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Do y’all actually enjoy wedding planning?
Ashley, on June 30, 2020 at 5:33 PM

I feel like such a crappy bride to be/fiancé because I haven’t enjoyed any aspect of this wedding planning stuff. I constantly just feel stressed out and overwhelmed. I’ve never been a huge planner or...

Kaysey, 13 minutes ago 36 288
Choosing a Venue
Sarah, on July 1, 2020 at 3:26 PM

Looking for some tips/advice, anything will help! We got engaged back in December, and at first we just enjoyed the moment and didn't rush right into wedding planning. Finally in February we started...

Sarah, Jul 1, 2020 29 155
Elements you included vs skipping them
Jana, Today at 12:13 AM

What made the list of things that you are planning to keep or splurge on and what are you nixing because it isn't important to you and/or out of budget?

Katlyn, 7 seconds ago 10 86
To shuttle or not to shuttle?
Brittney, Today at 3:46 AM

Hi! We are planning on having about 300 guest. We’re getting married in Washington D.C.. We have family coming from Virginia, New York and quite a few already live in the D.C., Maryland, NOVA area. We...

Kaysey, 4 minutes ago 4 54
Simple wedding?
Laura, on January 12, 2020 at 12:16 AM

Is anyone doing a simple wedding? Not bouquet chandeliers and 8ft arches lined with real flowers? No drone videography... just a simple wedding? I miss hearing about those. Tell me about yours if you...

Megan, 17 minutes ago 62 782 2
Cocktail reception vs seated dinner for social distancing
Brigid, Yesterday at 8:28 AM

Has anyone had, or are considering, a cocktail reception in lieu of a seated dinner? We are thinking because of the pandemic that guests can spread out more, so they might be more comfortable than...

, 22 minutes ago 11 137
Should i hire a first choice photographer?
Marina, Today at 2:53 AM

So we had troubles with the photographer we wanted to work with at first and now we are looking for a new one. To be honest, I feel exhausted and I found a girl who does nice shots and I'd like to...

Lisa, 55 minutes ago 6 39
future Brides!! ⚠️ tips on Rsvps ⚠️
Erin, Yesterday at 7:22 AM

I have had quite a few people send back their RSVPs with no name on them! Don’t let this happen to you. Come up with a system so you’ll know exactly who it is even if they do forget their name....

Rea, An hour ago 11 125 1
To book a hotel room block or not to
Bianca, Yesterday at 12:35 AM

I have family members coming out of town to small town middleboro. I know my sisters and mom who are coming from out of time are renting an Airbnb , but my family coming from RI might want to stay but...

Erin, An hour ago 10 82
When To Ask Bridesmaids ...
Laura, on June 17, 2020 at 5:32 PM

...to be a bridesmaid? Do you have to have a wedding date selected before you ask? Because of coronavirus, I am likely going to plan my wedding for a couple years out - 2022. How many months in...

Amanda, An hour ago 20 187
Night before the wedding
Tiffany, on July 1, 2020 at 8:09 PM

My bridesmaids & I will be in a hotel the night before so that everyone is on time morning of. Did you guys do anything special for your bridesmaids? Suggestions?

Amanda, An hour ago 7 130
Is anyone else struggling with bridesmaid dresses looking different colors?
Rebecca, Yesterday at 1:42 PM

Ok fellow Brides and Bridesmaids, I'm struggling over here. I chose Chianti for my bridesmaid....has anyone else picked this color or used it in the past? My struggle is that it looks lavendar/lilac...

Angela, An hour ago 15 145
We got our stationery!!
mrswinteriscoming, Yesterday at 9:02 PM

We got all our stationery and I’m so excited! We went the old fashioned route with our wedding because I personally am not a fan of wedding websites - they’re just not as personal or sentimental as...

Amanda, An hour ago 7 84
Postpone? August 15, 2020
Erin, Yesterday at 5:28 PM

I’m starting to really wonder if I should consider postponing my wedding on 8/15/2020. I don’t want everyone required to wear a mask and at the same time, I don’t want any of my family and/or friends...

Erin, 2 hours ago 8 175
Couples getting married on October 26, 2021
Charlotte, Today at 6:57 AM

Hello fellow couples!!!! We just got engaged June 3, 2020 October 26th is a special day for the two of us. Its the day that we met and we celebrate this year as new milestone in our journey together....

Charlotte, 2 hours ago 2 15
Rescheduling and dealing with vendors
Mr&mrslamb, Today at 2:58 AM

For those who decided to move their wedding date, how was it for you guys? Did you guys had a hard time talking with your vendors? All my vendors have agreed to reschedule without any additional fee...

Molly, 2 hours ago 4 46
Second photographer????
Olga, Yesterday at 9:36 PM

so after 1.5 years of being engaged (we've been together almost 10 years so all good) we finally decided to start planning this wedding. We have booked our wedding venue and date. So that's checked...

Elmarose04, 4 hours ago 16 86 1
Flowers On a Budget, diy or not?
Elysia, Yesterday at 12:05 PM

Hello! I just talked to my first wedding flower vendor yesterday and was totally SHOCKED at the price I was quoted. Over $600 for a bouquet for me, a boutonnière for him, and 7 centerpieces. I...

Rebecca, 5 hours ago 16 141
Gift for Parents / Host
Natalie, on July 1, 2020 at 12:40 PM

Hi all! My Mom and Stepdad have generously offered their farm land for my fiance to get married on. What is a nice gift for them?

Jessica, 6 hours ago 5 51
covid seating plan
Katelyn, Yesterday at 2:19 PM

My venue has 3 sites available. A reception hall that holds 300, an indoor ceremony area, and an outdoor ceremony area. We were planning on using the indoor ceremony area so that we did not have to...

Katelyn, 8 hours ago 2 76
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