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Get wedding planning help, new ideas and advice from fellow Community members. Ask your planning questions and share tips about everything from staying on top of your budget to what's next on your planning checklist.



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Our Year is Here!!!!
Pat, on December 31, 2022 at 10:53 PM

FINALY !!! 2023 is just hours away and I;.ll finally be able to stop saying "next year" when asked when we are getting married. 4 months, 6 days ....... WOO HOO.

Tanya, 2 hours ago 152 1,748 20
Tips for planning in a short amount of time?
Brittany, on January 30, 2023 at 11:09 AM

We got engaged not too long ago, but we are looking to get married this summer for a multitude of different reasons. Looking at about 5 months of planning. For those who have planned their wedding in...

Richard, Yesterday at 9:25 AM 10 173 1
How are you saving money?
Jessica, on January 1, 2023 at 5:05 PM

This is primarily for the couples who, like us, are paying for the entire wedding themselves. I need advice and ideas, pretty please! My partner and I live in NYC, so there's no way in heck we were...

SH, Jan 22, 2023 39 1,396 4
Couples getting married on July 8, 2023
Jasmin, on June 13, 2022 at 2:45 PM

Congratulations To you all Wedding Date Twins!!!. I wish you all the most memorable and amazing day ever. I am so excited to Marry my best-friend, and Im sure you all are excited as well cheers to...

Elicia, 2 hours ago 12 115 1
Is it ableist to have a wedding at a converted old asylum?
Charlene, Yesterday at 11:57 PM

I was doing some late night googling of venues and I noticed one about two and a half hours away from me that is a chapel of an old asylum that was converted into an event center which I found...

Alyssa, 2 hours ago 1 45
Mountain venues in the west coast that are affordable?
Bell, Yesterday at 9:01 PM

Hi everyone! We are having a wedding on a weekday of next year. Either looking at March 2024 or May 2024. Our budget is $5000 but might go up to $8000 (no more than that). Our wedding...

Michael, 8 hours ago 1 22
Changing wedding date
Brittany, Yesterday at 12:32 PM

Has anyone been in a situation where you has to push back your wedding date for whatever reason? My future husband just decided to which our date from May to August. I’m ok with it but I didn’t want...

Ayanna, Yesterday at 11:22 PM 7 78
European Trip Before Our Wedding
Eliza, Yesterday at 11:10 PM

Hello! So my fiancé and I have a great opportunity to go on a 2 week trip to Europe with most expenses paid for. But the issue is that we’ll come back home from the trip just ONE week before our...

Eliza, Yesterday at 11:10 PM 24
Bop or Flop: Tipping the Venue?
Elle, Yesterday at 6:31 PM

Hi there! I was reviewing my invoice for the venue I am using for the ceremony and reception. Its kind of an all-in-one gig in which they provide the food and bar. I noticed a 20% service charge on...

Lisa, Yesterday at 7:16 PM 2 41
Just a thought…
Lala, on January 29, 2023 at 8:54 AM

Ok so don’t come for me cause I’ve read all the articles and I know what people are going to say about etiquette…. Anywho me and fiancé decided to get married a bit earlier than first planned ( our...

Jacks, Yesterday at 5:43 PM 20 230
Scary and lost
Alice, Yesterday at 12:43 PM

I'm very lost on planning this wedding I only have a budget of $1,700 and I want it to be fabulous and sweet and rememberable but everything is so expensive how am I going to make this budget...

Jacks, Yesterday at 5:42 PM 5 200
Wedding budget
Laura, Yesterday at 1:37 PM

Hey girls, I would like to keep my wedding budget under 10k if possible but everything is very expensive in south Florida. What is your budget and how are you finding affordable vendors? I was reading...

Keri, Yesterday at 3:30 PM 2 59
Couples getting married on September 3, 2023
Mia_Porter16, on January 29, 2022 at 8:31 PM

Hi September 3, 2023 brides! I'm interested to see where everyone else is at in the planning process!

Maria, Yesterday at 3:15 PM 8 116 1
Courthouse Wedding
Brittany, Yesterday at 1:35 PM

Did anyone or is anyone planning a courthouse wedding? How are you going about planning it, are things you will incorporate ? Will you have a reception etc?

Brittany, Yesterday at 2:30 PM 2 48
Getting married next may 2024
Beverly, on January 25, 2023 at 8:00 PM

I need some ideas to get for my wedding i dont like last minute thing i like getting stuff early and it be my second marriage with same spouse this will be my first real wedding thank you!

Julija, Yesterday at 2:24 PM 5 56
Photographer Contract
Angela, Yesterday at 11:38 AM

Hello all! I am getting married in October of 2024 & finding a photographer has not been easy. But i've lucked out! I've found a beautiful photographer from my hometown whom is available on my...

Angela, Yesterday at 12:08 PM 4 63
More things
Traci, on January 28, 2023 at 2:05 PM

I received more things. For the wedding. Like party favor items and gifts for bridal party. I looked at everything and packed it away. Lol box #2 is anyone else planning early? Bridal party and guest...

Kimberly, Yesterday at 8:41 AM 12 125
Couples getting married on November 16, 2024
Cockrell, on August 3, 2022 at 5:50 PM

I’m getting married on November 16th, 2024!! I’m already stressing out over the planning portion and just about everything else. I have our colors picked out which are baby blue, grey, white and burnt...

Michelle, Yesterday at 12:05 AM 5 75
Couples getting married on October 5, 2024
Samantha, on January 12, 2023 at 12:55 AM

Where are my date twins?

Cfonteno, Jan 30, 2023 13 99 2
How to ask for a room block?
Elizabeth, on January 28, 2023 at 2:35 PM

My venues a resort that hosts 2 weddings and sometimes an event in a day. Currently we’re the only wedding/event. They offer a 10 room courtesy block that they claim you can re-up. In research, I’ve...

Elizabeth, Jan 30, 2023 7 112
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