How to Wear a Veil With Every Wedding Hairstyle

Written by Samantha Iacia
Photo: Tyler Boye Photography

Once you've decided how to wear your hair on your wedding day, it's time for another question: how to wear a veil. Being a bride is pretty much the only opportunity you'll have in life to wear one, so if you're on the fence between veil or no veil, we say go for it! But keep in mind that there's more to wedding veils than simply throwing a piece of tulle over your head and calling it a day. First, you need to decide exactly what type of veil you want, and then you'll need to factor in your bridal hairstyle and how to wear a veil that will complement it. Your wedding hair stylist will be able to give you some pointers, but we've rounded up some of our favorite ideas to get you started.

Here's how to wear a veil with any type of wedding hairstyle.

Chignons and low updos with veils

If you're okay with covering your "lowdo" for a few hours, the veil should be tucked into the top of the hairstyle to lift it slightly up and out. If you want your hair to be in the spotlight for the entire day, you can add the veil to the underside of the bun instead. Note that this will leave the veil closer to your neck and shoulders, and will also make the fabric appear a few inches longer.

Half-up hairstyles with veils

For half-up hairstyles, the veil should be attached to the bottom half of the style. The hairstyle and veil should be at the crown of your head or just below it. Many brides opt to include a sparkly hair comb or other decorative accessory at the top of the veil for added wow factor.

Down hairstyles with veils

Long, loose curls are one of the most popular options for how to wear a veil, especially if you're going for an effortlessly romantic look. It's important to note that there needs to be something to fasten the veil to so that it stays put during the ceremony and photos—otherwise, it will slide right out of your hair. If you don't want 10,000 bobby pins holding it in place, consider adding a few clip-in hair extensions for the big day. The top of the extensions will give the comb of the veil something to "hook" into. Bonus factor: they'll also make your tresses look extra voluminous! Another option is wearing a mantilla veil, which sits on the top of your head (usually attached with a couple bobby pins) instead of at the back.

down hairstyles with veil

High updos and top knots with veils

High updos are perfect if you want to keep your hair out of the way and polished all day long, or if you need a hairstyle for a summer wedding. Traditional updos are always a classic option, but braided buns and top knots are great for brides in search of a less formal style. A veil looks elegant and chic when fastened underneath the updo. For a retro-inspired look, go with a bouffant style and place the veil closer to your hairline in front of the bun.

Short hairstyles with veils

Wondering how to wear a veil with a short hairstyle? Spice up a pixie cut or bob with an eye-catching birdcage or blusher veil. These types can easily be clipped into short hair, leaving you worry-free about having to keep a longer, heavier veil from falling out. If you really want a long veil, hold it in place with a fresh greenery crown. This creates a bohemian, 1920s-inspired vibe, with a similar effect to a Juliet cap veil.