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An Aquarius Horoscope for Your Wedding Planning Journey

See how your Aquarius horoscope will help balance your futuristic ideas with the real-world aesthetic options for your wedding day.

Insatiably curious and cool-headed Aquarius, you’re the philanthropic big thinker of the zodiac. Since you’re always light years ahead of the mainstream when it comes to ideas and style, your Aquarius horoscope for your wedding planning year sees you constantly striking a balance between your next-level design ideas and what’s actually available in the here and now for your wedding day.

Your Aquarius traits make you super creative, always willing to think beyond the norm to discover new ways to solve problems and express yourself. However, wedding planning isn’t just about dreaming up the coolest, newest thing — there are times when you’ll have to get your head out of the clouds and do the more mundane tasks. You’ll also need to watch for your tendency to be emotionally detached, as your boo and your inner circle will feel more connected to you than ever during your engagement period.

Here’s your Aquarius horoscope (for those with birthdays between Jan. 22 to Feb. 18) for your upcoming wedding, from when you know you’ve found the best partner to where you should head for your honeymoon.

Your partner: The person you want to make Instagram official

With the eleventh house of technology and teamwork ruling your sign, social sharing apps are your cosmos-sent domain, Aquarius. Far from a way to ideally pass the time, you likely take curating your social media feeds really seriously, so when you’re ready to add bae’s pic to the grid, you know they’re a keeper.

Your getting engaged reaction: Here’s this totally inventive, cool way to announce our engagement

Now that you’re engaged, your Aquarius traits are in overdrive, thinking up something totally original for the engagement announcement and beyond. You’re an innovator by nature, so your big engagement idea will likely not be popular for the masses until years later.

Gabby Chapin Photography

Your wedding trend: Starry celestial and wedding crystal details

You’re ruled by Uranus, the ancient Greek sky god whose Roman equivalent gave us the word “celestial,” so wedding trends that mimic the solar system are your birthright, Aquarius. Go for celestial wedding details and chakra-balancing crystal décor to evoke your planetary roots.

Your wedding dress style: Boho chic

Like your fellow air signs, Gemini and Libra, you’re cerebral, fair-minded, and naturally leaning toward a more non-traditional lifestyle. You won’t feel like yourself in a wedding dress that’s too conventional or too of-the-moment, so your Aquarius horoscope will see you going for a relaxed boho look with chic embellishments and details.

Your engagement ring: Solitaire aquamarine

There are about a thousand reasons you wouldn’t want to wear a traditional diamond on your finger, Aquarius, and, if anyone wants to sit and listen, you don’t mind enumerating them. Go for a colorful stone, like aquamarine, to set off your engagement ring and a gold setting to match.

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Your color palette: Ethereal white & lavender

Some of the world’s greatest thinkers were born under the sign of Aquarius, so is it any wonder you sometimes have a hard time keeping your head out of the clouds? Embrace your connection with the sky with an ethereal white and lavender wedding color palette that feels light and heavenly, like you.

Your wedding venue: A planetarium to keep you looking skyward

Your Aquarius horoscope will definitely see you leaning into your planetary ruler, Uranus, and pulling inspo from the starry night skies. Find an open-air planetarium wedding venue for star-kissed vows.

Your wedding cake: Blue marble & rose gold

Ask your baker for this playful and modern combination of swirling blue marble patterns, warm rose gold details and and fondant to reflect your big-thinking personality.

Your wedding hairstyle: Sassy pixie with a birdcage veil

No one’s going to expect a traditional style from you, so let your Aquarius traits lead you to something inventive and head-turning on your big day.

Your wedding fragrance: Unique floral notes

As the zodiac’s most prolific creator, you might have dabbled in scent blends of your own at some point, Aquarius. A unique floral blend will remind you of some of your own creations and smell lovely without being predictable.

Try this: Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum Spray

Your ideal honeymoon destination: Santorini Greece

Your Aquarius horoscope will draw you to a destination with enough beauty and action to keep your curiosity quelled. Take the trendy Greek island Santorini for a spin, and we promise you’ll never be bored.

Start planning your Santorini, Greece honeymoon here