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Bridesmaids Question
Rachel, Yesterday at 9:28 AM

Hi everyone!I have a question about who you chose to be your bridesmaids? I know I am far out, but after taking an inventory on my friends, I'm struggling. Obviously when I look back on my day in the...

Taylor, 8 hours ago 30 1 325
Multiple trials or contract
Futuremrsv, Today at 9:06 PM

So when you were looking for your day of hair/makeup...did you book the place/sign the contract and then eventually have a trial?OrDid you have a trial first to see if you liked the work?My fh is...

Peggy, 5 minutes ago 7 34
Matron & Maid of Honor
Chantell, Today at 9:02 PM

Hi guys! Is it weird to have a matron of honor as well as a maid of honor? Then four bridesmaid? The matron of honor would be the one standing right next to be but i wanted to see what you guys...

Glacier, 5 minutes ago 8 51
Costs to plan for
Paige, Today at 8:15 PM

Hi all!We are new to the planning process and trying to plan. The venue was more than we expected, and we werent willing to cut costs on the food or photographer. So.... What did you all pay for the...

Paige, 6 minutes ago 4 45
Informed delivery post office
Bridget, Yesterday at 8:51 AM

So about a month ago the neighbor’s teen parked too close to our mailbox and we didn’t get delivery. It happens. Unfortunately it was fh paycheck day. Monday comes no check. 🤦🏼‍♀️ So Tuesday morning...

Melinda, 13 minutes ago 10 283
Gifts for 'would-be' bridesmaids
Ashley, Today at 5:45 PM

My fianceè and I had decided on our bridal parties before deciding to do a destination wedding where only immediate family was invited. My sister would have been my maid of honor so I plan on giving...

Yam, 14 minutes ago 6 134
Wedding Favors?!
Jazzmine, Today at 7:38 PM

What are yalls thoughts on wedding favors? 90% of our guests are from out of town so we are doing hotel welcome bags. Should we also do favors or is that an unnecessary expense? What are some favors...

Osha, 19 minutes ago 6 26
Planning favorite and least favorite thing
Monique, Today at 4:02 PM

What has been your favorite thing about planning a wedding so far? Least favorite? I think my favorite is the diys. I really enjoy being crafty. So far I have come up with some pretty cool things. My...

Monique, 20 minutes ago 23 155
Save The Dates - Need to Have or Nice to Have?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 12:04 PM

While sending out save the dates has become pretty standard, you can't forget it's still an additional cost! What's your stance on save the dates? Do your guests really need that much advance...

Shaelynne, 20 minutes ago 97 1 508
Last minute things
Victoria , Today at 8:09 PM

My wedding is in 10 DAYS!!what are things brides always forget! I think I have everything, but what are small things that are forgotten?I have everything checked from catering, cake, flowers for the...

McKenzie, 21 minutes ago 3 40
Kicking out
Sydney , Today at 2:40 PM

I asked 8 of my closes friends at the time to be in my bridal party. Something happened and me and my fiancé had to push our wedding back and now we don’t even know when we are planning on getting...

Jeanie, An hour ago 11 201
Reception ending early
Merline, on March 28, 2019 at 11:16 AM

I also posted this in Georgia planning, but added a few more. Please see below:Anyone have/having their wedding at Rose Hall Event Center or book a place with an early end time? We booked the venue a...

Kari, An hour ago 17 268
Videography - Need to Have or Nice to Have?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 12:05 PM

Have you been dreaming of your wedding video longer than you’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress? Do you think a videographer is a 'need to have' part of capturing your big day? Or do think...

Madison, An hour ago 82 1 410
Guest Transportation - Need to Have or Nice to Have?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 12:06 PM

This one definitely depends on your wedding plans, and whether you're having a hometown or destination wedding (or anywhere in-between)! What's your take on guest transportation? Is it an option the...

Ashley, An hour ago 72 360
Week/day of Timeline for Anxious Brides
Bethany, Today at 4:05 PM

Can any of my fellow brides with anxiety share their timelines with me, and/or any tips for staying calm and not stressing during your wedding week and day? I'm already a little stressed thinking...

Colleen, An hour ago 5 61
Couples getting married on September 21, 2019
Jen, on August 4, 2019 at 9:53 AM

Guys, our wedding is NEXT month! Are we freaking out yet?

Destinee, An hour ago 53 5 450
Where to Save
Paige, Today at 8:11 PM

Hi All,We are looking for places to save money. Our venue ended up being perfect for us, but is more than we wanted to spend. The venue and photographer are two things that are priorities. Also, the...

Courtney, An hour ago 1 45
Shutterfly Sale!
Courtney, Today at 7:52 AM

Man, I really hope this sale is around when I need books.

Cher Horowitz, 2 hours ago 2 44
My Wedding Day
Sacha, Today at 9:20 AM

8 more days left and it still feels so far away lol

Cher Horowitz, 2 hours ago 4 41
Plus One Requests...
Melissa, Today at 9:48 AM

Question - How to tell a family member they cannot bring a guest? So I was following up with my aunt about their (aunt uncle & 2 cousins, all in same house) RSVP. She said my younger cousin may...

Cher Horowitz, 2 hours ago 9 182