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32 Photos That Prove Your Pet Should Be in Your Wedding

C'mon, how can you resist a puppy ring bearer? If you're including a VIP (Very Important Pet) in your big day, you'll love this photo inspo.

wedding couple holding 2 dogs

Thinking about incorporating your pet into the wedding festivities? These precious pooches (and a few other animals) are sure to sway you in the right direction. C'mon, how can you resist a puppy ring bearer?

Keep reading to see our favorite ways to include your pet in your wedding. 

dog wearing tuxedo

Outfit your furry friend in a tuxedo—with a gold bow tie, natch!

dog with ring security sign

Have your beloved pooch serve as “ring security” during the ceremony.

dog in lobster costume

Or even wear a lobster costume for a preppy summer wedding!

groom holding dog

Let your pet have the spotlight…

dog photobomb

Or else they might photobomb your wedding party portrait!

dog walking down the aisle

Have a trusted wedding party member escort your best friend down the aisle.

dog with couple photo

Wedding portraits can be even sweeter when there’s a cute pup involved.

couple with dog on leash

Smile for a family portrait!

bride getting ready with dog

Spend quality time with your pet while you get ready.

dog at wedding ceremony

It looks like their dog had a few words to say during the ceremony!

couple with donkeys

This couple took including pets in their wedding to a whole new level.

dog wearing greenery wreath

Your prized pooch can look extra festive by wearing a wreath made of greenery.

dog wearing flower wreath

Or a colorful wreath featuring bright flowers.

dog wearing video camera

Have your pet capture all the memories—with a video camera mounted on his/her back!

two grooms with dog

The grooms share a snuggle with their pooch. 

two dogs in tuxedos with couple

What a happy crew!

dog in tuxedo

This little guy looks ready to party in his mini tux!

dog watching wedding ceremony

A proud pup watches the ceremony.

dog wearing greenery wreath with couple

A sweet dog poses with his humans.

couple kissing dog

This couple gives kisses to their furry friend.

couple with dog

Seriously, how cute is this little fellow?

couple with dog

This pup is soaking in all the attention!

dog wearing pink bow tie

What could be more adorable than a doggie in a pink bow tie?

dog giving kisses to couple

This couple takes a minute to snuggle up with (and get kisses from!) their adorable pooch.

couple feeding dog at reception

If your pup has been an especially good boy or girl, perhaps a mid-reception treat is in order!

couple and dog first dance

Your pet may want to join you during your first dance!

couple kissing dog

You’ll likely doing a lot of kissing on your wedding day, but don’t forget to save some smooches for your pet!

dog bouquet charm becky brown photography

Photo charms can be a lovely way to remember a pet who has passed away.

wedding couple with horses

Is any ranch wedding complete without a horse? We don't think so. 

dog of honor

Who needs a maid of honor when you have a dog of honor? 

wedding bulldogs

These adorable French bulldogs are ready to celebrate!

couple with cat

Hey—cats can totally have fun at weddings, too!