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Pro bam - Covid wedding
Arianna, Today at 1:18 AM

My wedding was absolutely perfect. I wish more people could have came but that’s okay. Advice: get a day of coordinator even if it’s just an organized friend. get the photographer that you love! the...

Caytlyn, 7 minutes ago 7 55
How do i request refund from my wedding planner, after my wedding?
Scottie, Today at 1:18 AM

We hired a wedding planner from wedding wire 6-8 months before our wedding date. We interviewed several from the app that had responded to our inquiry. This one stood out particularly because it...

Katie, 5 minutes ago 5 59
Ceremony timing help
Carmela, Yesterday at 11:54 PM

I’m having a bit of a dilemma I just booked my venue tonight because the venue is having a deal before the new year including two extra enhancements (such as Viennese and raw bar). However, I am...

Caytlyn, 4 minutes ago 5 39
Officiant cost
Cheyenne, Yesterday at 11:24 PM

A lady I know is marrying me this weekend. We asked her how much her fee was she said whatever we feel is right. So my question now is how much does someone charge to officiant a wedding?

Yasmine, 35 minutes ago 6 61
Engagement pics
Aliea, Yesterday at 11:12 PM

Got my engagement pictures back and I love them, I was so nervous. Now I get to do my save the dates

Lisa, 23 minutes ago 6 49
Planning a wedding on your own
Tina&darren, Yesterday at 10:35 PM

Hello my wedding is Nov 6 2021....and I'm doing it myself....is there anyone else doing it on their own.....if is it very stressful

Tina&darren, 35 seconds ago 13 78
Any March 2021 brides cancel?
Andriene, Yesterday at 9:51 PM

I am officially freaking out now. My state went back and capped indoor events to 10 people.. My venue is pushing me to postpone but I don’t thing my state will increase capacity by march.Thinking...

Yasmine, 56 minutes ago 3 72
Gown preservation
Jenelle, Yesterday at 8:45 PM

Hello all!!! My wedding is just SIXTEEN DAYS AWAY!!!! AHHHH I’ve been planning since April 2018!! But I’ve just found something I didn’t think of!! How are you preserving your gown? Is there a way to...

Veronica, Yesterday at 10:22 PM 3 47
Any May 2, 2021 brides?
Kim, Yesterday at 8:16 PM

5 more months!!! 🙌🏻 How far have you gotten with wedding planning?

Michelle, Yesterday at 8:54 PM 1 40
Virtual Wedding Ideas
Kaylyn, Yesterday at 7:58 PM

I’d love to connect with any brides who moved their wedding virtual. And how did you make it interactive for your guests? My original date was 5/23/2020Moved to 11/21/2020And have moved again to...

Sharonda, Yesterday at 9:40 PM 2 27
Wedding dress
Sandra, Yesterday at 7:23 PM

So I spent about 300$ on my dress initially. Now I’ve gone to a seamstress and I had her alter the dress to more of my liking which is sugaring out to another 300$. For me the dress has...

Yasmine, Yesterday at 8:43 PM 13 157
The Knot Custom Domain prevails over the Wedding Wire
Leslie, Yesterday at 6:54 PM

There’s no competition between the Knot and Wedding Wire when it comes to custom domain implementation. The Knot is so much better when it comes to setting up a custom domain for your wedding...

Sylvia, Yesterday at 9:18 PM 3 69 1
Getting a crinoline for a mermaid wedding dress
CountryBride, Yesterday at 6:46 PM

I was thinking of getting a crinoline for my mermaid wedding gown. to make it fuller what do you guys think ? here is the gown

Michelle, Yesterday at 9:03 PM 5 127
Need advice!
Erin, Yesterday at 6:38 PM

Hi ladies! Was hoping to maybe get some opinions on what to do. Sorry in advance for the long post. Pic of my fiancé and i for attention My fiancé and I got engaged September 1 2019. We are supposed...

Savannah, An hour ago 10 165
Is a Wedding 2.0 appropriate?
Stomach, Yesterday at 6:08 PM

Wedding 2.0, vow renewal, anniversary party whatever you want to call it.. my husband and I just want a total redo. Our wedding was a disaster. Not like someone died or anything but a lot went wrong....

Judith, Yesterday at 11:13 PM 9 149
Changing the date on printed invitations
Suzanne, Yesterday at 6:07 PM

So I had to postpone my wedding from July 25, 2020. Our new date is July 3, 2021. I already printed the invitations with the incorrect date pre-pandemic, and I don't want to spend more...

Michelle, Yesterday at 9:35 PM 6 61
Hayley Paige Dupes???
Ashley, Yesterday at 6:01 PM

Anyone know of a good dupe for the Hayley Paige Remmington dress?? I can't find anything I like as much as that but I'm trying to stay under MAX $1500. I've even been looking to see if I can...

Yasmine, Yesterday at 8:53 PM 3 83
Name change
Grace, Yesterday at 5:29 PM

Hey all! My wedding is in just 30 days!! I am going to be changing me name, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips. How long did it take you to complete the name change process? Should...

Nicole, Yesterday at 11:12 PM 4 63
Save The Date
Elizabeth, Yesterday at 5:26 PM

Hi there! We had finally set our date this past summer for our wedding to be 7/4/2021 and so far we only have the venue/catering booked and I've done nothing else. When we originally set the date we...

Kaelyn, Yesterday at 10:37 PM 11 75
Fitbit buddies?
Noelle, Yesterday at 4:52 PM

Hey friends, daylight savings has really affected my motivation, cravings, and overall mental health. Hoping to find some Fitbit buddies to add and do challenges with to get me back into the game!...

Noelle, Yesterday at 8:05 PM 2 32