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What has covid changed in your wedding plans?
Octavia, on July 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM

I have went complete 360 on planning due to COVID. I feel like I’m starting all over since I have changed so much. I’m curious to hear how much if anything at all has changed for you gals.... ?

Charolett, 2 hours ago 93 1,561 2
Booking Vendors
Anais, on July 12, 2020 at 1:59 PM

How many months before the wedding date were all of your vendors booked?

Meghan, 7 hours ago 26 206
Fall 2020 brides...whats your new guest count??
Alma, on July 11, 2020 at 5:46 PM

I am curious to know how your guest count has changed due to COVID. I was holding on to hope that I could keep my 150 guest count for October, with safety measures...but no! I am not comfortable with...

Trisha, Yesterday at 9:53 AM 42 790 2
Good News - Maybe?
Margaret, Today at 6:40 PM

So we had an appointment with our MD this afternoon and he asked about our wedding, we stressed concern over Covid and with a medical opinion he basically assured us our feelings that even with the...

Christina, A minute ago 5 37
Thank you gift ideas
Mackenzie, Today at 3:31 PM

Im getting married this October (hopefully everything moves forward with Covid) but I’m starting to think about thank you gifts for my bridal party. As my thank you gift I am paying for the hair...

Katie, 4 minutes ago 4 61
Addressing covid criticism
Katie, Today at 2:40 PM

For all of y’all continuing your ceremony... Are any of you getting ahead of the backlash? When you send invites are you addressing that this was the best (only option) decision for you and you hope...

Belle, 4 minutes ago 6 157
Venue going out of business
, Today at 7:01 PM

So we just had a crazy phone call with our venue, as if this could’ve gotten any worse. Basically, in NY 50-person weddings are allowed in Phase 4. Our wedding is in 6 weeks and the venue is still...

, 8 minutes ago 4
Dallas, tx - Micro Wedding
Sb, Today at 6:04 PM

Hi ladies! I hope you all are staying safe & as happy as you can be during this crazy time we are in! For my Dallas, TX brides that eloped or held a micro wedding, where did you do it? How did you...

Kathryn, 18 minutes ago 3 20
Favors-which would you prefer?
Taran, Today at 9:59 AM

I'm getting married in September outside in TN. My mom and I decided that it would be a good idea to get some fans to hand out to our guest for the ceremony. We're not doing paper programs so they...

Jessica, 20 minutes ago 8 95
Banned Gatherings Until Feb 2021!!!
Onya, Today at 12:06 PM

So just found out that Philly is banning large gatherings until February 2021! My wedding is April 2021 so it has me a little nervous. We were going to go with a venue in our hometown but now we may...

Reena, 31 minutes ago 3 151
Couples getting married on February 1, 2021
Emily, Today at 12:47 PM

Hello fellow date twins! How is everyone holding up? Anyone continuing with wedding planning or rescheduling? I hope you are all doing well!

Reena, 38 minutes ago 2 27
Wedding Favors for guests
Julia, on June 29, 2020 at 10:14 AM

How many people are doing wedding favors for their guests? What are you guys doing for them? Me and my fiance are deciding if we want to do them and what ideas you ladies have done?

Jessica, 41 minutes ago 24 231 2
Unique/alternative Weddings
Chrysta, on July 7, 2020 at 11:09 AM

In recent years, couples have begun to steer away from old wedding traditions and make their ceremony/reception more reflective of their unique styles, interests, personalities. Are any of you...

Jessica, 56 minutes ago 27 302
Reschedule Date Nearing
Gretchen, on June 24, 2020 at 12:35 AM

Hi, friends! I had a small ceremony on our original at my parents house and rescheduled our big day! It is at the end of August so we were hoping things would be better. However, the town that our...

Gretchen, An hour ago 5 139 1
Help! i don't know what I'm doing!
Laura, Today at 3:46 PM

I don't know where to start with planning a wedding! Me and my fiance want to keep it fairly inexpensive and venues are so freaking spendy! I also don't know how to plan for this in general and can't...

Margaret, An hour ago 6 84
Bride's Wedding Regrets!
Auney, Yesterday at 5:36 PM

I'm just starting to plan my wedding, and I wanted to ask brides what their biggest regrets were with their weddings! I want to try avoid any regrets (which I know is impossible ha) so I need your...

Courtney, An hour ago 15 388 4
#Coronabrides, Postponing or Cancelling?
Caroline, on April 2, 2020 at 5:35 PM

Hi ladies, Out of curiosity, are you ladies postponing or cancelling your weddings? My fiancé and I were supposed to get married on April 18th, but three weeks ago we decided to move it to August...

Monique, An hour ago 1,065 71,208 27
Anyone just starting to plan their second wedding because the first one didn’t happen?
Jameelah, Yesterday at 10:17 PM

Due to COVID my first 04/04 wedding in Las Vegas was cancelled only 2 weeks before. After months of being sad about it, my mother and I have just gotten excited about planning all over again. This...

Winter Bride, An hour ago 5 90
November 2020 Wedding - Change of Plans?
Michelle, Today at 12:40 PM

Just curious what other November brides are doing...Our wedding is scheduled for November 13th, but my fiancé and I have recently started discussing postponing. We are in Texas, which is a hot spot...

Rachel, An hour ago 4 72
Couples getting married on December 11, 2021
Chelsea, on July 12, 2020 at 11:12 AM

Those getting married on December 11, 2021, what made you choose this date?? We chose it because we wanted enough time to spend a week on our honeymoon before Christmas Day. It gives plenty of time...

Lynnie, An hour ago 1 34
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