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How to Have Healthy Nails for Your Wedding Day

Your nails should be in tip-top shape on your wedding day (all the better to show off that bling!). Here's how to get healthy nails for your big day.

bride showing ring to bridesmaids

bride showing ring to bridesmaids

Photo: Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography

After knowing how popular your left hand was after you got engaged, you can be sure that it will be fawned over on your wedding day too. From taking wedding photos to flashing your new ring, you’ll want to learn how to have healthy nails for the big day. And just as you may make a fitness plan for your body and one for your hair and/or skin, you’ll want to take care of your nails, including your cuticles and hands, too in the months leading up to the wedding day to ensure you have healthy nails that are in tip-top shape.

Follow these expert tips on how to have healthy nails on your wedding day.

Boost your vitamin intake

A healthy diet can help you grow strong nails, so start eating better about six months before your wedding, if not ASAP. Promote cell growth by eating foods filled with Vitamin A, found in almost anything orange – carrots, cantaloupe and sweet potatoes. Some Vitamin Bs will help make your nails strong, less brittle and avoid ridges too. Eggs, barley, broccoli and spinach, eaten fresh or steamed, are all good sources of vitamin B2, B7 and B9. You can prevent hangnails and reduce dry skin with foods high in vitamin C, such as oranges, mangoes, grapefruit and kale, and vitamin E, found in almonds, avocado and sunflower seeds.

Add protein, omega 3 and fatty acids to your diet

If you’re wondering how to have healthy nails for your big day, know that eating more protein will strengthen your nails too. Add eggs, white poultry, fish and Greek yogurt to your daily menu to make them stronger. And don’t forget the skin on your hands and cuticles. Omega 3 and fatty acids, found in salmon and oysters, flaxseed, Brazil nuts and avocado oil will keep the skin around the nail bed strong.

Skip gel manis before the wedding

While a gel mani will avoid chips, the constant application and removal in the months before the wedding can damage your nail and cause ridges, which will take months to grow out. A gel manicure is a good idea for your actual wedding day so you can avoid chips on the day-of and during the honeymoon.

bride with ring

Photo: Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography

Don't buff your nails too much

Buffing may take out ridges, but it can also make your nails thinner, so buff with caution in the months before your wedding.

Go for regular manicures

Depending on the state of your nails and cuticles, start getting weekly manicures one to two months before the big day. If you’re a nail biter and are trying to have healthier nails, start months earlier. Each visit will help you have healthy nails by making them stronger, and keep the cuticles and skin around them moisturized and clean.

Stop biting and picking your nails

Whether you’re a nail biter or nail picker, you should do your best to avoid both habits in the months leading up to your wedding. Weekly manicures can help with that. And don’t pick or rip out hangnails either, both can cause an infection.

Try on different nail polish colors

With weekly manis you’ll have plenty of time to test drive different shades to help you select the one to wear on your wedding day. Talk to your manicurist about some ideas – French manicure, different pale or pink shades, nail art – since colors will look differently on people with different skin tones.

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Use hand cream often

Especially in the winter months you should regularly use a hand cream to moisturize your hands to keep them soft and hydrated, and to have healthy nails. You can find decent creams for as low as undrer $5 (EOS Hand Lotion) or for more than $20 (Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment) at a local pharmacy, Sephora or

Use cuticle oil or cream daily

Nourish your cuticles by putting cuticle oil or cream on them every day. It will both protect and repair them, as well as your nail and the skin around the nail bed. You can choose a cream that’s not greasy if you plan to apply it during the day – after each time you wash your hands – or give your cuticles an overnight treatment and apply it before bed.

Don't forget your toes

Thinking about how to have healthy nails? Be sure to include your toes in your regimen! Even if you’re wearing closed-toed shoes on the big day you shouldn’t neglect your toenails. Go for a monthly manicure, or at least every six weeks, to avoid any issues with your nails and to moisturize the skin on your foot. You can also pick up some items to help have healthy nails and feet at home, such as pumice stones, foot filers and foot cream.