dessert display with 2018 wedding cake trends
Tyler Boye Photography

Get your sweet tooth ready, because the 2018 wedding cake trends are here. In recent years, we’ve experienced a handful of drool-worthy wedding cake trends (naked cakes, drip cakes, geode cakes), and it looks like 2018 is living up to the hype. Artistic elements, such as brushstroke confections and hand-painted floral details, are a major wedding trend for 2018 if you’re looking to make a statement at your dessert table. We also expect to see the return of simple buttercream wedding cakes with one very specific garnish (and no, it’s not greenery!).

Behold the wedding cake trends 2018 couples will totally adore.

trendy brushstroke wedding cake with blush and ivory colors

Brushstroke Cakes

One of the coolest 2018 wedding cake trends is brushstroke cakes. These art-inspired creations are also called Kalabasa feather cakes, thanks to the Russian bakery that regularly makes and shares them on Instagram. The trend consists of melting chocolate on wax paper and using a paintbrush to create “feathers” that are placed on a cake once they harden.

celestial wedding cake with constellation patterns and blue colors
Kristen Booth Photography

Celestial Details

From celestial wedding dresses to starry night reception decor, outer space was a major source of inspiration for wedding trends this year. In 2018, wedding cakes will continue the out-of-this-world trend. Expect to see blue, purple and metallic confections adorning dessert tables everywhere. Watch the video below to see a celestial wedding cake come to life.

Cake by Laura Marie's

Blend blue, gold and purple petal dust onto white fondant to recreate this celestial look. Add gold leaf and greenery for a mythical effect.

Cake by Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

romantic hand-painted wedding cake with watercolor flowers
Maggie Austin Cake

Hand-Painted Flowers

This romantic trend fits right in with spring wedding decor and garden wedding style. Hand-painted floral details are one of the prettiest 2018 wedding cake trends, and this look is a new take on the watercolor wedding decor trend that has been popular for the last few years.

Cake by Maggie Austin Cake

the 2018 wedding cake trends include gold accents and dark red colors
Merari Photography

Gold Leaf

Is there anything more opulent than adorning your wedding cake with actual gold? Try and convince us otherwise. Gold leaf can be added to fondant or buttercream frosting for a gilded finish. As long as it’s at least 24 karats, you can even eat it (really!). Breaking the gold leaf into pieces and scattering it around the cake is one option, or you can ask your baker to completely cover one or two tiers for a truly dazzling effect.

Cake by Cloud 9 Bakery

modern geometric wedding cake with 3-D accent and paint splatters
Melissa Biador Photography

Geometric Accents

Geometric details snagged a spot on our list of wedding cakes 2018 couples will love because they’re a great fit for industrial venues — a trend from last year that’s still going strong. Go for a minimalist look with smooth white fondant and a three-dimensional accent to add texture.

Cake by Hey there, Cupcake!

buttercream wedding cake with fresh figs on top

Figs as Garnish

Going back to basics is another one of our favorite 2018 wedding cake trends. Specifically, we’re falling in love with simple buttercream cakes that feature one delicious and fruity element: figs! Wedding cakes with fruit are nothing new, but figs are the fruit of the moment. We picture this trend at a bohemian farm-to-table wedding, although you can expect to see these dark purple fruits dotting wedding cakes throughout all of 2018.

Cake by byPensa

white fondant cake with gold ombre accents and fresh flowers with pomegranates
Jessica Kay Photography

Metallic Ombré

If you want to hop on the metallic cake trend without using gold leaf, this ombré design is a lovely alternative. Iridescent pigments are eye-catching when painted in abstract brushstrokes like this. Use pastel and neutral tones for an ethereal effect, or go with a bold color scheme for something more glamorous.

Cake by Sugar Mill Cake Co.

buttercream cake with icing shaped like succulents
Copper Whisk Cakes

Succulent Cakes

You’ve seen wedding cakes decorated with actual succulents, but the 2018 version of this trend is entirely edible. Cakes will be topped with piped icing succulents to create a terrarium-inspired look, which ties in with the woodland wedding theme that we expect to see throughout the year.

Cake by Copper Whisk Cakes