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What is your one non negotiable must have item?
Michelle, on January 13, 2022 at 4:30 PM

What vendor/item/service did you absolutely not budge on?

Christa, 5 hours ago 23 280
Surprisingly difficult wedding tasks?
Zanetah, on January 17, 2022 at 5:50 PM

Hi Brides!! I am sooo happy it’s finally 2022 and my big day is only 8 months away! I am curious what tasks have been a pain for you? Maybe one you didn’t expect to be difficult. For me it was getting...

Moonlitstar, Yesterday at 6:39 PM 31 507
Janicaellison, on January 13, 2022 at 6:47 PM

Hello Brides To Be…. I was wondering have y’all thought about Postpone y’all wedding date due to the Omicron Variant and are y’all scared that y’all guest want show up for y’ very Scared...

Kia, Jan 19, 2022 72 1,584 3
Help us decide: bridal party, just moh & Best Man, no bridal party
ostrichfeather, Today at 10:16 AM

We have been planning our wedding since last summer, and it is quickly approaching in about 8 months. We're in our early/mid 30s. Originally, we weren't going to have a bridal party, not even a maid...

Josie, 18 minutes ago 5 54
Ceremony start time?!
Jenifer, Today at 11:44 AM

We’re getting married October 8th in western North Carolina, I don’t want to start the ceremony too early but not too late either. Any suggestions??

Josie, 44 minutes ago 3 37
Bouquet toss alternatives
Spark, Today at 5:20 PM

Everyone is married, so what's a creative or alternative way to do a bouquet toss? I'm open to all sorts of fun ideas + song.

Spark, 58 minutes ago 5
Destination wedding/reception
Tessa, Today at 5:10 PM

We are going to FL for our destination wedding. I was planning on live streaming but now a bunch of family want to come and that’s fine. My question is about the reception, I was thinking of going out...

Tessa, An hour ago 6
Wedding photographer
Spark, Today at 4:39 PM

Signed contract. Wedding photographer wants payment before sending countersigned contract. This does not seem normal to me. Thoughts?

Melinda, An hour ago 7 36
Is it too early to be planning for 2023
Christy, Yesterday at 6:38 PM

Curious so have you guys already started planning and looking and get anything started for your wedding if you’re having it in 2023?

Janice, An hour ago 23 255 1
Looking for my tribe... small, non-traditional, small budget weddings.
Shannon, on October 10, 2021 at 3:57 PM

I feel so out of place in most of these forums. I'm looking for my tribe to discuss planning ideas. I'm not so concerned about typical wedding things or what the majority considers the right way to do...

Gloria, An hour ago 84 1,134 1
Update #backontrack#
Monique, Yesterday at 11:26 PM

Hi guys giving an update last year it was all good first 5 mos in then jobs lost so financially we has to pause. But now with much prayer new jobs and I spoken to our venue we had to move dates and...

Kristen, An hour ago 3 46
Indian - American weddings
Jennifer, Yesterday at 10:54 AM

Hello! My fiancé and I are planning our wedding. He is Punjabi so we will be having a Punjabi wedding with an American fusion. Does anyone have any advice for my planning? I am not Indian but I am...

Lynnie, 2 hours ago 2 39 1
Shirleen, Today at 11:35 AM

Hi all! My partner and I are currently in the early stages of planning for our wedding and we are curious to know what are some common issues, concerns and unexpected things you all are running into...

Shirleen, 3 hours ago 14 124
Timeline November wedding with 4pm ceremony
Samantha, Today at 9:30 AM

Hi everyone! I’m trying to look for some suggestions on a good wedding day timeline. We will have eight bridesmaids who will be getting hair and makeup (nothing elaborate), along with possibly my...

Marianne, 3 hours ago 2 38
Hotel tax and Country hotel tax
Yorlynn, Today at 12:06 PM

My venue is having me pay a 10% country hotel tax, as well as sales tax on my wedding Saturday morning. I was wondering since no one is sleeping there because it is a day event can they do that?

Veronica, 4 hours ago 2 60
May 20th 2022 Brides how are we doing?
Destanee, on January 19, 2022 at 8:11 PM

My fiancee and I are getting married 5/20/2022. Just wanted to reach out to all the other brides getting married on the same date and see how everyone's doing? I'm getting excited but sometimes...

Destanee, 4 hours ago 9 77 1
Rentals overwhelming!
PermaGrin, Yesterday at 3:58 AM

Oh my I never thought rentals could be so intimidating!!! I have one company that I supposed to sign with that handles all tent/chair/linen/catering/bar etc.. Basically the route that requires so...

Michelle, 4 hours ago 11 134
Couples getting married on March 30, 2022
Michele, Today at 1:09 PM

67 days & counting!!!

Michele, 5 hours ago 4
Who else is getting married in 2023 or 2024?
Genna, on November 4, 2021 at 11:57 AM

Who else is getting married in 2023 or 2024? What are you doing wedding related to keep yourselves busy in the mean time? I want to be proactive so me and my FH wont be stressed when the time nears....

Christa, 5 hours ago 183 1,780 10
Throwback Thursday
Melinda, Yesterday at 7:26 PM

I’ve seen a lot of members on here in the past couple weeks (including myself) talking about how stressed they are.. I thought this may be fun! Post the first picture of you and FH together Post the...

Melinda, 5 hours ago 4 84
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