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Where To Buy Cognitiva Support Pills
Cognitiva287, Today at 1:52 AM

Cognitiva Pills At this point, you're most likely as amped up for Cognitiva as we seem to be. Be that as it may, you're most likely pondering a certain something… what's the Cognitiva...

Cognitiva287, 4 minutes ago 1
Bad dress experience
Lindsay, Today at 1:12 AM

Help! I recently found the perfect dress. My experience was pretty great up until I realized the bridal shop charged me $12,400 instead of $1,240 to order my dress. My credit card is maxed out and I’m...

Ruby, 15 minutes ago 1 22
Couples getting married on July 25, 2021
Shayla1927, Today at 12:19 AM

Hey date twins!Just curious about everyone's stories and why you picked this date!My Story(kind of)I actually already got married in a chapel(due to being dual-military at the time) on July 25, 2018....

Shayla1927, An hour ago 2 11
How old is too old to be a ringbearer?
Teresa, Today at 12:16 AM

Hi everyone,My fiance and I are getting married in May 2021. Our wedding is intimate and very personal. We don't have close friends or relatives that have young sons to be our ring bearer. My future...

2d Bride, An hour ago 3 20
i said 'yes' to the dress!!
Meghan, Yesterday at 11:32 PM

Spent over 2 hours, tried on at least 12 dresses and I found one that I absolutely love! My grandma and mom loved the way it looked too, and my mom even started crying when I put on the veil ❤I know I...

Anna, An hour ago 2 1 47
Engagement photos
Alicia, Yesterday at 11:11 PM

Just a few of my favorites

Sexypoodle, An hour ago 1 32
Cancún/tulum Fall Wedding Weather
Maggie, Yesterday at 11:10 PM

Riviera Maya, Fall 2020I have options of late August or mid-late October. I’m thinking October and just rolling the dice, looking at weather historically it’s been fine but has anyone hosted a wedding...

Maggie, Yesterday at 11:10 PM 3
Krysttal, Yesterday at 11:08 PM

Hey ladies! So my wedding is 6 months away and my fiancée and I still have not decided where we want to go for our honeymoon. We really would like to stay around 7-10 days so we want something...

B, An hour ago 1 17
fmil Rant
Kali, Yesterday at 11:06 PM

My fmil has been really sweet since my fiancé and I started dating and I don’t really have an issue with her, besides her not being able to cut the umbilical cord, but ever since we started dating at...

Anna, 50 minutes ago 2 65
Flower help
B, Yesterday at 10:58 PM

I'm trying to recreate this bouquet. Does anyone know what the purple and white droopy bell flowers are?

B, Yesterday at 11:42 PM 3 24
Best Uplighting Rental Sites?
Destanie, Yesterday at 10:17 PM

I really don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on uplighting, but I really need at least 5 of them. Does anyone know of inexpensive options?

Pirate & 60s Bride, 59 minutes ago 6 32
Table seating chart/list
Carrie, Yesterday at 10:05 PM

Is anyone else having problems with the fact that you put the guest in a certain order on the layout in this app, yet when you bring up the list view they are in a wonky order. It looks really silly...

Carrie, Yesterday at 10:05 PM 21
Wedding Gofundme
Johnnica, Yesterday at 9:57 PM

So with us going back and forth about having a wedding or not. We decided to have one . We are also paying for everything ourselves. Is it bad to do a Gofundme page? Just for a small amount.

Shayla1927, An hour ago 14 285
Being a bride when you are not confident....
Kaitlyn, Yesterday at 9:45 PM

I am officially less than a month out from my wedding and feeling some MAJOR nerves (started about a week ago.) I am so excited to marry the man of my dreams, but I’m not feeling confident about being...

Kaitlyn, 55 minutes ago 12 129
Ordering from a restaurant. Where do i hire servers?
Michelle, Yesterday at 9:40 PM

My FH and I would love to cater our backyard wedding with food from the award-winning restaurant I used to work at, which is where we met 5 years ago! They have a catering menu to order from, but they...

Michelle, Yesterday at 10:56 PM 4 55
wedding registries
Vyonnah, Yesterday at 9:36 PM

Hello everyone! What wedding registries are you all using or have used in the past? I'm looking for a great website

Kayla, Yesterday at 11:55 PM 5 34
Sandals free wedding & reception! Is it good enough or must i upgrade.
Paulette, Yesterday at 9:31 PM

So we want the free wedding and reception that you get from sandals if you book 3 or more days. This is what's included:CEREMONYicturesque Ceremony Location:*Our islands feature the most beautiful...

Ingrid, 48 minutes ago 3 1 62
To keg or not to keg
SBT8992, Yesterday at 9:25 PM

...that is the question! Thoughts?! We have a hired bartender and all the jazz that comes along with it, but we’re covering the alcohol and drink ware for said alcohol! We’re only having beer and...

Jodie, Yesterday at 10:09 PM 2 28
Wedding Invitations
Samantha, Yesterday at 9:23 PM

If i have sent a save the date to someone but we have had a falling out since then is it required to send them an invitation?

Jackie, An hour ago 5 50
Name Change After Marriage - New York
Marissa, Yesterday at 9:13 PM

I am moving to NY, and want to get everything done at once (name change and address change). Does anyone know if you can change your name in NY prior to getting a new social security card? Just asking...

Marissa, Yesterday at 9:13 PM 22