 days to be exact.. NONE of my groomsmen have bought their clothes, so I told my FH he needed to call everyone today and get that taken care of!...

Allie, 33 minutes ago 3 Comments 152
E-pics are in
Britney in Community Conversations, Today at 7:01 PM

So we took our engagement pictures last night and we just got our sneak peek back and I’m so in love I cannot wait to marry my best friend

amandaaok, 18 minutes ago 9 Comments 129
Bridal Henna - on and drying!!
amandaaok in Hair and Makeup, Today at 6:52 PM

Just enough to give a nod to my culture, not the whole crazy shebang that goes knees to tors/fingers to elbow!! Lol it's getting more real! 4 days to go

Lex, 8 minutes ago 15 Comments 156

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