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Engagement Photos, Worth it or over rated?
Amanda, on September 17, 2020 at 5:16 PM

My fiancé and I have started looking for our wedding photographer and a lot of them offer deals on engagement photos if you schedule with them. I'm very on the fence about engagement photos, I'm a...

Erin, Yesterday at 6:40 PM 29 504
How long did you wait to get engaged & married ?
Aleta, on September 16, 2020 at 12:50 PM

How long did it take you to get engaged and married. It would be cool to share our wonderful stories 😊

Raquel, Sep 18, 2020 67 727 2
How many hours is your ceremony and reception?
Nakia, on September 17, 2020 at 12:42 PM

Hey so our ceremony starts at 1 reception to follow at the same location. Is 7 hours to long? Should I shorten the time?

Nakia, Sep 18, 2020 33 223
Bridesmaid Gifts
Emily, Today at 12:46 PM

I’m wondering what people are doing for bridesmaid gifts? I want to do the matching robes, but are you expected to give something else on top of that too? I’m not sure how much is expected.

Jennifer, 13 minutes ago 15 139
Wedding website
Jaime, Today at 7:04 PM

I’m having so many issues with creating a wedding website, anyone else? Suggestions? Pictures won’t stay centered, wouldn’t let me put a hotel so I just created my own tab and typed it out.

Yasmine, 50 minutes ago 2 13
November 2020 Wedding
Sarah, on September 18, 2020 at 1:36 PM

I'm getting married on 11/20 and was curious what other brides are doing that are getting married around that date. Are you moving forward? Postponing? Cancelling? Our guests received their...

Courtney, An hour ago 12 185
covid wedding
Rachel, Today at 5:21 PM

Anyone else still continue with having their wedding during this time? If so, was the turnout lower than normal? Our venue won’t let us change the date so we are continuing with December 20th and our...

Jessica, An hour ago 13 132
Budget Wedding
Adriana, Today at 9:04 AM

Any budget brides here? We are doing a super intimate wedding and trying to cut costs as much as possible, keeping the entire wedding budget under $8000 since we are in the process of building...

Jana, An hour ago 15 262
i got my charms!
Alma, Yesterday at 3:59 PM

I ordered these bouquet/boutonnière charms for FH and I (his dad, my mom). I am so in love with them! Just wanted to share

Melle, An hour ago 17 101 2
Last minute snafus
Heather, Yesterday at 7:02 PM

So the original wedding date was April 11th and 17 days before the big day we had to postpone (thank you covid-19) So now the big day is October 3rd. Here we are 14 days out and my fiance's work...

Melle, An hour ago 5 157
Would you still have a photographer for your vow renewal and reception?
Charlotte, Yesterday at 7:19 PM

Like a lot of couples, we decided to elope on our original wedding date. Only our parents and wedding party were present for the ceremony. We had photos done of our intimate ceremony and took a TON of...

Melle, An hour ago 10 102
2020 just keeps on giving
Rachel, Yesterday at 8:46 PM

So a few weeks back we decided to cut our guest list down due to covid, which I really wasn’t upset about at all. And I was excited about our new wedding timeline & plans. We’re supposed to get...

Melle, An hour ago 9 212
19 Days Away From Saying i Do
Ingrid, Yesterday at 11:35 PM

We were supposed to be dancing the evening away today but postponed our stateside reception to next year. But, I was able to pick up both my wedding (Jamaica) dress and stateside (Sacramento) dress up...

Melle, An hour ago 7 104
Has anyone felt wishy washy with their vendors?
Ashley, Today at 12:22 AM

Hi all, I am feeling like a pretty flakey bride at this point. With COVID- I have scaled down my wedding a bit and originally told my caterer we were going from 100 people to 30, then I had to tell...

Melle, An hour ago 6 145
2 weeks to go!
Katie, Today at 9:26 AM

Two weeks from today we officially say “I Do” at our minimony! This was a sort of last minute decision and am having a big wedding next October. I planned this small wedding in my grandparents...

Melle, 2 hours ago 5 53
Viking Wedding/music
Genevieve, Today at 4:08 PM

Hey all! So my fiancé and I want to do a Viking-themed wedding and we have some really fun ideas! However, I don’t wanna make our guests have to listen to Viking music the entire night, considering...

Kimberly, 2 hours ago 6 57
Guest Book
, Today at 12:32 PM

I qas talking about doing a guest book alternative like some kind of decor, And my mom said but you are still doing a guest book too? But I thought that kind if thing was instead of a guest book they...

Melle, 2 hours ago 15 115
How to list someone on program that could not make it due to Covid?
Today, Today at 10:02 AM

My matron of honor is unable to attend due to Covid restrictions in her state. However I still want her listed on the program. How do I place that in? I don't want people thinking she has covid or...

Kimberly, 2 hours ago 4 64
Libby, Today at 12:04 PM

Best website to make invitations for a decent price! And, GO!!

Melle, 2 hours ago 9 58
Invitation details?
Jessilyn, on September 18, 2020 at 4:08 PM

We’re going to be creating our invitations soon and I’m not sure what to put on them besides of course the date and time. I’m also not sure how to organize it concisely. I know We’re going to have a...

Jasmine, 3 hours ago 8 112
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