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Was your initial budget realistic?
Michelle, on May 19, 2019 at 10:53 PM

How far over your initial budget did/will your wedding end up being? Mine is somehow within $600 of my initial target but it's not very similar to my first draft. I initially thought I could get a...

Lauren, Yesterday at 5:37 PM 55 Comments 781
What are people paying for Djs?
Katie, Yesterday at 12:37 AM

I am seeing a huge price range for DJs and was wondering what is an average price or what you guys are paying? Thanks in advance! *edit* I live in Minnesota

Michelle, Yesterday at 5:10 PM 16 Comments 133
Days Off
Megan, Yesterday at 11:33 PM

My friend thinks it's normal to take the week of your wedding off from work. But we are leaving for our honeymoon right after, so I am concerned about taking too much time off. Do you feel like it was...

Angerra, 54 seconds ago 15 Comments 145
Any "leap Day" (02/29/20) brides out there?
Kathryn, on February 4, 2019 at 6:40 PM

I just set my wedding date and booked my venue for February 29, 2020 - leap day!! I thought it was so fun and unique...any other Leap Day brides out there?

Darlene, 28 minutes ago 80 Comments 2,131
Brittany, Today at 1:04 AM

What did everyone pay for their venue (and what all does it include)? Every venue is so different and I'm not even sure what to look for in a venue or what a "good" price would be. It's pretty much...

Amanda, An hour ago 11 Comments 107
Std's and invitations
Soon2BMrs.Mills, Today at 12:41 AM

Hey everyone I haven't posted in a while. Been busy planning. I do have a question, my wedding is 10.06.19 when should I send out my std's (save the dates) and invitations?

Cheryl, 2 hours ago 3 Comments 33
Southern Cali Venues
Jenny, Today at 3:39 AM

Hello everyone! Any Southern California brides having an outdoor/ ranch/ farm/ woodsey wedding! I would love to see your venue and venue ideas!

Jenny, 3 hours ago 6
Changing Bridesmaids
Amanda , on January 3, 2016 at 6:38 PM

Hi, everyone! I have a wedding part dilemma. I picked my bridesmaids early on in our engagement, before I had a date or anything. My maid of honor was obvious and I have four bridesmaid. All of whom I...

Kathy, 3 hours ago 10 Comments 207
Intimate Destination Wedding or Whole Shebang Stateside Wedding?
Britt, Yesterday at 3:42 PM

Hi, My FH and I got engaged in December and are trying to figure out where we'd like to have our wedding. We've been at an impasse for months and I honestly don't know what else to do at this point to...

SoonToBeMrsJohansson, 4 hours ago 10 Comments 73
Being taken advantage of
Laura, Yesterday at 11:44 AM

So I had either a lady 20 minutes away or Safeway to do my flowers. The lady quoted really good prices. And seemed to what I wanted for a vision for flowers. Sooo I told Safeway no thank you. I went...

CDickman, 6 hours ago 22 Comments 391
Invites and returning on time?
Nicole, Yesterday at 7:06 PM

So we got about 40% of our invites back with any response and the due date to get them back to us is June 1... quite honestly making me nervous... within the bunch, most of our own wedding party did...

Mandi, 6 hours ago 6 Comments 103
When to buy rings?
Ana, Yesterday at 9:08 AM

Just for planning purposes we get married 9/1/19 when shoud we get rings ?

Nykole, 6 hours ago 11 Comments 106
What else am i forgetting?
Kaitlyn, Yesterday at 3:11 PM

I'm getting married Saturday and we just realized our tux rentals dont come with socks. Well as we are trying to figure out what to do for that, I thought I'd ask everyone else what other things were...

Alyssa, 6 hours ago 4 Comments 92
Gift ideas
Joann, Yesterday at 10:00 PM

Looking for some ideas/suggestions for gifts for hubby and sons on wedding day.

CDickman, 6 hours ago 2 Comments 18
Marriage certificate/license
Arielle, Yesterday at 8:49 PM

Hey all!! I have another question for you lol. My fiancé and I are getting married on Oct 10th of this year. We live in Florida but our wedding is going to be in NC, Banner Elk to be exact. Do we have...

Mandi, 6 hours ago 6 Comments 87
Can i bring my kids?
Keiwana, on April 26, 2019 at 10:28 AM

HELL NO! Lol. I specifically said that there will be no kids at our wedding; so why do people keep asking?! Anyone else dealing with this?

Alyssa, 6 hours ago 24 Comments 538
omg my wedding is Saturday.
Beauty of the Beast, Yesterday at 3:58 PM

I am so stressed about stuff that hasnt even happened yet... Any last minute tips?

Anna, Yesterday at 11:59 PM 8 Comments 126
BBQ wedding
OnCloudStroud, on February 13, 2017 at 2:35 PM

Any ideas for keeping a BBQ wedding menu classy and not too "picnic-y?" Appetizer, entree, and dessert options welcome!

Alyssa, Yesterday at 11:57 PM 21 Comments 1,854
Where to save??
Hayley, Yesterday at 2:22 PM

I was dead set on getting a great photographer and videographer now I am having a hard time finding places in the rest of the budget to save money... any suggestions?

Nykole, Yesterday at 11:54 PM 27 Comments 299
No kids
Latonya, on May 19, 2019 at 7:13 PM

For those of you not having kids at the wedding. What is your cut off age? My niece is 15......teenagers should be ok and well behaved right?

Alyssa, Yesterday at 11:50 PM 10 Comments 151