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How to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media Without Being Annoying

Read on for a timeline of how to announce your engagement news and share the info with loved ones on social media.

engagement announcement

engagement announcement

What is it about engagements that make them prime real estate for social media? The smiling faces, the accomplishment of a life milestone, the bling? All of the above? Whatever the reason, most of us are probably counting the moments till we get plan out how to announce our engagement on social media (whether we’re the ones proposing, or the ones saying yes!).

But before you think about how to announce your engagement on social media, pump the brakes and read through these tips to make sure your posts are gracious, not grating.

Tell VIPs before you post.  

You’d never call your high school track club before your mom to spill some big news, so why would you post about your engagement on social media before sharing the news one-on-one with friends and family first? A quick series of phone calls and a few texts will make the VIPs in your life feel loved (and excited!), and all that social media glory will still be waiting for you around the bend. You’ll be glad you made those select few feel special later on when you’re calling upon them to help you craft wedding favors at the 11th hour!

Think quality, not quantity.

Trust me, people will love your proposal posts on social media. That’s a given. Old pals and random acquaintances will come out of the woodwork to throw you all the heart emojis, no matter what sort of content you use when it comes to how to announce your engagement. But aside from close friends and family (see above), the average social media follower doesn’t really need to see a frame-by-frame play-by-play of your entire proposal, after-proposal celebration and beyond. So keep your announcement limited to one or two really great photos, rather than a week-long spamfest. Strategically, people respond more positively to one carefully crafted photo over a photo album anyway, and socially, it’s more graceful to share the news humbly with one pic rather than blasting every follower’s news feeds with variations of the same pic. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have multiple photos of your big moment—just save ‘em for an email thread with your fam and besties. The same rule goes for your caption—keep it light and save the full story and intimate details for face-to-face conversations.

Don’t bling brag.

Ring selfies are a huge part of proposal Instagram and social media engagement announcements—and I’m willing to bet a lot of your friends and family members will be demanding pics of your (or your partner’s) new rock! But save those details for those who ask, and don’t use your engagement announcement on social media to boast about your ring or reveal info about its cost and quality. What your followers really care about is that you and your partner are celebrating this momentous life occasion together, not how many down payments your ring is worth. Between all of the wedding events to come, your sparkler will have plenty of opportunities to shine, I promise!

Take advantage of Instagram Stories.

Even if you’re normally not a frequent poster, you’ll probably find you suddenly have the urge to post ten photos a day once you get engaged. The moment is just THAT big! But always keep the quality over quantity tip in mind and resist the urge to post engagement pics and statuses multiple times a day. If you simply can’t resist sharing that candid shot or pic of your ring with your new mani, do it on stories instead. You’ll enjoy the rush of sharing without clogging your people’s feeds or oversaturating your own with proposal content. And it’ll make it so those super-interested in your wedding journey will see all the content they’re interested in, but the casual well-wisher won’t become annoyed.

Return the love.

You’ll receive a major dopamine hit when you see the loving comments and likes stack up after you post your announcement. Be sure to return those good vibes by thanking each and every friend and follower who reaches out to congratulate you. First of all, it’s a good habit to get into now that you’re entering the wedding planning process—you’ll be sending out lots of thank-you cards and texts for the next year or so! And secondly (and more importantly), the whole point of thinking about how to announce your engagement online is to connect with the people you love—and those connections are a two-way street! People will be more likely to engage with and follow along with your wedding journey if they know how grateful you are for their support. Another component of returning the love is to be sure to engage with all of your friends’ proposal posts the same way you hope your friends to engage with yours. If you mute and ignore everyone else’s wedding stuff, but post ad nauseum about your own, you might find your posts don’t exactly soar on the feed.

Respect the magic of the moment.

Sharing on social media is an integral part of who we are today, but don’t forget what matters most: Sharing this moment with your spouse-to-be and relishing in that warm-and-fuzzy feeling together, intimately. No one on your social channels wants to feel like your engagement is simply a PR stunt, so be mindful about how often you post, the contents of your photos and captions, and how much you’re on your phone during important wedding events like these. These moments are sacred and when you look back on your proposal you’ll be so glad you stayed present and gathered as many memories you could for yourself, rather than jumping on social media and sharing everything you can with the world.