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20 Wedding Boutonniere Ideas for Any Dress Code

Boutonnieres may be small, but they can make a big statement on your wedding day. Use these wedding boutonniere ideas as inspiration for your own.

formal wedding boutonniere with white tuxedo

Boutonnieres, which are small bundles of flowers, greenery, and other decorative elements, are among the most popular wedding day accessories. They're traditionally worn by the groom(s), groomsmen, fathers, or anyone who is sporting a suit or tuxedo jacket. The boutonnieres should generally match the rest of your wedding flower arrangements, but that doesn't mean that you can't personalize your own. Here are a few wedding boutonniere ideas to bookmark and share with your wedding florist when the time comes. 

orange wedding boutonniere

Orange Ranunculus Wedding Boutonniere

Orange and gray is a classic fall wedding color combo. If you're incorporating orange into your color scheme, consider flowers like ranunculus, zinnias, dahlias, roses, calla lilies, and poppies. 

dark pink wedding boutonniere for fall

Pink Wedding Boutonniere

Light to medium pink tones will stand out against a darker blue suit or tuxedo. This wedding boutonniere idea, which features lisianthus and blushing bride protea, also picks up the burgundy hue of the vest, bow tie, and pocket square. 

blue thistle wedding boutonniere

Wedding Boutonniere with Blue Thistle 

Be sure to tell your wedding florist the type of attire you're wearing, including colors, formality level, and other accessories. A blue thistle boutonniere looks polished and elegant when paired with a navy blue suit. 

formal white wedding boutonniere

White Ranunculus Wedding Boutonniere

If you're having a black tie wedding, a simple white wedding boutonniere with a hint of greenery is tastefully understated, especially when paired with a white tuxedo jacket. 

dried flower wedding boutonniere

Dried Flower Wedding Boutonniere

Feeling artsy? Dried flowers, one of our favorite wedding flower trends of the moment, make for a unique wedding boutonniere idea. 

red ranunculus wedding boutonniere

Rustic Wedding Boutonniere

Boutonnieres can be worn even if you're not wearing a jacket with a lapel. This pop of red contrasts against a brown tweed vest for a look that's comfortable and laid-back. 

light gray suit with orange wedding boutonniere

Orange Rose Wedding Boutonniere

When in doubt, you can turn to your wedding day accessories for wedding boutonniere ideas (this is why describing your attire to your florist is so important!). We love how the orange rose picks up the similar tones in this groom's paisley tie, creating a look that feels well-planned and cohesive. 

greenery and thistle wedding boutonniere

Greenery Wedding Boutonniere

If flowers aren't a main part of your wedding decor, or you'd simply like to skip them for your boutonniere, then a small greenery style may be more your speed. This boutonniere of eucalyptus and thistle would be perfect for casual events, like a beach wedding or countryside bash. 

black tuxedo with blush rose wedding boutonniere

Pink Rose Wedding Boutonniere

Roses are classic for a reason, and because of their sturdiness, they make for excellent wedding boutonnieres that won't wilt throughout the day. A blush pink hue is a chic alternative if red roses don't match your color scheme. 

moody rustic wedding boutonniere with suspenders

Moody Wedding Boutonniere

Dark tones, like burgundy, emerald green, and muted yellow will instantly add a moody, dramatic spin to your wedding attire. 

blue and black tuxedo with white phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid Wedding Boutonniere

Whether you're having a black tie wedding and need a statement accessory, or you're getting married in a tropical location, a phalaenopsis orchid boutonniere won't be overlooked. This bold flower is also known as the moth orchid and comes in a range of colors, including yellow, white, fuchsia, and multi-color varieties. 

orange cymbidium orchid with gray suit

Orange Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Boutonniere

Another type of orchid to spice up your lapel: the cymbidium orchid. This wedding boutonniere idea is a great way to add a pop of color to your look, since the orchid blooms in green, yellow, fuchsia, orange, and even brown tones. 

white anemone wedding boutonniere

White Anemone Wedding Boutonniere

For a flower that's slightly more unexpected than the classic white rose or ranunculus, we love an anemone with a dark blue center. 

air plant and feather wedding boutonniere

Wedding Boutonniere with Tillandsia and Feathers

If your wedding has a boho theme or is taking place at an outdoor venue, adding air plants and other nature-inspired accents, like feathers, are some on-theme alternatives to fresh flowers. 

white rose wedding boutonniere with dark gray suit

White Rose Wedding Boutonniere 

We love how the white boutonniere picks up the white floral print on this groom's tie. 

wedding boutonniere with jasmine vines

Wedding Boutonniere with Jasmine

Adding loose vines, like these jasmine buds, is one wedding boutonniere idea we love if you're going for a garden-inspired look. English ivy, ferns, and berry branches are a few more options. 

fuchsia orchid wedding boutonniere with tuxedo

Pink Orchid Wedding Boutonniere

You don't have to shy away from color if you're having a formal wedding. This bright fuchsia boutonniere adds a modern twist to a traditional black tuxedo. 

miniature pineapple wedding boutonniere

Mini Pineapple Wedding Boutonniere

Getting married at the beach? Skip the flower boutonniere altogether and wear a mini pineapple on your lapel instead for instant island vibes. 

burgundy ranunculus wedding boutonniere with greenery

Burgundy Ranunculus Wedding Boutonniere

Match your wedding boutonniere to the color of your jacket, like this burgundy ranunculus, for a sleek and monochromatic look.