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Katie, Today at 5:44 AM

Is 12 weeks a long time for getting professional pictures back? That's how long it says my photographer has to return our wedding photos in the contract

Katie, An hour ago 5
When Should i start Dress Shopping?!
LaToya, Today at 5:06 AM

I am getting married on 9.24.2020. I already know the type of style I want, but not necessarily the specific dress. I will be going to a boutique salon as well. I am very busy with work and I just...

Ashley, An hour ago 1 8
i eventually find the one dress
Sy, Today at 4:39 AM

It’s so different. So me.Although I was a bit worried that not everyone would like it, I decide to go with it cause I literally can picture myself with it in my wedding.

Sy, 2 hours ago 10
Feeling guilty about bridesmaids
Katie, Today at 4:23 AM

Would you feel bad if you were in a coworker's wedding in March and she keeps asking about your bridesmaid, which I havent asked them yet, but I dont plan on having her? But I do plan on asking...

Claudia, 23 minutes ago 1 10
What colour suit from the Groom? If my bridesmaids are in champagne
Corinne, Today at 4:14 AM

Hello!I am after a little help 😀.My wedding dress is Ivory White and my bridesmaid will be in champagne but I'm totally confused what colour would go best for the Grooms suit? Any ideas or does anyone...

Corinne, 3 hours ago 6
Marriage or not
Amber, Today at 3:30 AM

I'm getting married in September and right now I don't see that even happening. My fh and I been fighting a lot lately and I keep telling myself I don't even know if I still even want to marry him....

Amber, 3 hours ago 20
Interracial seating chart
Latonya, Today at 3:16 AM

Ok I am having an interracial marriage in 2 weeks . I am doing the seating chart and trying to group people with other they know or are similar to. Anyone a little scared of pp getting along? I have...

Rose, 11 minutes ago 1 10
10 hours no contact for bachelor party?
mary, Today at 1:25 AM

I really wanted my fiancé to have fun, but didn't expect not to get any messages at all (10 hours and counting). I haven't texted him and we never go that many hours with no contact. Just a little...

mary, 5 hours ago 5 54
Getting marry
Michelle, Today at 12:49 AM

Here the thing we want to get marry in ny in march of next year since it be easier however the ceremony and reception we want to do it the following year will it be possible to do ? Or it have a time...

Michelle, 6 hours ago 1 25
Bridal party
, Today at 12:41 AM

Ok, so I’m trying to find out how to add the wedding party to website 😩 With names and there title for the day. How do I add 🤦🏾‍♀️

, 6 hours ago 1
White Boots: To do or Not to do?
Michelle, Today at 12:00 AM

Ladies I have absolutely no idea what type of shoe to wear...I'm changing dresses for the reception and I really want to wear some boots lol! My second dress is more on the causal side so I figured a...

Michelle, 52 minutes ago 4 43
a Bride With No Parents
Jessie, Yesterday at 11:44 PM

Looking for a place to vent rn. My parents passed when I was 11 of cancer. I've always dreaded getting married because I just want my parents with me. But I love my fiance and wedding planning has...

MOB So Cal, 6 hours ago 3 40
What happened?
Ali, Yesterday at 11:44 PM

Married people, what went wrong on your day? Was it a bug deal, or no? I'm just curious! Thanks!!

Rebecca, 4 hours ago 2 45
Groom’s attire
Morgan, Yesterday at 11:37 PM

Hi ladies! I am having trouble figuring out what I want my groom to wear. My main colors are quartz, wine, charcoal grey. My accent colors for decor are blush pink and champagne/gold. My maid of honor...

Kaitlyn, 6 hours ago 6 38
We’re finally married!!
Ashley, Yesterday at 10:50 PM

I can’t believe we’ve been married almost a month already! It was honestly such an amazing day! Everyone had the best time and we made some amazing memories together with our friends and family.

Michelle, 50 minutes ago 6 2 112
Need ideas
Sarah, Yesterday at 10:43 PM

So I found out today my wedding falls on my aunts birthday who passed away in 2015. Since I love and miss my aunt, I would love to do a little something to celebrate her heavenly birthday, along with...

Rebecca, Yesterday at 11:37 PM 7 55
Having friends stay with us week of wedding
Mary, Yesterday at 10:17 PM

so My Fh is from Virginia and lives with me now in Georgia. He has a a couple of his friends staying with us the week of the wedding. They a great and I don’t mind them at all. Just not to excited...

Pirate & 60s Bride, 6 hours ago 6 60
Do these centerpieces look nice?
Mallory, Yesterday at 9:47 PM

I made these myself.. sometimes the more I look at something I make the more I’m not sure how it looks.. what do you think?

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 11:57 PM 3 98
Gift from wedding party?
Ashley, Yesterday at 9:31 PM

So can y’all help me settle something? What is the proper etiquette for bridesmaids to bride? Do they give a gift, offer a card with money, or both? thanks in advanced!

Amanda, 4 hours ago 7 76
Bridal Shower Location
Jessie, Yesterday at 8:48 PM

My future step-MIL wants to have my bridal shower at a resturaunt that I'm not the biggest fan of. She is paying for the food, so I don't want to offend her. But I live in an apartment complex with a...

Leslie, Yesterday at 11:34 PM 7 97