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Elopement ceremony- photographers
Carly, Today at 3:15 PM

So before all of this covid-19 stuff we had planned to do a small intimate ceremony, just my fiancé, myself, our officiant, a friend who is a witness, a videographer, and two photographers (a husband...

Carly, 13 minutes ago 10
Gifts to the Parents?
Kaylee, Today at 2:58 PM

Hi All! I just need some quick confirmation on who to give gifts - and who gives them. This is my impression: Bride to Mother of the Bride Bride to Mother of the Groom Bride to Father of the Groom...

Melle, 21 minutes ago 2 18
ny July 2020 brides... postponement?
Katherine, Today at 2:45 PM

Trying to decide if I should postpone my July 11 wedding due to Coronavirus. What are other July brides doing?

Elizabeth, 26 minutes ago 1 24
Are you getting another photographer/videographer?
Chantal, Today at 2:38 PM

Hi brides. We are having a micro-wedding on our day in May, and then going to postpone to sometime in August for our big ceremony and reception. I'm wondering how you guys are managing it all? We've...

Dana, 34 minutes ago 1 20
Vistaprint and coronavirus - free invites
Michelle, Today at 2:37 PM

To anyone who has to postpone their wedding and used Vistaprint for their wedding invites. If you email them, they will reprint all of your invites and accompanying cards for FREE. I modified the date...

Chantal, 48 minutes ago 1 23
Covid-crisis for brides
Katie, Today at 2:16 PM

Just looking for opinions on those of you with July weddings?! It’s such an odd time because it’s far enough away yet the more I’m hearing of things being pushed back it also is very close. What are...

Kelsey, 2 minutes ago 2 39
Second Wedding Invitation Wording
Mandi, Today at 2:12 PM

I'm trying to figure out the wording for our new invitations for our wedding ceremony and reception. I decided that omitting our last names seems like the best choice. Since we are already legally...

Salem, An hour ago 1 19
Shoe color for Sedona Bridesmaid dresses
Marisa, Today at 2:10 PM

Hi all - I ordered Sedona bridesmaid dresses from David's Bridal for my bridesmaids (the color is gorgeous), and am now trying to consider shoe colors. Am thinking of tan, but am wondering if I want...

Marisa, An hour ago 17
Living Alone
Jill, Today at 1:56 PM

Hi everyone, Those of you that live alone and are social distancing, what are you doing to make sure you don't lose your mind. Shortly before all this started, my dog Yoshi passed away. I got him when...

Kathryn, An hour ago 8 69
What should we call the ceremony we are having???
Tameka, Today at 1:55 PM

As we all know the coronavirus has affected alot of our weddings. We was supposed to have our wedding and the reception May 9th but due to all these closers and social distancing we have to postpone....

Taylor, An hour ago 3 33
Maintaining weight for the dress
Monica, Today at 1:53 PM

For those of you that already had your dress altered and are postponing, whats your plan to make sure you still fit your dress months later? My dress has already been altered and should be ready for...

Monica, An hour ago 28
Hotel Room Blocks affected by Covid-19
Brenda, Today at 1:52 PM

I was wondering if anyone can share any experiences with room blocks for your weddings during COVID-19 times. My wedding is next year (January of 2021), but obviously due to the current situation none...

Brenda, An hour ago 26
Covid-19 bride - Wedding date is August 22, 2020
AugustBride, Today at 1:46 PM

Hello friends! There are so many different forums on August weddings and I'm wondering what other August brides are doing. We are planning to wait until late May to early June to make the final call...

Kayli, 35 minutes ago 6 47
How to cover window?
Kayla, Today at 1:46 PM

My fiancé and I are getting married February next year and the ceremony will be held inside and it will be dark outside as the sun sets very early that time of year. I am concerned of the large window...

Michelle, 51 minutes ago 13 77
Some positivity!
Emily, Today at 1:32 PM

So obviously this year has been unbelievably tough for most everyone. My breadwinner fiancé is out of work and were struggling financially and paying for the wedding has become a huge stressor. Living...

Melle, An hour ago 1 39
Alteration devastation
Carrie, Today at 1:31 PM

So David's Bridal shipped my wedding dress along with my daughters dress and I am completely devastated at the work that was done on the right is the day of my fitting and left is the work they have...

Serena, 36 minutes ago 2 79
Coronavirus Postponement: Contract Terms - Unfair Pricing
Lindsay, Today at 1:19 PM

Hi everyone! We were supposed to have our wedding on May 2nd at Waterloo Village in New Jersey. Due to a ban in NJ on large gatherings, our venue forced us to pick a new date for the wedding. They...

Lindsay, 54 minutes ago 2 59
nyc Marriage License??
Abby, Today at 1:16 PM

Hey everyone - I am trying to figure out if there is a way to get a marriage license in New York right now? It looks like no? Anyone have any insight? Our wedding was planned for June 8th and we are...

Abby, 9 minutes ago 2 31
How long were you engaged?
Kaylene, Today at 1:11 PM

Hello ladies I need to know if there’s people who have been brought up with purity rings and how not to live with someone before marriage? And how long were you guys engaged? Or if you felt guilty....

Kaylene, 25 minutes ago 7 81
Italy/paris Honeymoon Covid19
Alejandra, Today at 12:59 PM

Hey guys! My fiancé and I booked our honeymoon to Europe in December before everything started getting worse. We are supposed to go from August 24-September 6. I don’t know if I should cancel it or...

Hanna, An hour ago 4 57
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