black fondant wedding cake
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No matter your style or budget, your wedding cake is a prime opportunity to tap into your creative side and enhance your wedding decor. That’s where these 2019 wedding cake trends come in! The latest 2019 wedding trends offer a little bit of something for everyone, from traditional buttercream cakes (with a twist) to elaborate fondant masterpieces and ultra-modern confections. Browse the wedding cake trends of 2019 below to find out which one is a fit for your big day! 

Behold, the wedding cake trends 2019 couples will totally adore.

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Black fondant cakes

Inspired by the moody decor trend, wedding cakes are getting a gothic-style makeover for 2019 with the help of black fondant. It's one of the best 2019 wedding cake trends if you’re getting married in fall or winter, and it’s sure to be something that your guests haven’t seen a thousand times over! At first, this dramatic look might seem too edgy for your wedding day, but the black fondant is easily toned down with the addition of softer details, such as hand painted flowers, fresh blooms in pastel colors, gold leaf detailing, or drip icing. Check out another version of this 2019 wedding cake trend in the video below: 

Cake by Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

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Structural white cakes

In a stark contrast to black wedding cakes, white wedding cakes—specifically those made with fondant icing—will also be a trend to watch in 2019. This monochromatic theme is anything but boring. In fact, the trend focuses on structured wedding cakes that are decorated with very intricate elements, such as molded flowers, painted floral patterns, and piped lacework. We’re *unofficially* calling this the marble statue cake trend, because the end result reminds us of a sculpture you'd see in a museum. The overall look has Old World wedding vibes that is excellent for a traditional yet romantic aesthetic. 

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Copper details

Wedding decor trends and wedding cake trends often go hand in hand, and 2019 is no different. Copper details are expected to be one of the biggest 2019 wedding trends, so it’s safe to say that this metallic hue will also be making an appearance on wedding cakes and dessert tables throughout the next year. Copper’s rosy color elicits a more industrial feel compared to other metallic tones, such as gold and silver, making it ideal for trendsetting couples.

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Hexagonal cakes

Round cakes are always a go-to option, but hexagonal tiers are on our radar to be one of the most popular wedding cake trends 2019 couples will love. This trend bridges the gap between modern and elegant styles, since the fondant, which is typically used on traditional wedding cakes, creates a sleek finish. The hexagonal shape is eye-catching enough on its own, but you can take this trend a step further by adding metallic details, marbled patterns, or floral accents for even more pizzazz.

brushstroke wedding cake
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Brushstroke cakes

If you’re looking for 2019 wedding cake trends that are completely out of the box, don’t miss this one! Brushstroke cakes, which resemble an artist’s paint palette, are one of the best non-traditional wedding cake trends for 2019. The method consists of melting chocolate on wax paper and using a paintbrush to create pieces that are placed onto a fondant cake once they harden. These art-inspired creations were tailor-made for the ‘gram — expect to see your guests snapping and sharing their own photos of your cake all night long.

buttercream wedding cake with figs

Fruit as garnish

Going back to basics is our final 2019 wedding cake trend. It’s hard to go wrong with a simple buttercream cake, and we love seeing how cake bakers put their own trendy spin on this wedding staple every year. In 2019, fresh fruit will take the place of flowers and greenery as the most popular garnish for buttercream cakes. Figs, berries, cherries, and miniature apples are just some of the fruits du jour that will adorn buttercream wedding cakes throughout the coming months.