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Being a bridesmaid is a pretty big honor, and sometimes comes with the perk of getting your hair and makeup professionally done. So, if you’ve been looking for bridesmaid hairstyles to wear as you stand beside your bestie at the altar, we’re here to help. From updos and down ‘dos, to braided hairstyles, we've rounded up 25 bridesmaid hairstyles that you should absolutely show the hairstylist for inspiration on the big day.

Here are some bridesmaid hairstyles that are sure to wow the crowd.

Tumbleweed Floral Truck

If you've been searching for trendy bridesmaid hairstyles, then definitely opt for this romantic updo. Topped with an eucalyptus floral crown, this look it absolutely gorgeous.

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For 'maids with bangs or layers, we think this messy updo is perfect for any type of outdoor wedding. 

The Flower Girl

Have short hair and don't care? Then we think this this boho-inspired bridesmaid hairstyle is just for you. 

bridesmaid updo hairstyle
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If you want to show off your locks while keeping your hair out of your face, consider a side ponytail as your bridesmaid hairstyle.

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You can even curl the ponytail for some extra drama.

bridesmaid v neck dress top knot
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The topknot bun is a rising trend for bridesmaid hairstyles that also keeps hair pulled back.

bridesmaid with jeweled headpieces
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Jeweled hair accessories are a great way to add a glam feel to bridesmaid hairstyles.

 bridesmaid hairstyle
Cadey Reisner Weddings

Hosting a Gatsby-inspired soirée? Add a jeweled accessory to your bridesmaid hairstyle..

mismatched bridesmaid beachy waves
Riverland Studios

These tousled and textured beach waves are serious #bridesmaidgoals. 

bridesmaid hairstyle
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Relaxed waves are a great bridesmaid hairstyle choice for spring and summer weddings.

Bridesmaid chignon bun hairstyle floral hair clip
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Nothing says classic wedding quite like a chignon. It's a fool-proof bridesmaid hairstyle option if you're not sure what style you want. 

flower crown
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Going for a whimsical bridesmaid hairstyle? Add a floral crown to your look.


Make sure the floral crown matches the bride-to-be’s color palette and also double check that she is okay with you wearing a crown.

bridesmaid hairstyles
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For a more natural look, a crown of greenery is a pretty option.

bridesmaid with a side bun updo
Mango Studios

Another classic (and chic!) bridesmaid hairstyle updo is a side bun.

Bridesmaid chignon curly bun
Christina Watkins Photography

It's not every day a professional styles your hair, so go all out and opt for a twisted updo that is a step above your everyday style.

bridesmaid hairstyles
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A curly updo will keep the hair in place and also pairs well with other bridesmaid hairstyles.

bridesmaids halo braid flower accessory
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On the hunt for a bridesmaid hairstyle updo that's not a bun? Try an all-over braided look.

bridesmaid brown hair fishtail braid
Julie Bulanov Photography

This edgy braided bridesmaid hairstyle is perfect to keep hair pulled back in a chic but natural way.

bridesmaid hairstyle
Courtesy of Ash and Co.

We're obsessed with the braided crown that's paired with this fishtail.

bridesmaid half up hairstyle floral hair clip
Olli Studio

There's something about a wavy half-up bridesmaid hairstyle that's super romantic and elegant, especially when you add a crystal-adorned hair accessory. 

Whim Hospitality

This side braid is perfection.

curly waterfall braid bridesmaid
Tekoa Rose Photography

Looking to wear your hair down for an outdoor wedding? Opt for curls with a braided headband. It's a stylish way to keep your mane out of your face.

bridesmaid hairstyles
Ten·2·Ten Photography

If you like certain aspects of two or three different looks, feel free to mix and match bridesmaid hairstyles. Like the idea of having a braid, but want your hair pulled to the side? Just pull photos of what you'd like to replicate replicate so that the stylist can do their best in achieving your desired look.

Justin Kunimoto Photography

Baby's breath floral crowns are perfect for your 'maids to wear if you're having an outdoor ceremony or celebration.