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10 Crystal Wedding Decorations for a Totally Zen Wedding Day

Showcase your favorite gems and healing stones with these crystal wedding decorations.

handmade crystal quartz wedding boutonnieres for groom and groomsmen

Crystals and gemstones have been treasured by many societies for thousands of years because of their healing properties and spiritual energy, but only recently has their popularity taken to mainstream culture. It wasn't long before crystal wedding decorations started to fill our inspiration boards and newsfeeds, and it's easy to see why: crystals look beautiful as decor, but for those who believe in the crystals' ability to balance, energize or cleanse oneself, the stones take on an entirely new role. Certain crystals, like rose quartz and jade, are even said to promote feelings of love and peace — two things you'll definitely want on your wedding day. Even if you're not a crystal expert (yet), you can benefit from using these stones in your wedding decor.

Here are some of our favorite crystal wedding decorations.

opal engagement ring

Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings are eternally classic, but they aren't your only option. A polished opal ring stands out in a sea of diamonds — the iridescent rainbow color of these stones is enchanting and eye-catching. Most importantly, opals are said to promote faithfulness and loyalty. What could be more fitting for an engagement ring?

raw gemstone engagement ring in a gold setting

Raw, uncut gemstone engagement rings are another beautiful alternative to polished diamond rings. Choose a stone that represents your birth month or anniversary month! This gorgeous aquamarine ring was created by Portland-based jeweler By Angeline.

purple watercolor wedding invitations with crystal gemstone patterns


When you can't use actual crystals, paint them! This watercolor stationery suite by Hand-Painted Weddings features amethyst quartz details.

bohemian bride wearing crystal wedding headpiece

Hair Accessories

One of our favorite crystal wedding decorations that you can expect to see everywhere in the upcoming months is quartz crowns. This look is currently trending for boho weddings (think of it as the new flower crown!), but we can easily see it crossing over into beach wedding or rustic woodland wedding territory. Extra-tall crystals like the ones on this crown make a major statement and are totally goddess-esque.

bohemian bride with fishtail braid and crystal wedding headband

For a more subtle take on the crystal crown trend, look for styles with shorter stones that are closer together. How pretty would this crown be at a winter wedding? Swoon!

boho bride with crystal quartz headband

Add delicate gold chains for a hint of sparkle and boho-chic vibes.

bohemian crystal quartz boutonniere for groom


Harness the healing powers of your crystal wedding decorations by wearing them on your lapels. We love these unique crystal boutonnieres as standalone pieces, but you could also add fresh flowers for a totally custom look.

raw crystal gemstone escort card holders

Escort Cards

Pair your guests' escort cards with an eclectic display of raw gemstones and crystals. The stones are a fun token for guests to take home — you can even choose to include description cards about the properties of each crystal. Choose gems in a similar size and color scheme for the most cohesive look...

boho wedding escort cards with crystals and rocks

...Or mix things up with a variety of colors, shapes and textures.

bohemian rustic wedding cake decorated with sugar crystals and gems

Wedding Cake

Our favorite crystal wedding decorations wouldn't be complete without a showstopping cake. This three-tiered beauty is decorated with marbled fondant and sugar crystal pieces. The dark gray and pink color palette is giving us moody, mysterious fall wedding vibes.

Cake by Hey there, Cupcake!