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Turn your honeymoon into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure by making the journey to Asia. You’ll find ancient history in Xi’an, incredible nightlife in Tokyo, and some of the world’s most stunning beaches in Goa. From backpacking to boutique hotels, there’s an Asian honeymoon to fit every style and budget.

Asia Honeymoons

9 Destinations

China is a country full of history, culture, shopping, incredible food, and beautiful scenery.


For the couple who wants to be transfixed with beauty, culture and intrigue, a Japan honeymoon offers a strong mix of all of the...


Looking to take a honeymoon that’s a bit off the beaten path? Many couples are choosing a Nepal honeymoon to suit their...


With some of the most Instagram-worthy beaches and most fascinating ancient temples in the world, many newlyweds don’t need much...


If you’re looking to stretch your budget, laze on paradise beaches, eat exquisite food and stay active with culture, a Cambodia...


It's a nontraditional honeymoon destination, but with so much to do and see, a Dubai honeymoon should be a top pick for many...


For the ultimate in romance, start planning your Indonesia honeymoon.


Turquoise lagoons, the most luxurious hotels, deserted islands and the luxury of doing nothing all make a Maldives honeymoon...


A Vietnam honeymoon has something for everyone—incredible sights, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, and incredible food!

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