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Nearly 40 percent of proposals will happen between the months of November through February, which means ‘tis the season for shiny sparklers and lots of bubbly! If you think you’ll be donning a new diamond in the near future, then we have some tips just for you! Think your #justsaidyes moment is right around the corner?

Here are a few ways you can prep for engagement season.

Get on the same page
It is important that you and your significant other both have the same mindset about future plans—and communication is key. Have some one-on-one time where you can talk about spending your lives together. You’ll feel much better and also reassured once you and your partner are on the same page about future plans. Just remember it’s best to have this convo before the busy holidays roll around.

Revamp your Pinterest boards
One of the easiest ways your future spouse can get an idea of what kind of ring you want is by checking out your Pinterest board. Browsing and pinning not only lets your partner know what kind of ring you envision, it also helps you figure out what you like and don’t like. If you know that Pinterest isn’t really your future spouse’s thing, have your best friend or close family member check out your board. They can then relay the type of style and cut you have been dreaming about to your partner, without ruining the surprise.

Start the nail prep
Don’t feel guilty about splurging a little to get your nails done during this special time! Make sure to keep your hands moisturized too, which will help with any dry or irritated skin caused by the colder seasons. Keeping your hands fresh and healthy will make you want to share your ring selfie that much more!

Don’t be nosy
You don’t want to spoil the surprise of your proposal, so make sure to leave your Harriet the Spy days behind you. One of the best parts of getting engaged is when it’s unexpected. So don’t go digging for clues, instead trust that your significant other has something wonderful planned.

Drop the right hints
If you have your heart set on how you want to be asked, there are some subtle ways to make it known. If you’ve always wanted your family to be at your proposal remind your partner how important your family is to you, or if you want something intimate make sure you give your partner a heads up. Giving subtle hints is an easy way to let your significant other know what kind of proposal you’ve always dreamed about. If you think giving clues to your partner won’t work, you can always enlist your best friends to share your desires with your beloved.

Consider wedding dates
It is definitely a good idea to have a timeframe of when you want to wed. Whether it be the season or the month, knowing a little about your wedding date will help with how long of an engagement you will have. This also can be brought up when you are talking to your significant other about future plans. Knowing that you both have the same wedding date in mind can help prepare for either a long or short engagement.

Start saving
One of the last things you’ll need to do to prepare for engagement season is to make sure you are financially ready. Planning a wedding can add up and in order to stay on top of all the expenses you’ll need to evaluate your financial plans. That way after the question is popped, you’ll have an idea of what your budget is and how you can start tackling engagement and wedding costs together.