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The Best Wedding Hairstyle for Every Zodiac Sign

Before you commit to a bridal 'do, bookmark this list of zodiac hairstyles to consider for your wedding day.

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If you’re a believer in astrology, you know that your zodiac sign can influence everything from your personality to your love life, career, and more—and if you're getting hitched in the near future, it can also help you decide on a wedding hairstyle. There's an ideal zodiac hairstyle for brides of every sign, whether you're a get-down-to-business Capricorn or a statement-making Leo. If you're still on the fence about choosing a wedding hairstyle, why not see what the stars have to say?

Here are the best zodiac hairstyles for every sign—see if yours matches your style! 

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Aries hairstyle (March 21-April 19): Cotton candy hue

Your wild, creative spark need not be dimmed when choosing your wedding hairstyle, Aries. Marry your desire for a wedding-appropriate ‘do with your childlike imagination by donning a trendy braided style with a hint of bright color, like playful pink. 


Taurus hairstyle (April 20-May 20): Regal gathered curls

Your sign is associated with the gathering of crops and cashing in on a hard-earned harvest, so it’s no wonder that those born under the bull know how to live the good life. Your wedding day will be no exception, and your guests will no doubt be wowed by your glamorous fête. Create a wedding hairstyle that matches the event with high, gathered curls to elongate your neck and show off your shoulders. Finish with a regal headpiece or veil.

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Gemini hairstyle (May 21-June 20): Braided crown with loose curls

It’s no surprise that you like to experience the best of both worlds, Gemini. Your twin sign will love this zodiac hairstyle since you’ll have a chic updo in the front while also channeling your more free-spirited side with loose curls in the back. Add a beaded crown for a bit of tasteful sparkle. 

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Cancer hairstyle (June 21-July 22): Half-up, half-down

You're already expecting your day to be filled with happy tears, so you’ll want your hair off your face when the waterworks inevitably start, Cancer. Don’t fight them—just prepare! A loose half-up, half-down style gives you the option to add curls for a romantic look while keeping strands out of the way for your all-day cryfest, er, wedding.

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Leo hairstyle (July 23-August 22): Regal golden hues

You’re the only zodiac sign ruled by the fiery sun, and this association with warmth shows in your personality, Leo. Your ideal wedding hairstyle is as radiant and luminescent as the sun, so if you’re not naturally blonde, add gold highlights or balayage to your strands—or take the plunge and go full on Beyoncé with a honey-hued mane.

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Virgo hairstyle (August 23-September 22): Bold flower crown

As an Earth sign, you appreciate the floral and the verdant, Virgo. Your sign is the ultimate Mother Earth figure, meticulously tending to nature’s bounty. That’s why a statement flower crown is the best zodiac hairstyle for you to serve up your goddess vibes.

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Libra hairstyle (September 23-October 22): Balanced middle part with free-spirited texture

If there were ever a Libra mantra, it would be something like “free to be you and me.” Leave the blow dryers, curling wands and flat irons out of the equation for your wedding hairstyle, Libra. Rock your natural texture, whether pin straight, kinky coily, or somewhere in between. Balance your ‘do with a middle part to finish the look.


Scorpio hairstyle (October 23-November 21): Sleek ballerina bun

You’re smoldering, intense and calculated in your every move, Scorpio, so it wouldn't surprise us if you plan to edit every detail of your wedding hairstyle. You’ll love a sleek and chic high bun—tell your stylist to skip the trendy flyaways, because you won’t want a hair out of place. Top it off with an elegant veil, spritz your wedding perfume and you’re ready for the big day.

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Sagittarius hairstyle (November 22-December 21): Messy chignon

No one ever accused you of being too serious, Sagittarius. You know how to enjoy life and not sweat the small stuff, so a carefree updo with loose tendrils framing your face is ideal for your upcoming wedding adventure. Complete the look with an eye-catching comb or barrette that speaks to your artistic side. 

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Capricorn hairstyle (December 22-January 19): Elegant low bun

The last thing you want is to spend your wedding day waving strands out of your face, Capricorn. A sophisticated low bun that shows off your texture and allows you to effortlessly add beautiful hair accessories will match well with your no-frills personality.

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Aquarius hairstyle (January 20-February 18): Fishtail braid

Let your inventive and unorthodox nature shine on your wedding day, Aquarius. Opt for a head-turning zodiac hairstyle, like a mesmerizing fishtail braid accented with flowers or greenery. The otherworldly style will also leave your neck and shoulders bare for any eye-catching jewelry you have planned.

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Pisces hairstyle (February 19-March 20): Old Hollywood waves

Caring, laid-back, and well-liked by all, you’re a sucker for romance and positivity in your daily life, Pisces. Your wedding hairstyle is the perfect place to really embrace your cheerful outlook, so ask your stylist for bouncy Old Hollywood-esque waves that will help you feel like your absolute best self without being over-the-top. (And, don’t worry if your hair isn’t naturally long or voluminous—no one will know if you add some extensions!).