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Timeline for Bridal Party?
Audrey in Planning, Yesterday at 3:11 PM

Hey guys! So I was wondering at what point I should get all my girls together? I don't want to get them together too early and have it feel awkward. I was thinking of a group chat for ideas and...

Amanda, 19 seconds ago 10 Comments 195
Dress finally came in!
FutureMrsMunnell in Wedding Attire, Yesterday at 2:37 PM

So excited! Time seems to fly by and I can鈥檛 believe how real things are getting! Just wanted to share 馃槉

Kee&He, A minute ago 12 Comments 317
Cake dilemma!!
Elizabeth in Wedding Ceremony, on Feb 23, 2018 at 4:31 PM

Hi ladies! At first we decided on a small, inimate wedding for no more than 35 people. Great. Now, however, we decided this is our big day, so we pushed it out so we could have more people and more...

LusineK, 2 minutes ago 21 Comments 346
Room Blocks Suck
lilchameleon in Planning, Today at 3:29 AM

We did a room block when we booked our venue as apart of the wedding contract. I got a text today from a friend saying she booked the last room in our wedding block today. 馃槱 I was under the assumption...

Marie, 4 minutes ago 7 Comments 174
Date Frustration
StarJammer in Planning, Today at 4:23 AM

After looking over a calendar with actual holidays on it, my fianc茅 and I just realized that our chosen date is the day before Mother's Day. While it means nothing to either of us (his mom passed a...

WED18, 7 minutes ago 8 Comments 178
Tell me your love story!
Danielle in Community Conversations, Today at 12:48 AM

Recently, I've noticed I'm too caught up in planning a wedding, that I haven't been paying the same amount of attention to FH. I felt horrible when I realized that! I'm trying to make sure we spend a...

Heather, 17 minutes ago 10 Comments 122

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