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Should You Get a Manicure If You THINK a Proposal Is Coming

Here are the pros and cons of keeping your manicure on point if you think a proposal is coming your way.

 Engagement Photos

 Engagement Photos

Photo: Nightingale Photography

If you think your significant other is legit about to get down on one knee and pop the question, then you’re likely debating on whether or not you should get your nails done before this special moment. “Engagement nails” (that’s our little nickname for ‘em) are a fab way to get an insta-worthy pic of your new sparkler. But is it really the best idea to prep for a milestone moment if you aren’t quite sure when it’s going to happen? Or worse, what if those “engagement nails” totally jinx your proposal? If you find yourself asking these questions, we’ve got your back. Here are the pros and cons of keeping your manicure on point if you think a proposal is coming your way.

Check out these pros and cons of “engagement nails”.


Your nails will look a hundred percent—all the time
A good manicure can make you feel confident and put together—even without an engagement ring on your finger.

You get to test out different colors
How many times do you go to a salon and get lost in all the nail polish colors? Keeping your manicure game strong will let you try out different colors and may even help you choose which polish you’ll want for wedding day!

Your ring selfie will be #Goals
After you get engaged, you’ll probably want to show off your brand new sparkler (and excitement!) with your friends and family. Once the ring is on your finger, you’ll be instantly ready to take as many ring selfies as you want, because your nails will already be the

You won’t want to wait to share your engagement announcement
Again, your “engagement nails” will already be insta ready—so you won’t have to rush and throw on a coat of polish to post your engagement announcement.

 Engagement Photos

Photo: Ben Elsass Photography


You may have to book a lot of appointments
Nail polish chips easily and can look bad if it isn’t taken off or maintained. This means you’ll probably have to book a lot of back to back appointments—since engagements are typically a surprise.

Excessive manicures could dry out your nails
Getting your nails done over and over again can leave the nail bed dry and unhealthy—which is definitely something you want to avoid once you start donning your engagement ring.
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Your S.O. could catch on
Yes, if all of sudden you are spending almost every few weeks getting “engagement nails” your S.O. may start to notice—and could spoil the surprise of your proposal.

It can be expensive
The average manicure cost around 20 to 30 dollars where gel can cost even more. If you’re constantly getting your nails done, it can start to add up fast.

Overall if you want “engagement nails” to help show off your ring—keep up with your appointments. Your proposal (hopefully!) will be a surprise, so you never know when your S.O. may try and get down on one knee. But, if you do fail to get them done—don’t lose sleep over it. Not having your nails done won’t take away from the fact that you’re finally engaged!