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Bora Bora

If you picture your perfect trip surrounded by the glistening and pristine Aegean Sea, a...

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  • Clothes for Japan

    Aida, Jun 28, 2019

    Hey guys. I will be honeymooning in Tokyo next year and I was wondering if any of you lovely people ...

  • Japan Honeymoon

    SoonToBeKADC, Jul 31, 2019

    Hello ladies!My FH and I decided on 100% on going to Japan for our honeymoon. I am part of a forum / ...

  • Japan Honeymoon yey! (advice please)

    MsJeaT, Feb 15, 2017

    So I am happy to report that our honeymoon is booked. yay! I am practically jumping off the walls ...

  • Beach Wedding Dresses from China????

    chearysgirl, Jun 1, 2009

    ok, so Im searching for a elegant, but simple a-line dress, for my beach wedding in Jamaica next ...

  • Japan Destination

    sunshine in the heart (aka Sarah), Nov 8, 2012

    I just wanted to throw it out there to this community that if you all are interested or thinking ...

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