Family and Relationships

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Blending familys can be a true joy, but there are tricky elements too. From merging households, to deciding where to spend the holidays, this is the place to give and get support on all things family.

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Calling All Mothers
Veronica, Today at 4:01 AM

Hey everyone, I don't usually post extremely personal things on here but I am truly at a loss of what to do and could use some opinions. My story is kind of long and involves my mother so I would...

Veronica, 2 minutes ago 6 Comments 61
Maid of Honor and also a bride
Clarisse, Today at 5:35 AM

Has anyone been a maid of honor while also planning their own wedding? My sister got engaged this weekend and asked me to be her maid of honor (and of course I said yes). She will actually be getting...

Clarisse, An hour ago 1
Wedding frustrations
Le'Quita, Today at 1:04 AM

Sooo I got engaged May 18th of last year. My FH friend proposed to his GF of 8 years 3 weeks after 🙄. Now they are getting married next month and my FH and I is getting married in October.... here’s...

Marcella, 4 hours ago 3 Comments 56
Meagan , on Mar 19, 2018 at 10:37 PM

Has anyone lost a friendship over your MOH/bridesmaids decision?

Marcella, 6 hours ago 16 Comments 236
Guest List
Gabrielle, Yesterday at 11:10 PM

Hi all, how many LOCAL people did you invite to your wedding and how many actually came? I’m looking to invite 150 to hopefully keep it at 125 or lower. Most of the guests are local besides a few...

Gabrielle, Yesterday at 11:10 PM 2
Just venting
Tobemrs.knudson, on Mar 17, 2018 at 1:45 PM

Sorry this will probably be long.A little background before I vent about my mother. My mother and I haven't really gotten along since I was probably about 7. For the past couple of years she and I...

Cierra, Yesterday at 9:20 PM 6 Comments 165