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Unofficially engaged stress!
Laurel, Today at 9:36 PM

We've always planned to get married the summer of 2022. With everyone postponing because of COVID, we thought we would book our venue and photographer as soon as possible. However, we aren't...

Laurel, 14 minutes ago 4
Couples getting married on October 9, 2022
Jillian, Today at 9:26 PM

We chose our venue but now what’s the next biggest thing to do ? Any suggestions?

Jillian, 23 minutes ago 2
How much alcohol for my 150 guests?
Victoria, Today at 8:56 PM

Hi everyone! I am trying to figure out how much alcohol to purchase for my wedding reception. We are getting married in December and are anticipating a maximum of 150 guests. We are planning on...

Victoria, 8 minutes ago 2 14
Viennese house
Joseph, Today at 8:46 PM

The Venetian does a fabulous Viennese house Does anyone know if any other venues do a spread like that?

CountryBride, 31 minutes ago 2 14
Airbnb Venue
Allaura, Today at 8:32 PM

Soooo we’re replanning from scratch. So basically starting over. Talk to me about Airbnb/Vrbo venues. Pros, cons, things that people don’t think about. I just need any and all info lol thanks!!!

Ingrid, An hour ago 2 28
Bachelorette Party
Kenna, Today at 8:26 PM

I am in central IN, but from OH. I am trying to help my maid of honor to plan my bachelorette party however it is hard with her living in Florida. We have thought of TopGolf, and Dave and Busters....

Jennifer, 22 minutes ago 2 17
Stocking your own bar?
Angie, Today at 8:12 PM

Has anyone supplied their own bar, or is planning on it. We have bartenders, and all that, but I’m needing to get cups for our reception. The bartenders are saying plan on 3-4 per person, but I just...

Angie, An hour ago 5 44
Father/daughter dance
Cherie, Today at 8:03 PM

What have you picked? We are having trouble making this decision. Thanks for sharing!!

Nichole, An hour ago 2 18
Help finding tiara?
Jaime, Today at 7:30 PM

I saw this beautiful tiara on Pinterest. The photo credits it to Naturea Designs, which is no longer an active site. Does anyone know where I can buy this tiara or a very similar one? Thank you!

AJ, 50 minutes ago 2 31
Scented candles
Lav, Today at 7:08 PM

Does any of you are using scented candles as part of your centerpieces/decoration?

AJ, 50 minutes ago 5 30
moh Help
Samantha, Today at 6:34 PM

My MOH has been my best friend for a couple years now, but ever since we both moved (military) it's been a one-sided friendship. She used to keep in touch often but now I can't get her on the phone or...

Jasmine E., 6 minutes ago 17 114
Help! How much did it cost you to add sleeves to your wedding dress?
Lauren, Today at 6:18 PM

I’m having some major dress regret. I’ve never felt 110% in my dress from the start. I felt like I had to make a decision because I had people coming from out of town. I want to add sleeves similar to...

Lauren, 2 hours ago 3 59
Are Extended Reception Rentals Necessary?
Natalie, Today at 6:00 PM

From past experience I all/any need help! Wedding is 5/1/22 so lots of time to get this sorted but our current contract for the venue is 4PM-12AM. Catch is we are responsible for set up and clean up,...

Natalie, 2 hours ago 2 37 1
Wedding officiants
Brandie, Today at 5:24 PM

Any ideas for a wedding officiants near me Daniel and I aren't very religious people so we aren't looking for a supper religious ceremony but we are opposed to a religious ceremony. Thank you for your...

Michelle, An hour ago 2 23
Bridal party attire
Kenna, Today at 5:22 PM

I am getting married in just over a month (39 days 😬😳). We are having a small bridal party. With just 4 bridesmaids and groomsmen. For my bridesmaids is it customary to have robes or shirts made for...

Rosie, 3 hours ago 6 56
What do you love as a guest vs not noticing/caring about?
Michelle, Today at 4:39 PM

What makes or breaks a good wedding for you? What have you noticed in the past as a guest that stood out, either in a good or bad way?

Pirate & 60s Bride, 57 minutes ago 7 133
Two flower girls
Kevin, Today at 4:22 PM

We postponed our wedding over a year because of covid. So we are having 1 ring bearer who is 5 and will walk down with the rings on a pillow. No issues there. We originally asked our family friends...

AJ, 4 hours ago 3 37
Jamie ❤️
Recommend Wedding games plz c:
Jamie ❤️, Today at 4:06 PM

I can't believe my wedding is 10 days away 🥰 I'm really excited but at the same time really nervous. I don't know why I finally came to me now but my family asked what kind of games we will be doing...

Nicole, 4 hours ago 2 43
Groomsman can't attend wedding, do we still give him a thank you gift?
Kim, Today at 4:00 PM

My husband and several groomsman are in the Army. One of the groomsman cannot be in/at the wedding due to training for work (Army denied his leave). If he won't be in the wedding, do we still give him...

KYLIE, An hour ago 6 72 1
Non traditional songs to walk down to
Sabrina, Today at 3:48 PM

I am getting married 2 weeks from today and am trying to figure out my playlist for the processional. My groom is walking down to the imperial march, bridesmaids are going down to Somebody's getting...

KYLIE, An hour ago 2 32
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