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What was way easier than you thought? What was harder?
Rosie, on June 8, 2021 at 9:24 PM

So we did our tentative wedding seating plan last night and I have to be honest - before we started I'd heard it was one of THE WORST parts of planning! Now, to be fair my family live mostly overseas...

Rosie, Yesterday at 10:38 PM 39 406
Day-Of Coordinator Questions
Lisa, on June 10, 2021 at 2:48 PM

Specifically what tasks would a day-of coordinator do during the entire wedding day, aside from setup/tear down? I've never known anyone who hired a DOC for their wedding, so I'm not really familiar...

Day, Jun 10, 2021 11 187 1
Brides of 2022 share your wedding dates 😍
Kassondra, on May 19, 2021 at 8:32 PM

I’m getting married April 9, 2022!

Anna, 5 hours ago 513 4,622 21
Leaving dog alone?
Shaunna, Yesterday at 9:39 PM

So I want to start off by saying I am stressing out so much about leaving our 2 yr old dog at home (our wedding is June 26, 2021…so really soon!) Now, she has her own room (our spare bedroom with a...

Sexypoodle, 6 hours ago 13 118
Jenn, on March 9, 2021 at 10:16 AM

Some of you may have heard by now (I found out through a post on WW) that the cicadas are coming out full force this year in May. Those that aren't aware, gazillllllionnnns of cicadas come out from...

Jenn, 6 hours ago 24 572
Debating between traditional ceremony reception or micro wedding
Janessa, Yesterday at 11:40 PM

I’ve been engaged since 2019 and bc of timing and Covid planning to get married in 2022. I would love to have an intimate yet elegant wedding but bc of weddings being so expensive and all the minute...

Kaylee, 6 hours ago 1 26
Shaniqua, Yesterday at 12:16 PM

I'm getting married in 2023 and I've been looking around for literally everything and with that came incredible expenses I was planning on saving everything I have to make this happen to make sure...

themost, 7 hours ago 15 164
Who’s getting married on 9-25-2022 and what have you done so far ??
Makeba, on June 13, 2021 at 7:56 AM

I’m getting married on 9-25-2022, we have selected a venue, officiant, photographer, day of coordinator. Colors are picked, planning our engagement dinner...whew🥰🙂

Makeba, Yesterday at 10:03 PM 11 60
Addressing guests with plus ones
Jennifer, Yesterday at 2:46 PM

Not sure how plus ones are usually addressed in rsvps. Only certain guests are receiving plus ones. For guests who are receiving plus ones, can I address the envelope as “person’s name and guest” and...

Ingrid, Yesterday at 9:47 PM 7 119
Conflicted on Wedding Signage
Amanda, Yesterday at 6:16 PM

So I’ve been in love with wedding signage like this (picture attached) since before we got engaged. It’s basically painted acrylic with gold scripted paint/vinyl for the wording. I found a super...

Rebelle Fleur, Yesterday at 9:34 PM 13 124
First Invitation Mailed!!
Ingrid, Yesterday at 9:31 PM

This past weekend a good friend, who printed all of the pieces of the invitations, along with my mom put all of the invitations together. And today I went to the post office to send my first...

Ingrid, Yesterday at 9:31 PM 21
4/30/22 weddings how far are you into your journey??
Corin, on May 25, 2021 at 10:12 PM

I am curious how far our wedding twins are in their planning process? We have our venue for ceremony/reception, our photographer, our catering company picked out, and our Dj. We feel like we don’t...

Stacy, Yesterday at 9:10 PM 25 284 6
September 18th 2021 brides
Kayla, Yesterday at 9:08 PM

Hi everyone! 95 DAYS LEFT! Feels so so so far away! What’s everyone got left to plan? I feel like I still have so much but I really don’t so definitely want to know where people are at?! Also! What’s...

Kayla, Yesterday at 9:08 PM 12
Invite Wax Seals
Erika, Yesterday at 11:05 AM

Hello! I’m thinking about using a wax seal to close the jacket on my invite and rsvp card. This would be placed inside the envelope. Is it safe to mail with a wax seal through the usps? Is there...

Molly, Yesterday at 8:59 PM 11 76
Newly Engaged!
Kaylee, Yesterday at 8:29 PM

Hello beautiful brides to be or already beautiful brides! I’m newly engaged & absolutely struggling to figure out where to start on planning my wedding! Any tips on how to or what to do is...

Sylvia, Yesterday at 8:39 PM 2 22
Destination Weddings
Ashley, on February 11, 2021 at 9:56 PM

Anyone else planning a destination wedding for 2022?!

Jacquelyne, Yesterday at 8:37 PM 23 248 4
December 2022 Brides
Jacquelyne, Yesterday at 8:33 PM

Hey everyone! Just wanted to know who’s also getting married December 2022 and have you’ve started planning at all?

Jacquelyne, Yesterday at 8:33 PM 4
August 2021 Bridesssssss
Dana, on June 2, 2021 at 9:58 PM

How’s everything going?

Jenee, Yesterday at 8:12 PM 103 677 4
3 weeks left! :)
Ty, on June 13, 2021 at 4:04 PM

Three weeks left until our wedding day. So excited, any last minute things that we should have on our radar? I feel like I’m missing something and I am not quite sure what..

Ty, Yesterday at 8:11 PM 4 49
Autumn, Yesterday at 8:41 AM

Hi fellow brides, we have just received our invites in the mail, does anyone have any tips for finding addresses as quickly as possible?

Michelle, Yesterday at 8:10 PM 10 89
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