marriage proposal

Your proposal will be one of the biggest moments of your life. But it will be just that—a moment! Sure, the memories will last forever no matter what, but to assure yourself that your dream proposal is perfectly frozen in time, you should absolutely consider hiring a professional proposal photographer to record the moment. Believe me, no one ever regretted having beautiful photos of the moment their partner got down on one knee!

Here are all the reasons why hiring a professional proposal photographer is a non-negotiable.

1. Memories (duh!).

As I mentioned above, this moment will go by like a flash, and the next moment, you’ll be walking down the aisle! Really. That’s how quickly this season of your life will speed by. That’s why most people will tell you the only thing they remember from their proposal is that they said yes! Having a proposal photographer take some beautiful pics that capture your big moment from every angle will remind you of all the little details—from the very romantic ones to the funny ones (like when you almost dropped the ring!), so that, in a few years, you’ll be able to look back and replay the entire event from start to finish. And you’ll be able to share with your kids (and grandkids) someday in the far future when people are getting engaged in space and no one remembers what earth proposals were like.

2. You’ll get tons of mileage out of the photos.

From your first social media post announcing your engagement, to your engagement party invitations and beyond, you’ll have so many events and occasions in which you’ll be so glad to have your gorgeous, professionally shot proposal pics! You may think that cute candid party snap you’ve had as your profile pic since the night you and your now-fiance(e) met will do just fine pasted into your engagement party invite, but since it was probably taken in 2010 when cameras were pretty crappy, you’ll likely be disappointed with the end result. Having a small album of different poses and setups to choose from for all of these pre-wedding posts, events and card will also make it so you don’t have to use the same pic, over and over again!

3. So you can get that epic ring photo.

I can’t predict all the details of your proposal, but I can tell you one thing with certainty: Everyone will want to see the ring! A professional proposal photographer can snap the perfectly lit, perfectly framed ring pic that you’ll need to show 1,000 people for the next 12 months. It’s hard to get a good close-up shot of something, with great lighting and all the important details captured, so knowing you’ll have a professional on hand to cover that base for you gives you one more thing not to worry about—so you can focus on soaking in the good vibes of your big moment.

4. So everyone can feel like they were there.

Mom showing up at your ultra-romantic proposal? Probably not ideal—our apologies to her. But with a full album of perfectly framed photos that basically replay your whole engagement start to finish, Mom can feel like she was a part of it, hiding in the bushes! (We can’t guarantee she wasn’t.) Not to mention, all the friends your future spouse forgot to invite, your great grandma, the list goes on. This won’t reduce the amount of times you’ll have to tell your proposal story (which will probably hit about 10,000 by the time your wedding day rolls around) but it will provide a visual aid and a much richer picture of whole the whole thing went down, and will make everyone you love feel much more a part of this uber-important life moment. 

5. So you can get a feel for being photographed.

Hiring a proposal photographer is a great way to get in the groove for the next few months of your life, which will feature a lot of photographed moments. From your official engagement photoshoot to the big day, you’ll want to be used to being photographed so your pictures feel natural and candid, and so you don’t spend the whole time feeling awkward. Weddings are usually the first time most of us will experience professional photo shoots in our lives (unless you’re Gigi Hadid), so the earlier you can get comfortable with it, the better your photos will come out. You can also consider this as your wedding photographer’s trial run—if you love how the proposal pics come out, hire him or her immediately to photograph everything else! If you think you’ll want a different look for your engagement or wedding pics, it’s great that you discovered that early—now you know exactly what you’re looking for. Win win!