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23 Instagram Engagement Captions That Aren’t Boring & How to Craft Your Own

There are plenty of engagement captions to use for your Instagram announcement that won't make your single friends roll their eyes.

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The next-best thing to finally getting engaged to the love of your life? Posting the announcement on Instagram, of course! And just as important as that sparkly ring pic or adorable soon-to-be-newlywed embrace is the engagement caption that ties it all together. Will you go for sweet and heartfelt? Clever and witty? Or somewhere in between? Use this guide to get inspired with great engagement caption examples, and find tips on how to write your own (or send over to an about-to-be engaged pal!). If you’re a bestie looking to craft a suitable congrats to your favorite couple, good news: There’s tips for you too!

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Tips for Writing Funny Instagram Engagement Captions

If you’re the comedian in your friend group and your Instagram stories never fail to leave your friends howling, a cheeky engagement announcement is definitely “on brand”—and there are no rules stating that your post has to be a super-serious tear jerker! (Even if you did sob like a baby the moment your partner got down on one knee—your secret is safe with us!) Here’s your plan of attack:

Be original.

“He liked it so he put a ring on it” was clever and funny… in 2008 when “Single Ladies” came out. Steer clear of platitudes or overused jokes when it comes to crafting your funny engagement caption, and you’ll be sure to get maximum laughs and likes. Draw inspiration from your own relationship, funny stories of the two of you together, even kind-hearted jokes poking fun at your partnership from friends and fam.

Keep it short. 

For maximum impact, go for minimum words. An ultrashort, witty engagement caption plus an emoji, if you feel like it, is the way to go. Best practices for marketing Instagram captions are to keep the copy short enough that the reader doesn’t have to click the ellipses to see more, and the rest of us should follow the same rules for our best shot at engagement... on our engagements.

Find the real insight.

The reason memes become memes is because (most of them, at least) hit on a true human insight that makes us all go, “Oh my God, that’s so ME!” and then we laugh in spite of ourselves. Channel this technique (the same one that makes certain stand-up comedians and great advertisements successful) when crafting your funny engagement caption on IG.

Funny Engagement Caption Inspiration

  1. We were just looking for an excuse to give you guys all free drinks. #Engaged
  2. I said, “Ahhhhhh omgogmgaufhauodjlfufeyjfg!!” which he correctly took as a “Yes!” #Engaged
  3. If you think this is a good shot, wait till you see our wedding pics! Coming 7/16/21.
  4. Brunch just didn’t seem exciting enough for us today… #weregettingmarried
  5. This is almost as good as the time he surprised me with McDonald’s in bed. #Engaged
  6. Wasn’t sure what to say, so I flipped a coin. #ISaidYes
  7. Does this diamond make me look complicit in the Wedding Industrial Complex? #HopeSo #Engaged
  8. Yes. Yup. Duh. #EngagedAF
  9. Low-quality pic. High-quality life decision. #ISaidYes

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Tips for Writing Heartfelt Engagement Captions for Instagram

If your sappy, corny side has absolutely no chill once you get engaged, don’t worry—that’s totally normal! And so is a sweet, earnest and heartfelt caption to go along with your Instagram proposal announcement. Especially if your proposal story is uniquely sweet (e.g., your partner went above and beyond and you’ve got the pics to prove it), a heartfelt engagement caption is a fail-safe choice. Here’s how to master writing yours:

Get inspired. 

Song lyrics, lines from a favorite book or poem, famous quotes about love and marriage—let’s face it, sometimes these go-tos say it better than any of us can. And if you want to incorporate one into your proposal announcement caption, go for it! Spend plenty of time researching across these genres to find a line that really speaks to you, or at least gets you in the right frame of mind to craft your own. Remember to give credit to the originator of the line if you end up lifting one from a book, song, or the Internet!

Make sure to edit.

By all means, speak your truth and gush your heart out, but before posting, take time to go through and make one last edit to ensure your post doesn’t drone on or overshare. For maximum impact, your caption should be long enough to say what you want to say, but succinct enough that you don’t lose your reader halfway through or try to say too many things at once. Remember, everyone will be super-excited for you, but no one will be as excited as you and your partner—so feel free to keep some of the sweet nothings just between the two of you.

Keep it simple.

You don’t need to overthink this—just write what you feel! It can be easy to get swept up in the competitive world of wedding Instagram, but just remember to be yourself and write from the heart, and that your followers will be happy for you no matter what, with or without an over-the-top cinematic caption! Feeling stuck? Share your draft caption with your partner before posting, or write them together if you’ll both be posting at the same time. You probably inspire each other all the time, and an event as momentous as this one should be no exception!

Heartfelt Engagement Announcement Caption Inspiration

  1. You asked me the question I’ve known the answer to since the moment we met. And today, I finally got to answer it. Yes, yes, a million times yes. #engaged
  2. Home is wherever I’m with you. - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes #letsgetmarried
  3. My today and all of my tomorrows. #Engaged
  4. When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. - When Harry Met Sally #foreverstartsnow
  5. “My soul sees its equal in you.” - Renée Ahdieh
  6. A million times yes. To the kind of love that awakens the soul.
  7. You keep me safe. I’ll keep you wild. #Engaged

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Tips for Writing Engagement Captions for Someone Else

Whether you’re posting for a best friend, family member, or maybe even for a newly engaged client, sharing someone else’s engagement is no small order. Craft your engagement caption with care and you’ll ring in alllll the likes for your future favorite married couple (not to mention getting an excellent head start on your maid of honor or best man duties).

Get personal. 

A close friend like you can do way better than a generic “Congrats, lovebirds!”—especially with all the good stories you have under your belt! Get personal in your post by sharing a brief story about the couple of the hour that only you can tell. It’s a great way to show how special they are while boasting about your bond with them (and subtly suggesting there’s no way they’d have ever gotten to this point without you in their lives—wink!).

Play reporter.

Put on your journalism 101 hat (it’s a newsboy cap, obv) and set up a quick chat with the couple shortly after their engagement to ask a few questions about the experience and get it in their own words. Channel their enthusiasm and giddiness into your caption for something truly authentic (that also has their blessing!). You can also work with the proposing half of the couple before the proposal happened to whip up a surprise post for the other half—aww!

Have fun!

As a dear friend or family member of the engaged couple, you have one of the most fun jobs of all. Celebrating them and helping them shine, without having any expectations to get too deep. This, after all, is not “your” show—you’re just a starring extra! So feel free to get creative and have fun with your engagement caption and avoid getting too intimate or over-reflecting on the couple’s everlasting bond — leave that job to them! (So you get to not overthink it.)

Engagement Caption Inspiration for Congratulating Someone Else

  1. Happy to report that my life’s work has come to fruition: These two are engaged! #missionaccomplished
  2. The second-most beautiful example of love I’ve ever known, after my friendship with the bride-to-be, of course. 😉 Happy engagement you two! #weddingbells
  3. Presenting the soon-to-be [title + title + last name]! Now let’s get you #married. 💍
  4. She’s been saying she was going to marry him since their first date! Thanks for finally proposing [name], I’m ready for some new material. #congrats
  5. If you hadn’t proposed to her soon… I would have!
  6. I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for years! Let’s do this! #congrats #engaged
  7. Meghan and Harry who? #thenenwroyalcouple