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6 Ways to Get the Engagement Ring You Want

Congratulations! You’ve found the one. Next step: landing the perfect engagement ring.

man with ring box about to propose

man with ring box about to propose

Photo: Christie Froom Photography

Congratulations! You’ve found the one. You regularly reference spending the rest of your lives together, and a proposal is imminent. Next step: landing the perfect engagement ring.

Here are six tips to help you get the style you want.

Get Your Friends Involved
Be explicit! This is the time to express your true feelings about what you really want because, if your partner knows what’s good for them, they’ll ask your friends for input. Show them photos of your perfect ring and let them know it’s the one you want to say yes to! Be sure to supply them with a few variations of the style, as the store your fiance-to-be shops at may not carry your exact rock.

Pin Away
Fill up a Pinterest board up with rings you love, and name it something obvious like “Dream Engagement Rings” so they can easily find it. Again, be sure to include a few different styles you’d be happy with so he’s got a good range of rings to pick from.

Compliment Rings in the Real World
This is a great way to drop a hint when you’re with your significant other. If one of yours or his married pals is rocking a ring you love, let her know—and make sure he hears! Take the time time to elaborate on what elements of the ring you like best. Whether it be the cut or the width of the band, identifying these small details will help him when he goes ring shopping.

Make Sure They Know Your Favorite Brand or Store
Narrowing in on one place to go shopping will make the ring search easier for your significant other. Once they get through the door, the seasoned sales staff can guide them toward a timeless style.

Call Out Celebrities
A-listers can be a great starting point for getting the ring of your dreams. If you’re reading a magazine or watching TV and you stumble across a star’s ring you’re obsessed with, be sure to call it out. A simple comment like “I’d kill for a blue ring like Kate Middleton’s” will point your S.O. in the direction of a colored gemstone; saying “Beyonce’s double band is so chic” will let them know to shop for a similar one for you. Just be careful not to compliment too many different styles—it will confuse their shopping process.

Have an Honest Conversation
If you’re at the stage where you know a proposal is coming, you’ve hopefully had several honest, open conversations about getting married as well. Know that it’s OK to start including your ring preferences in these conversations. You can even pick it out together if that’s what works for you!