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When you’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer, there are a variety of factors that influence your decision, including whether or not you like their wedding photography style. If you have no idea what that means, don't panic. We broke down the most popular wedding photography styles and included examples of each. It's important to note that some photographers consider themselves to be a mix of multiple styles, but this guide will give you a good idea of what you like. 

Here, we'll break down all the wedding photography styles you should know about before booking your photographer.

Photojournalism wedding photography
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Photojournalism wedding photography

This wedding photography style focuses on capturing moments throughout the day as they happen versus styling shots with precise lighting and posing. This style of wedding photography gets its name because of its similarity to the way photojournalists cover everyday news stories—by relying on candid moments versus orchestrating them. The photographer is removed from the situation entirely and acts as an observer to capture the most natural flow of the day.

Fine art wedding photography
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Fine art wedding photography

The focus here is to turn your wedding photos into a piece of art, not just to capture an exact retelling of the day. These kinds of images are typically more conceptual and will involve direction from your photographer. If you want your big day captured in a more creative and artistic manner, consider this approach for your wedding photos.

Traditional wedding photography
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Traditional classic wedding photography

This wedding photography style requires more hands-on involvement from the photographer in order to capture styled shots. The photographer has a list of photos they plan to take, otherwise known as a shot list. They’ll work closely with you on your photos and give instructions on posing and positioning. This approach is a reliable one, since you’ll know for sure what kinds of photos you’ll get back from them. You'll likely work with your photographer to come up with a shot list so everyone is on the same page about the photos that will be taken throughout the day. 

Fashion wedding photography
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Fashion wedding photography

Borrowing techniques from the world of high fashion, this is a wedding photography style you can apply to your wedding photos. Images will have a focus on fashion, as well as dramatic backgrounds and lighting. The photographer will likely provide some direction for specific poses and facial expressions to add dramatic flair to the photos. Couples can ask for specific sessions outside of their wedding day if they want an even more in-depth photo op.

How do I decide which wedding photography style I like?

It’s all about research. Instead of spending your evenings on a Netflix binge, take some time to look at photographers’ websites and social media. You can even use a site like WeddingWire to filter photographers near you by wedding photography style and compare so you can have a clear sense of the type of work you admire most. Once you’ve narrowed the list to just a few photographers, reach out to get more information on their pricing, packages, and availability.