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Cece, on September 20, 2021 at 10:01 AM

What non-traditional things are you incorporating into your wedding?

Alyssa, 4 hours ago 20 173
Small Wedding/microwedding/elopement
Cece, Yesterday at 10:11 AM

Calling all brides who’ve had a very small, intimate wedding, microwedding, or elopement…. Would you please share your experiences with this type of wedding and spam me with pictures!! We are...

, 4 hours ago 18 130
Going above and beyond for guests
Cece, on September 20, 2021 at 9:27 AM

I know we always hear about “properly hosting” our guests. But is anyone going beyond the minimum etiquette expectations in hosting? (Things such as extravagant favors, welcome bags, entertainment at...

Lisa, Yesterday at 10:22 PM 23 322 1
Time off?
Gabby, on September 20, 2021 at 8:11 AM

For those of you not going to your honeymoon after your wedding, how much time are you taking off before/after? I am a teacher. So far I'm taking off the day of my wedding (Friday) and I already don't...

Brittany, Yesterday at 11:52 AM 21 179
Which is a better idea for a wedding no food or potluck reception?
Jenny, Today at 11:25 AM

Hi! I'm excitedly planning my wedding for next year! To have my perfect day I'm making cuts whenever possible. We will be having a cash bar to save money. We've already set up a GoFundMe so guests can...

Mrs_Cs, 11 minutes ago 17 263
Wedding Gift for future husband.
Haleigh, Yesterday at 9:32 PM

So my fiancé's grandfather and uncle passed within a year of each other, and he was pretty much raised by them. He misses them dearly, so with that said I want to have a photo of him and his uncle and...

Lynnie, 55 minutes ago 1 44
Non-cheesy Djs in the nj area
Katie, Yesterday at 2:52 PM

Hey All! I am getting married 11/4/22 in a barn in North Jersey. My fiancé and I are pretty chill people and do not want a cheesy DJ. We do want someone who will play our favorite indie tracks, and...

Lynnie, An hour ago 2 32
Can't decide on wedding date
bevbabe, on September 16, 2021 at 9:42 AM

Anyone else having/had trouble picking a date? How did you decide? I have a very busy job and a big family so I have to navigate dates around birthdays, holidays, family trips, and work commitments...

Katherine, An hour ago 15 153
Affording your wedding
Janessa, Today at 10:07 AM

How is everyone budgeting and financing their wedding; especially where I’m located it’s an arm and a leg and difficult to pay with just us .

W-K, An hour ago 16 215
When should we mail Invites?
Melinda, Yesterday at 5:13 PM

Our wedding is 03/12/2022. We did send save the dates in June 2021. 90% of the 140 invited will be traveling in. I would like RSVPS no later that 02/10/2022 to give me time to track down the people...

Katherine, An hour ago 5 82 1
Officially a year away
Jody, Today at 5:23 AM

Just wanted to post because I'm extremely excited that I get to marry my amazing fiancé in one year from today!

Katherine, An hour ago 6 55 1
today is the day!!!
Sylvia, Today at 7:39 AM

OMG! Today we’re getting married💜 I can’t believe it’s here… 😱😱😱 I’m going to absorb every moment I can! Here we go y’all!

Lynnie, An hour ago 5 58
Destination wedding, No Bridesmaids, i want to do something special for the 20 gals coming.....
Lesley, Today at 12:59 PM

Hello everyone, We are having a destination wedding. More people said yes than we anticipated which is completely fine. We are over the moon excited 40 of our closest friends and Fam will be there...

Cece, 3 hours ago 2 34
No photographer?
Dizzy, Today at 11:02 AM

So yesterday our photographer emails me and says she has a family emergency and has to move out of state, she is cancelling all up and coming gigs. This super sucks for her but also sad for us. She...

Gina, 3 hours ago 5 98
October 2021 Brides - its almost Time!
Milada, on September 17, 2021 at 5:30 PM

Our wedding is exactly 30 days away, we picked up our marriage license today, and am so excited that we're so close now! This has been a very stressful experience with everything going on but at the...

Victoria, 4 hours ago 38 285
How many times did you meet with the venue and the Doc?
Lisa, Yesterday at 10:28 PM

So, we are having a 4 day event. So, we have been to the venue 5 times with another visit tomorrow. 1st time to view, second to take fiance and FOB, 3rd to sign the contract, 4th just an overall...

Bethany, 4 hours ago 7 114
July 16, 2022
08202, on July 10, 2021 at 10:27 PM

Who else’s date?!

Katherine, 4 hours ago 22 215 1
Golf course wedding on $7,000 budget
Priscilla, Yesterday at 5:11 PM

Hi ladies! I am newly engaged and we are planning on having our wedding August 2022. My fiancé is in the military and we are expected to PCS sometime in December 2022 (yay for added stress); so, we're...

Lauren, 5 hours ago 7 172
Officially 1 month for us October 23rds!!
Katherine, Yesterday at 11:21 AM

I'm soo ready and it's almost here! I have some final crafts to do but I refuse to let myself get stressed out! We are all so close! I'm soo excited for everyone who shares the date with me! We are...

Katherine, 5 hours ago 7 81
Festival Style Wedding
Cara, Yesterday at 1:54 PM

I had the idea to do a music festival style wedding. I am a DIYer and and I want to do something a little more relaxing, so the festivities with all our friends and family can go on all weekend...

Dizzy, 6 hours ago 3 76
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