same sex engagement announcement
A Sweet Focus Photography

Congrats, you’re engaged! Now how do you share that you said yes to your fam and friends—or, you know, the world? Well, we’ve got a few engagement announcement ideas for you. From subtle or not-so-subtle ring shots, to the cutest signs and creative props, all the inspo you'll need to reveal that you and your S.O. are officially together forever is right here.

Ready for more? Check out these adorable and romantic engagement announcement ideas. 

eskimo kiss engagement announcement
Jaycee Photo

Close-up portrait

What’s cuter than Eskimo kisses? An intimate close up with your ring in view as you lay your hand on your beau’s shoulder is a subtle way to say, “I’m engaged,” while showing off that bling.

ring photo
Demi Mabry Photography

Ring front and center

On the other hand, why be subtle when your ring is as dazzling as this!? Put that sparkler in the limelight.

ring photo

Kiss in the background

Or, put a kiss behind this classic hand pose to throw a bit of extra romance in there.

starbucks engagement announcement
As Ever Photography

Coffee cups

One of our favorite engagement announcement ideas! Grab Starbucks for a cozy fall photo and a creative way to announce your new relationship status. Have the barista write “fiancé,” “Mr.” and “Mrs.,” or “I asked” and “he/she said yes,” on each cup, respectively.

balloons engagement photo
Kinsey Mhire Photography

Mylar balloons

If you’ve got the date set, display it with fun and playful metallic number balloons for a touch of whimsy. Try our wedding date finder if you're still deciding when to get hitched.  

lavender field engagement photo
Jose Villa Photography

Holding hands

There’s just something so adorable about holding hands (especially in a sweet field of lavender). It says, “we’re in this together” and gives you an excuse to display that ring.

christmas engagement photo
Hay Alexandra Photography


Behold, the perfect Christmas card idea: announcing your engagement at an evergreen tree farm under a festive piece of mistletoe.

engagement announcement sign
Julie Paisley Photography

"Yes!" sign

How adorbs is this sign? A bold “yes” says everything. We love how the watercolor flowers match the bride - and groom-to-be’s hair vines and bow tie in the background.

pet engagement photo
STAK Studios

Furry friend

Get the pet involved for a cute fam shot — ring included, of course!

baseball engagement photo
Cameron Faye Photography

Baseball ring box

Why beat around the bush? Hold your ring, box and all, to state the obvious. We especially love this idea if the proposal used a creative ring box or holder—baseball-themed engagement announcement ideas are always a hit (see what we did there?)!

champagne engagement photo
Jane in the Woods Photographie

Bottle of bubbly

We can’t think of a better occasion for a toast! Double glasses and a bottle of fancy champagne pull off the perfect celebratory vibe.

engagement ring photo
Erika Brown Photography

Out-of-focus pose

This cute engagement announcement idea captured with an out-of-focus mode expertly draws the eye right toward the big dazzler.

tropical theme engagement photo
Alyssa Marie Photography

Monstera leaf

Announce the date of your upcoming nuptials with a prop that hints at your wedding theme or destination, like a palm leaf for an island ceremony or tropical theme.

palm engagement photo
A Sweet Focus Photography

Hand-written messages 

Write your excitement on your palms—and spin those rocks around so no one misses their sparkle—with this super-cute (and easy!) engagement announcement idea.

hug engagement photo
onelove photography

Over-the-shoulder hug

Wrap your arms around your S.O. for one of the sweetest engagement announcement ideas that captures both your love and your new piece of hardware.

engagement photo mugs
Jenna Kutcher

Ceramic mugs

There’s nothing like at-home engagement announcement ideas! Curl up with your partner and some declarative mugs for a laid back, down-to-earth feel.

engagement sign
The DV Image

Burlap bunting

Seriously, how cute are these two? Your engagement announcement can’t get much clearer than this! A burlap banner declaring your newly engaged status is romantically rustic.

balloon engagement photos
Rachel Havel Photography

Round balloons

Balloons aren’t just for kids—they’re also for adults who want to announce their future wedding date in a fun way! These playful party props get a makeover with delicate calligraphy and a black and white minimalist look.

dog engagement announcement
Megan Henry Photography

Chalkboard sign

What’s more exciting than mom and dad getting married? Leave it to this cute pup to make quite the engagement announcement idea (and see more pet wedding ideas right here).

engagement photo
Rebecca Yale Photography

Hands around waist 

The sweet gesture of a tight embrace says “forever” when complemented by a shiny engagement ring.