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10 Ways to Nail That Engagement Ring Selfie

Should you take it indoors or out? How should you pose your hand? What should the backdrop be? We'll answer these questions about how to take an amazing ring selfie.

engagement photo with ring

engagement photo with ring

Photo: Spencer Studios

After saying yes it’s only natural that you want to shout your exciting news from the rooftops. And while calling your parents or telling them in person is your first wedding-planning to-do, you can let friends and other relatives know in a less in-person manner. You can change your Facebook status to “engaged” to let loved ones know, or you can post a pic of your new engagement ring to any and all of your social media accounts. Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words, right? But do you know the best way to take an engagement ring selfie? Should you take it indoors or out? How should you pose your hand? What should the backdrop be?

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when taking and posting your engagement ring selfie.

Opt for natural light.

If you can, take your engagement ring selfie outdoors in sunlight, which is the best light for capturing the diamond’s facets and ensuring that it sparkles. If you can’t be outdoors, stand or sit near a window to get as much natural light as possible. Don’t use all the different light sources in your home to get a brighter image – the different lights will actually create odd shadows in the photo. And avoid the flash, which can cause the diamond to blow out in the shot.

Definitely get a mani.

Unless you’re limiting the final image to a blow-up size of your ring, or plan to cut everything out above your knuckles, you should definitely schedule a pre-pic manicure. Chipped nails, hangnails and overgrown cuticles will distract from the main point… that you’re engaged! And the ring of course. Be sure to moisturize your hand and fingers and drink water to ensure that your skin looks refreshed and its best too. As for polish, that’s a personal choice but nude colors or pale pinks can have a romantic look, while a bold red or crystal accents can be more glamorous.

Choose the right background.

When deciding where to place or display your hand, pick a backdrop that’s not going to distract from your engagement ring. Your palm facing the sky or on your partner’s arm are both simple options that keep the focus on the ring. Or seek out something that’s part of your proposal story, such as your palm placed on the tablecloth from the dinner where your future spouse proposed, or with a landmark behind you – a skyline, shoreline or the Eiffel Tower. Another idea is to place your engagement ring front and center with you (perhaps with your significant other) blurred in the background.

engagement ring photo

Photo: Rachel Nielsen Photography

Write that perfect caption.

You can let the photo speak for itself, or use the caption to share your proposal story or your excitement: We’re engaged! (Insert engagement ring selfie here.) Don’t forget to tag the location you got engaged, or where the photo was taken, and anyone else you want to see it who may not follow you, such as the jewelry store or ring’s designers, or a media outlet or feed that reposts engagement ring selfies (hello, #justsaidyes!). The one thing you don’t want to mention is how much the ring cost, or any reference to price at all.

To filter or not to filter?

You shouldn’t need to add a filter if your engagement ring selfie is taken in the daylight, but if you want to play with the final images try the different Instagram filters or the apps Afterlight ($0.99) and VSCO (free). After selecting a filter, tweak the brightness and saturation levels to get the look you want.

Make sure that diamond sparkles.

Your ring should come out of its ring box twinkling like the stars in the sky, but if it’s not, be sure to clean it before you take your engagement ring selfie. You can take it back to the jeweler for a professional cleaning, or wash it at home with Baublerella’s Bling Brush Naturally Jewelry Cleaner or a solution of 1 cup warm water and ¼ cup ammonia for 15 minutes, then use a soft-bristled nail cleaning brush to get rid of any dirt underneath the diamond and in the setting. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and place it back on your left ring finger.

couple selfie

Photo: Photography by Kristen

Look comfortable and relaxed.

Some brides-to-be opt for a reverse high-five pose, others may choose to curve their fingers. Whichever style you choose try to keep your fingers relaxed and natural. Don’t zoom in, which can cause the photo to be more pixelated. Instead move the camera closer if you want a tighter shot. You may also want to have someone else hold the camera or use the timed delay to avoid a shaky shot.

Move it!

Your engagement ring selfie doesn’t have to be a static photo. You can make a Boomerang or video of your ring instead. Try a few different options, blowing a kiss to the camera with your left hand, toasting to your engagement with a glass of champagne or a 60-second clip from your proposal moment.

Go with one image, not a collage.

You can take as many photos of your engagement ring as you want–in different poses and backdrops–but only post one of them. Don’t choose a layout or Pic Stitch template to upload multiple angles of your new bauble.

Choose a creative prop.

If you want to include an item other than your new ring in the photo, pick something that makes sense, such as you holding the handle of a mug, or a bunch of balloons. Don’t go for something cheesy or trendy that will look silly or outdated before the wedding even happens. Your best prop may be your partner, with your hands together around his or her neck.