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Italy Honeymoon Itinerary

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We have decided on Italy for our honeymoon! I am super overwhelmed trying to plan it, as there is so much we want to see but we still want to be able to relax. We will have at least 2 weeks, maybe 2.5 depending on schedule. I am hoping for some advice on what are must sees and how many cities you recommend for two weeks?

I am thinking of keeping it to three cities. We definitely want to do the Tuscany area and visit some wineries. I figured maybe we would start there, then go to Rome for a few days. Lastly, would like to spend at least 5 days on the Almalfi coast, thinking Positano, or Sorrento and a day trip to Capri.

I also want to see Lake Como, Venice, and Cinque Terre but I feel like all of that would be too much for one trip. Thoughts on what we must see while we are there or opinions on any of these cities? I want to make the most of our trip because who knows when we will get back - but I also do not want to try to pack too much in.


  • I
    November 2018
    I'mthemom ·

    Hit up tripadvisor. The forums are awesome!!!

  • Nonna T
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    Nonna T ·

    We flew in to Milan and out of Rome to save time and doubling back.

    We went to Lake Como, Milan, Padua, Lake Garda, Venice, Florence, Pisa, wine tasting in Tuscany, Sorrento, Capri and then Rome in two weeks. We definitely hustled.

    We also spent almost a week in Cassino to visit family.

    If I had to choose to cut something out or at least shorten our stay, Venice is ok but it got a little wearying after three days. Pisa was ok to see but I don't know if it is worth the time getting there only to see everyone posing.

    I thought Lake Garda was magnificent, better than Como. I would like to see more of Bologna.

  • APZ
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    APZ ·

    Your ideas sound amazing! minimizing the number cities is good, BUT taking trains to various places , even for day trips isn't bad. we did Italy for ours, but only had 8 days (thanks to me recently changing jobs and having to take unpaid time off). We did Florence(3days), Rome(3days), Cinque Terre(1day-this was an unplanned addition and BEST part of the trip!), and a day in paris on our way there.

    Rome is a must do for the history BUT was our least favorite city. once we saw and did the big things off our list, we spent our last day there in the hotel spa. It is insanely crowded and has a pretty touristy vibe everywhere. If id have known this, we would have cut it a day short and spent the extra day in cinque terre. now that we have seen rome, we wont go there again..

    Florence (Tuscan region) was wonderful. Truly the dreamy Italian vibe.

    We loved cinque terre--but we struggled to find overnight accommodations to our standards, so plan ahead on that if you go. The views are amazing and I highly suggest Hiking between a few of the cities for an activity. The sights were absolutely incredible!

  • Bride2Be2018
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    Bride2Be2018 ·

    Ahhh following this! We are going to do Italy for ours as well

  • Ella
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    Ella ·

    I spent twelve days in Italy and our itinerary was:

    Fly into Venice, stayed 2 1/2 days, took train to Florence,

    Stayed in Florence 2 1/2 days (spent one day in Tuscany), took the train to Naples,

    Stayed in Naples 3 1/2 days (although we spent one full day at Pompeii and one full day in Capri, which you can take a ferry to from Naples), took the train to Rome

    Stayed in Rome 3 1/2 days (saw Roman ruins and Vatican City). We flew out of Rome.

    I agree with Nonna that we could have cut a day in Venice. Not a ton to see there other than the canals. Naples is not very nice, and I would maybe skip that, though the pizza is amazing. We mostly used it as a home based to do day trips to Capri and Pompeii. I wish we had cut back on our time in Venice/Naples and added a day or two in Cinque Terre. We also probably could have had one less day in Rome.

    If you flew into Venice, you could go there-- Cinque Terre--then to Florence/Tuscany, and then down to the Amalfi Coast and maybe double back to Rome and fly out of there?

    ETA: i was with girlfriends so the vibe of our trip was more focused on sightseeing. for a honeymoon i would add more time in florence/tuscany and the amalfi coast/capri. capri was amazing. i would have loved to stay overnight there.

  • Nonna T
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    Nonna T ·

    Fyi, Joe and I are available as guides, translators, baggage schleppers and general pains-in-the-arse just for the asking!

    I cried all the way home and I sobbed in baggage claim. We are saving our pennies to do it again

  • @brd2be
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    @brd2be ·

    Wow thanks for all of the tips! I have heard similar feedback about Venice @Nonna T. If we do it, it would be short but we may just nix it if it doesn't fix the plan. And @APZ I am thinking similarly about Rome, we def want to see it but probably just going to make that a 2 day trip.

  • Jillian
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    Jillian ·

    We went to a travel agent and it was so helpful! We are flying into Venice, staying a few days then taking a train to Florence. We are staying here a few days and doing a day trip to the Cinqueterra. Next we are going to Rome for a day and a half then spending the remaining 5 days in Postiano I think. It's either that or Sorrento. We are doing a day trip to Capri! I can't wait. I highly recommend a travel agent because we were also completely overwhelmed and our agent set everything up for us!

  • @brd2be
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    @brd2be ·

    @jillian I like this itinerary I may steal! Maybe 2 days in Venice, 5 days in Tuscany area (day trip to Cinque terra), and two in Rome, and 5 days in Positano (day trip Capri)

  • Alicia
    Dedicated July 2017
    Alicia ·

    We are doing 2 nights in Rome, 5 nights in Florence, and then 6 nights in Paris. FH did a study abroad in Italy and he thinks that Florence is a prettier city than Rome. Seeing some of the major history in Rome is a must for us but he wanted to spend most of our time in Italy in Florence

  • MeganM
    Expert July 2017
    MeganM ·

    We are doing piedmont, cinque Terri, portofino, Milan, and Modena. Wanted to stay out of the cities and super touristy areas. It's a lot of work to plan!

  • ABB102817
    Devoted October 2017
    ABB102817 ·

    I've been to Italy twice.

    DEFINITELY do the Cinque Terre region. It's absolutely breathtaking. I would spend two days there unless you want to rush through everything.

    Rome is a must see, but 2 full days or 3 spread out days is all you need to see the top spots. It's super tourisy, so this won't be the most relaxing or romantic part. However, it's a must see because there's just SO much history there.

    Florence/Tuscany is super awesome. It's the heart of the renaissance so lots of art and food and wine is abundant. Still touristy but not so much that it loses its charm. For a honeymoon, I would spend many days here. Take day trips out into Tuscany area for wine and food tours and just to explore. You can really feel all romantic here.

    Venice is one of those places that I feel like is overhyped in society. It's unique because the whole city has water everywhere. The roads are close and like a maze so they are fun to explore because it's impossible to get lost as the city is like an island. No one lives in this city unless they are in the tourist industry. So it's a city whose industry is almost 100% tourism. To me, that makes it lose some of its charm. I only was here one day. You can do two, but to me Venice is one of those "cool but not a must do" places.

    I spent about four days in Parma, Italy in northern Italy. This area is known for its food, like cheese, balsamic, Parma ham and wine. It was so fun to chill in a town off the normal tourist spots and hang out, relax, and eat! We did one whole day doing a behind the scenes food tour at all of these places. SO fun! The best day of the trip. Well worth paying a private tour guide. We also rented bikes and did some shopping.

    Milan is a popular spot, but I was only there an afternoon. So I don't know much about this spot.

    Have fun! After two weeks you won't want to come back!

  • DesertFox
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    DesertFox ·

    Whenever I think of Positano, I always picture the scenes from Under the Tuscan Sun hahaha. How awesome to go to Italy!!! Whoop whoop!!

  • Sos0033
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    Sos0033 ·

    Hated Milan. It looks like any other major European city except dirtier with a ton of panhandlers. Como is BEAUTIFUL. IMO 1-2 days in each city is usually enough unless I have specific activities or tours planned, but maybe that's just me getting bored easily.

  • Anne
    Master June 2017
    Anne ·

    We are flying into Zurich and taking the train to Lugano then going to Milan, Venice, and Florence. Then we are taking the train to Lucerne Switzerland and back to Zurich. Flights into and out of Switzerland were half the price of Italy. Cannot wait!!!

  • NextMrsD
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    NextMrsD ·

    On my first trip there we flew into Milan and took the train to Lake Como, took the train to Rome and then another train to Sorrento. Rome is my favorite city in the whole world, so much to see and do there (need at least 3 days). Florence is nice (3 days is plenty). Sorrento was relaxing and we took a ferry to Capri. I'd recommend looking into Rimini. It's a great beach town on the Adriatic Riveria.

  • TeamEJ2009
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    TeamEJ2009 ·

    Loving this thread. We may do Italy as well. Following for ideas.

  • E.V.
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    E.V. ·

    Rome got old fast (at least to me) so I recommend only staying there a night or two. You can see everything there is to see there in that amount of time, and then visit a less touristy area after. I highly recommend Capri.

  • S
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    SLR ·

    I love the Rick Steves books when I'm planning a trip!

    Really it depends on how in-depth you want to go. I spent a day in Rome once and felt like that was enough (it was a loooong day). But I am a huge art history nerd and BARELY covered everything I wanted to see in Florence in five days. Make a list of your must-sees and plan your time from there!

  • NerdyBride
    Super August 2017
    NerdyBride ·

    The amalfi coast, cinque terre, and Florence are my favorite places!!

    I actually liked Rome the least of all the cities. Very crowded, dirty, and touristy

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