Wedding Reception

Let’s get the party started! It’s time to celebrate with the people you love most, and we’re here to help you choose the best venue, pick a perfect menu, and fine-tune the timeline so your wedding reception is totally seamless – and totally unforgettable. Raise a glass to the newlyweds!

Places to Celebrate

21 Loft & Warehouse Wedding Venues for an Industrial-Chic Style

Lofts and warehouse wedding venues are ideal, as their “blank slate” interiors can be transformed into a space that completely reflects your personality.

Places to Celebrate

The 20 Best Foodie Wedding Venues for an Absolutely Delicious Event

We’ve searched the nation for some venues that are known for delicious cuisine, so enjoy and bon appetit!

Places to Celebrate

21 Music-Themed and Theater Wedding Venues for the Couple Who Loves Drama

From small movie theaters to huge concert halls, there are a variety of theater wedding venues for arts-loving couples to choose from!

Food & Beverage

6 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Catering

These easy-to-follow suggestions will help you save money on your wedding catering while still serving a memorable and delicious meal.

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21 Restaurant Wedding Venues That Combine Décor and Deliciousness

There are a lot of advantages to having your wedding at a restaurant. There’ll be great food, the décor is on point, and the staff is accustomed to handling events.

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22 Garden Wedding Venues That Are Straight Out of a Fairytale

Garden wedding venues are inherently romantic and often need little décor because of their natural beauty. Here are a few of our favorites.

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The 21 Best Beach Wedding Venues for a Relaxed and Romantic Big Day

We searched the world for the most stunning beach wedding venues, check out our fabulous and scenic finds!

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23 Mountain Wedding Venues with Scenery That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Check out these wow-worthy mountain wedding venues, including vineyards, ski resorts, lodges, and more, and prepare to swoon!

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23 Farm and Barn Wedding Venues for an Event That’s Rustic Perfection

If you're dreaming of an event that screams "rustic," check out these amazing farm and barn wedding venues from across the country.

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15 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues in Iowa

Want to get married surrounded by nature? These outdoor wedding venues in Iowa have beautiful scenery and lots of Midwestern charm.

Cake & Desserts

23 Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers for Any Country-Chic Event

From your rehearsal dinner to your reception, these rustic wedding cake toppers are perfect for dressing up the dessert table.

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10 Rustic Barn Wedding Venues in Iowa

Planning a relaxed, country-chic event in the Hawkeye State? These 10 barn wedding venues in Iowa are worth checking out.

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6 Oakland Wedding Venues With Seriously Scenic Views

Head across the bay from San Francisco and you'll find all types of picturesque Oakland wedding venues, including planetariums and redwood forests.

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6 Unique San Francisco Wedding Venues That Stand out from the Rest

From stylish museums to scenic waterfront spots and a mountaintop trail, these unique San Francisco wedding venues offer plenty of offbeat charm.

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7 Affordable Wedding Venues in the San Francisco Bay Area

Yes, it’s totally possible to plan a San Francisco wedding on a budget! Check out these affordable wedding venues in the Bay Area to start.

Cake & Desserts

These Wedding Dessert Table Ideas Are SO Sweet

How do you make sure your wedding dessert table display lines up with your wedding style? Take a cue from these ideas.