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Ask all your questions about wedding dresses, wedding suits, tuxedos, shoes, veils, accessories, jewelry, and more. We'll help you find the perfect looks for your wedding party too!

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Let's see all the dresses you tried - good and bad
Stefanie, on July 4, 2020 at 10:14 PM

I want to see all the everyone tried on and what you ultimately picked. Here are mine. I picked the one in the center. The others were 👎 The bottom left gown was given to me as a gift. It is a vintage...

Emily, 2 hours ago 50 733
Engagement Rings 🥰💍
Yasmine, on July 5, 2020 at 11:05 AM

Brighten up my day and post a picture of your engagement ring. 😍💍 I’ll go first One of my friends got me this cute little plate for Christmas after I got engaged and I seen the perfect photo...

Yasmine, Yesterday at 11:36 PM 60 527
Buy a dress online
Bianca, on July 1, 2020 at 2:05 PM

I can’t picture spending thousands or even more than 500$ on a dress. I’ve been looking online and they all seem really pretty. Did anyone go to a bridal shop to try on dresses and get their...

Krystina, Jul 5, 2020 88 1,113 4
Plus size wedding
Sabine, on July 3, 2020 at 2:18 PM

QUESTION: Where is the best place to find a beautiful plus size wedding dress

Sinaya, Jul 4, 2020 26 224 1
Bought my wedding shoes :)
Annajoy, on June 20, 2020 at 1:36 PM

Finally ventured out today and bought my shoes for my wedding. They were only $15! How did you break yours in?

Done, 2 hours ago 7 128
Need help deciding between two wedding dresses!
Rachel, Yesterday at 2:43 PM

Hi, everyone! I am a newly engaged bride at the very start of planning, etc. I had been researching dress styles for months and months prior to becoming engaged and I have settled on a style of dress,...

Nefetera, 2 hours ago 20 122
Help me pick a dress!
Amy, Yesterday at 3:08 PM

The first dress I just got for 50 dollars at lulu's! I was instantly drawn to it and it fits me perfectly. I love it so much I am doubting my first dress that I bought 2 years ago I already had some...

Nefetera, 2 hours ago 25 372
Help! Ivory Satin Platform Wedges
Kristin, Yesterday at 5:58 PM

Looking to see if anyone can help me try and find these Niña Jinjer Ivory Satin wedges. It appears they’re an older style and I haven’t had any luck finding them new online or used (I’ve searched...

Elmarose04, 2 hours ago 3 30
Bridesmaids dresses
Aly, Yesterday at 6:11 PM

Should I keep looking or choose a bridesmaids dress if it’s sold out. My wedding is in February so I have time but I don’t want to worry.

Elmarose04, 2 hours ago 8 55
Tattoos and wedding dresses
Rachel, Yesterday at 6:35 PM

I know that this is a topic that has been discussed before, but! My mom has always been so adamant about me wearing a long-sleeved wedding dress to cover up my tattoos. I have the opposite opinion. I...

Elmarose04, 2 hours ago 25 157
Found my dress but need advice
Shelby, on July 6, 2020 at 2:23 PM

Found my dress and I love it but I don’t love the spaghetti straps. Should I add sleeves and if so what kind? I have broad shoulders and I don’t love my arms but I have time to get them toned up....

Emily, 3 hours ago 17 159
Futuremrs.v, Yesterday at 8:00 PM

When my mom and dad got married (35 yrs ago) all family members got boutonnières. I am keeping things very simple and elegant. So I was intending on only giving boutonnières to the wedding party....

Ashley, 3 hours ago 7 77
My dress looks used, has stains, snags, and tears??
Heather, Yesterday at 10:35 PM

So, I FINALLY got to pick up my wedding dress today! What should have been an exciting and AWESOME day, and turned sour and sad! I have had issues with the shop I bought my dress from (lack of...

Ashley, 4 hours ago 6 126
Rushed bridesmaid dress question
Katie, Today at 1:03 AM

Hi! I have a quick question. I ordered 10 bridesmaid dresses on 1/15/20 for my May wedding. The reason we chose the designer is because the owner said that they would be able to turn them around. Had...

Elmarose04, 4 hours ago 3 30
Lazaro “rita” Dress! 😍
Rachel, Today at 12:20 AM

I was all but certain on a mermaid-style gown, but there’s just something about this Lazaro dress! That skirt, though! 😍😍😍

Caitlin, 4 hours ago 4 53
Milla Nova wedding dresses
Katoya, on February 23, 2020 at 12:08 AM

Does anyone know the price range for Milla Nova dressing? I love so many of those gowns!

Elmarose04, 4 hours ago 7 61
Ladies let see your round engagement rings and wedding bands!!!!
Maria, Yesterday at 1:48 PM

Please show off your rings! Mine is a 2.6 ct round ring. Ring size is a 6.5. I threw in my husbands wedding band as well!

Marisa, 5 hours ago 33 287 1
Should Bride Change her Dress after ceremony?
tiffany, on September 23, 2014 at 4:02 PM

Hello Hello! So ladies I'm in need of your opinion. I'm having a discussion with my bridesmaids on weather or not I should change my dress after the ceremony and get into something a bit more comfy...

Jana, Yesterday at 11:35 PM 37 11,370 1
Where to start with custom?
Roane, Yesterday at 10:58 PM

Has anyone had a custom suit made for their wedding? I freaking love this ASOS suit. But they don't sell it anymore. Would I be able to take these pictures to ???a tailor maybe??? and have it made...

Julie, Yesterday at 11:16 PM 2 39
Groom/groomsmen Ties
Adriana, Yesterday at 9:24 PM

So my original plan was to have the groom and groomsmen wear tan ties and the navy was for my officiant. But now that I see them on, I think I’m leaning towards the navy for my groom. He is the only...

Hannah, Yesterday at 11:14 PM 7 54
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