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How Involved Are Your Grooms in the wedding planning?
MrsC, on February 21, 2023 at 11:34 PM

Are they in on every stage of planning or just when asked their opinions? Are they enthusiastic participants or they like, "where do I pick up the tux and what time should I be at the church?" I am...

MrsC, May 12, 2023 29 445
Ring boxes, yay or nay? (Subscription boxes)
Ariana, on February 7, 2023 at 4:15 AM

I’ve been reading a view posts of people who regretted not getting one of the ring boxes during their engagements and I wanted to hear from people who either love their boxes or could live without...

Adi, Apr 26, 2023 15 269
Our Year is Here!!!!
Pat, on December 31, 2022 at 10:53 PM

FINALY !!! 2023 is just hours away and I;.ll finally be able to stop saying "next year" when asked when we are getting married. 4 months, 6 days ....... WOO HOO.

Paige, Mar 27, 2023 161 1,950 22
Any June 2023 weddings?
Christyluv, on August 11, 2022 at 5:23 PM

Have you started planning?

Jonswife, 20 minutes ago 20 338
Thoughts On Our Dress Code
Adan, Yesterday at 2:52 AM

So my fiance and I are having our wedding this late fall early winter. We will be having a very formal event at a ballroom at a five star hotel in NYC. My fiancé absolutely loves formalwear and wants...

Bird, An hour ago 6 103
Courthouse wedding
Tania, Yesterday at 5:34 PM

How do I make my wedding day something to remember????

Michael, 6 hours ago 1 15
Sonya, on April 27, 2023 at 1:30 PM

How much of a budget for floral is realistic. I'm planning in a guest count of about 100. Some of the proposals I'm getting are $5-6K. I have no plans to spend that much on flowers. What's a...

Sonya, Yesterday at 12:14 PM 15 213 1
How much beer & wine for an open bar?
Jerriona, on April 12, 2023 at 4:42 PM

How much beer and wine did you get for 100 guests? We were thinking 2 kegs and about 3 cases of wine (36 bottles). I am scared that isn't enough.

Han & Michael, Yesterday at 12:04 PM 8 117
Can’t find a venue
Bethany, on April 14, 2023 at 12:07 PM

Oh my gosh guys, i just need to know… is anyone else experiencing the dilemma of “i love this venue but it’s too far out of reach” or “i love this venue but it’s way out of budget” 😱 still searching...

Han & Michael, Yesterday at 12:02 PM 9 245
Are save the dates worth it?
Haley, on May 27, 2023 at 8:30 PM

My fiancé wants to send an electronic message but I want to make use of our engagement pics. Thoughts? Did you think it was worth it? Not? Also any places you’d recommend buying them?

Cece, Yesterday at 10:52 AM 7 113
Help Me Decide My Menu!
Adan, on May 27, 2023 at 3:25 PM

After some consideration, I’ve come to agree with many people that our old menu was too long. The nine courses would certainly take too long, and I want people who aren't huge eaters/ foodies to...

Adan, Yesterday at 2:41 AM 8 109
Getting legally married, then doing a ceremony and a reception later?
Jessica, on January 29, 2018 at 3:56 PM

Hey there Wedding Wire Community! So ny fiancé proposed in December of 2017, and at first we wanted a June wedding but were trying to be realistic and settled for a September wedding (in 2018) but...

Stephanie, May 27, 2023 22 14,305 4
Check Vendor Reviews
Celine, on April 11, 2023 at 1:20 PM

This may be obvious for a lot of people, but it wasn’t for my husband and I so I wanted to share a little advice for anyone booking vendors for their wedding. My husband and I got married in the...

Michelle, May 27, 2023 3 121
Going abroad for 2 months in the last six months before the wedding?
Katie, on May 23, 2023 at 3:41 PM

Hello, all! My wedding is in early November 2024. Would it be a bad idea to go abroad mid-May to mid-July that year? I plan on hiring a partial service planner. Thanks!

Ashlee, May 27, 2023 2 65
So expensive....
Her, on May 26, 2023 at 1:55 PM

Why are weddings so expensive???? Just thinking about the cost and the stress makes me not want to have one. The nonsense I'd hear from family about skipping it would be here I am trying...

LM, May 27, 2023 4 98
Invitations to Celebrities
KCmarryingSpook, on December 24, 2016 at 8:45 AM

Ok so I finished my invitations yesterday, late per the wedding wire checklist, but glad they are finally done. Now as I sit here looking at my extra invites, I wonder..., who has mailed out some to...

Amanda, May 26, 2023 47 801
Hard Rock Punta Cana
Lindsay, on January 28, 2021 at 12:13 PM

I'm getting married at the Hard Rock Punta Cana on February 22nd, 2022. Anyone have feedback on the resort or had/having a wedding there? Who did you use for vendors? Any info you have!

Diana, May 26, 2023 3 75
No one is attending our vow renewal - any encouraging words?
Jill, on May 1, 2023 at 11:14 AM

Hi all, we have many circumstances that are adding up to no one attending: Our original wedding was cancelled because of Covid-19 and now finally we found the time (and did survey everyone on the new...

MrsC, May 26, 2023 5 257
Flower preservation
Kelly, on March 5, 2023 at 11:47 AM

How are you preserving your wedding flowers?

MrsC, May 26, 2023 3 69
Seeking Wedding Planner Sheet - Any Generous Souls Willing to Share?
Snežana, on May 25, 2023 at 8:52 AM

Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. I am currently in the midst of planning my wedding, and I was wondering if any kind-hearted individuals within this wonderful community have a...

Alyssa, May 25, 2023 4 85
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