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Planning your post-wedding getaway? Get honeymoon questions, tips and packing suggestions. From the best desinations, to the lowest prices, to when you should take your trip - talk it all out here!

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Maui, Hawaii Honeymoon
Sarah, Yesterday at 7:23 AM

Has anyone been, or plan on going to Maui, Hawaii for their honeymoon? If so, did you use a travel agent? Everything we have found so far is super expensive. FH doesn't want to leave the US, and I...

Haleigh, 3 hours ago 5 Comments 56
Honeymoon fund
Brooke , Yesterday at 7:14 PM

Hey guysI’ve made my registry and have been adding things as I think including a honeymoon fund option. I showed the registry to my mom and step-grandmother. They both told me to remove it immediately...

Haleigh, 3 hours ago 19 Comments 283
Affordable honeymoon deals and ideas!
Graciela, Today at 9:50 AM

Hello! So I’m set to get married in October and we would like to go on a honeymoon right after the wedding. We are looking for something affordable but I’m having a hard time finding a good website...

Haleigh, 3 hours ago 5 Comments 78
All Inclusive Honeymoon Ideas
Ebony, on Feb 14, 2018 at 4:57 PM

My FH and I are looking to go on an all inclusive Honeymoon a few months after out wedding (around January 2019-February 2019). What are the best sites/resorts to look at for packages? Any advice is...

Haleigh, 3 hours ago 18 Comments 175
riu Resort
Kaitlin , Today at 6:40 PM

This is probably a long shot, but have any of you stayed at the RIU Republica resort in Punta Cana for your honeymoon or just a vacation in general? Or any other RIU resort? Apparently they have...

Kaitlin, 4 hours ago 2 Comments 49
Delay or Not Delay?
sunrise84, on Feb 16, 2018 at 12:33 PM

So my FH and I are toying with the idea of delaying the honeymoon until sometime next year. Because of cost and work schedules, this may have to be our move. One side of me hates it because I don't...

Elizabeth, 8 hours ago 29 Comments 396