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Creating your wedding budget is a major task, but it has to be done before you can get to planning. We’ve got tips and tricks to help you figure out how much to spend, allocate your budget to fit your priorities, cut costs, and identify where it’s worth it to splurge so you can make the most of every cent.


How to Ask Your Parents to Help Pay for Your Wedding—in 6 Steps!

If you’re unsure about how to broach the subject, here is the best way to ask your parents to pay for your wedding.

By Kim Forrest, January 13, 2021


Wedding Budget Breakdown 101: How to Divide & Conquer

Here, we break down the average wedding budget breakdown percentages so you can determine exactly how much of your budget to spend on food, favors and more.

By Kim Forrest, December 10, 2020


Who Pays for the Wedding? Here's the Official Answer

Here is the breakdown of the “traditional” way to divide up the budget and figure out who pays for the wedding—use this as a starting point, and not the final word.

By Kim Forrest, December 10, 2020


Exactly How Much To Tip Wedding Vendors: A Complete List

Not quite sure about who to tip at wedding (and how much)? Read our guide to make your life easier and get a better idea on tipping wedding vendors. 

By Kim Forrest, October 23, 2020


5 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs If You’re Having a Smaller Event

If you’ve had to lower your guest count due to COVID restrictions, you can also cut some of your wedding costs without sacrificing an incredible event.

By Jenn Sinrich, June 16, 2020


How to Create a Wedding Budget: Real Couples Tell All

Trying to figure out how to budget for your wedding? Here, real recently-married couples share their best-kept secrets.

By Lindsay Tigar, May 29, 2020


What Wedding Insurance Means for You Amid COVID-19

How late is too late to buy wedding insurance? Here’s everything you need to know about buying insurance, depending on where you are in your planning.

By Jenn Sinrich, April 13, 2020


Getting Married Next Year? Here's How to Set a Monthly Budget

Whether you're saving every last receipt or a little, ahem, flexible with your spending, planning a monthly budget is a major part of saving for your wedding.

By Lindsay Tigar, April 10, 2020


This is How Much a Wedding Actually Costs

Ready to set your budget? Here's everything you need to know about how much a wedding costs in 2020.

By Kim Forrest, March 15, 2020


How Does Wedding Tipping Work in 2020?

Many couples don't think about tipping their wedding vendors until the last minute. Avoid the scramble by reading up on how the whole tipping thing actually works.

By Jenn Sinrich, March 11, 2020


The 8 Most Common Financial Mistakes Engaged Couples Make

All too often, engaged couples make financial mistakes that affect their future. Here's how to avoid these common money issues.

By Lindsay Tigar, January 9, 2020


Why a Wedding Planner Costs THAT Much

Hiring a wedding planner is one of the smartest things you can do during wedding planning — here's how much a wedding planner costs, and why.

By Kim Forrest, September 23, 2019


Can't Agree on a Wedding Budget? Here's Exactly What to Do

If you and your future spouse can't agree on a wedding budget, there's no need to fret. It's totally normal and with a few simple steps, planning will be smooth sailing.

By Lauren Rodrigue, July 29, 2019


The 5 Reasons You’re Spending Too Much Money on Your Wedding

About half of couples spend more than planned on their wedding—but why? Here are the top five reasons

By Kim Forrest, May 30, 2019


Why You Need to Stop Putting Off the Wedding Budget Talk

You might be dreading the wedding budget talk, but here's why you need to have it sooner rather than later.

By Stephanie Weers, April 12, 2019


How Much Does Wedding Insurance Really Cost?

If you're getting married, you might be wondering how much wedding insurance costs. Here's the answer: It's probably not as much as you think.

By Jenn Sinrich, April 10, 2019