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Having issues 10 days before our wedding
Kristy in Family and Relationships, Today at 1:08 PM

First I apologize if this gets a little long. Second, please dont respond with cancel the wedding, i dont think that's the right way to go. So here it goes. We have been not seeing eye to eye or the...

Kristy, 2 minutes ago 27 Comments 316
usps Blues and Drama
Alyssa in Planning, Today at 1:11 PM

I have a serious problem!!!!!My mailman essentially doesn't deliver mailMaybe 1/2 days per week Now it appears he's stealing my packages? Monday and today markered as delivered but no packagesAt this...

Alyssa, 4 minutes ago 14 Comments 197
Pro-bam, yay (photo Heavy!!)
His Mrs. C in Wedding Ceremony, Today at 2:42 PM

EEEEK, We finally received all of our wedding photos back! With over 1,000 sent our way, it was REALLY tough to choose which ones I wanted to share with you, and even so, I'm sure I'm going to end up...

JustKidding, 7 minutes ago 7 Comments 74
Harry Potter invitations!
Brittany in Style and Décor, Yesterday at 1:37 PM

My invitations are in and I wanted to show them off because I am SO EXCITED. Tomorrow is our 100 day mark and all I have left is decorations, DJ playlist and finalize my food choices. Anyone else...

Amanda, 7 minutes ago 35 Comments 235
Wedding dress sales
Brittany in Wedding Attire, Today at 11:53 AM

Hey guys! I just recently got engaged and I have over a year until my wedding. Does anyone know when the best wedding dress sales are? If I wait until January to look for a dress, will I miss the best...

annakac, 10 minutes ago 6 Comments 80
"its just so Taboo"
M&MGodding in Community Conversations, Today at 10:28 AM

Alright guys, bear with me here. Ive been engaged to this incredible guy for a little over a year now, and weve decided on some very non traditional things for us and our wedding. Were both going to...

Amanda, 12 minutes ago 39 Comments 431

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